Hubsan H111C


INTRODUCTION A new generation of nanoquadcopters from Hubsan is introduced here with Hubsan H111D. With the C variant, we have … Continue Reading →



A new compact X-racer from DYS, i.e. the XDR220: A 220mm machine in ARF bundle (without battery & 2.4G … Continue Reading →


TEST: Tovsto Aegean

INTRODUCTION Here is a basic 350mm brushless AP machine where the price will be the massive/main argument. With the Tovsto … Continue Reading →

zerotech dobby

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #52

– Hubsan H1111C: – Hubsan H111D: – MJX X906T: – Zerotech Dobby:

Skyzone SKY02S V+

TEST: Skyzone SKY02S V+, the 3D FPV goggles rig from Skyzone

INTRODUCTION The Skyzone Sky02S V+ represents the new revision of their first 3D solution introduced last year. This bundle represents … Continue Reading →

Ideafly Grasshopper F2210 pro

NEWS: Ideafly Grasshopper F210 pro, the 230km/h racer ?

Just saw this announcement here: The ultra sporty racer from ideafly …. After their pretty basic F210 edition, here … Continue Reading →

Eachine wizard 220

NEWS: Eachine Wizard X220

Another new racer from Eachine: Item Specification Features Eachine Wizard X220 Wheelbase: 220mm GMachine arm: 4mm carbon fiber Flying … Continue Reading →

Eachine Flacon 210


INTRODUCTION After the excellent Falcon 250 and the fragile Falcon 180, Eachine introduces the mid-size model with the Falcon 210. … Continue Reading →

Eachine racer 130

NEWS: Eachine Racer 130

The valse continues, now with a 130mm !!!: DESCRIPTION: Brand Name: Eachine Item Name: Racer 130 Material: Carbon Fiber … Continue Reading →

Eachine Tiny QX90

TEST: Eachine tiny QX90

INTRODUCTION Here is one of the firt cheap BNF brushed mini-FPV machine, the Eachine Tiny QX90.. First the first, a … Continue Reading →


NEWS: EACHINE SPracing F3 brushed FC board

A Eachine rebranding of a SPF3 brushed FC board for your DIY project: No indication about FET max amperage … Continue Reading →

Eachine racer 180

NEWS: Eachine Racer 180, 4S, tiltable arms

Just saw this new racer: DESCRIPTION FEATURES Racer 180 FPV Drone Brand: Eachine Item name: Racer 180 FPV Drone … Continue Reading →

Hubsan H501C


INTRODUCTION After the excellent Hubsan H501S, a compact GPS-FPV brushless quadcopter equiped of a 1080p, here is the Hubsan H501C, … Continue Reading →

Eachine VR D2

NEWS: Eachine VR D2 FPV goggles

A new revision of the Eachine VR’s line …. now with Eachine VR D2 Now they includes a 800×480 screen, … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC JJPRO P175, the super-X RTF brushless FPV racer

INTRODUCTION After the popular JJRC X1, the first JJRC’s brushless racer, JJRC introduces a new line serie so-called “JJpro”. Two … Continue Reading →

Eachine Falcon 210

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #51

– Hubsan H501C: – Eachine Falcon 210 (SPF3):

eachine QX80

NEWS: Eachine Tiny QX80

After the QX90, here is the 80mm version: Comes with three possible receivers !!! Frsky Receiver, Flysky Receiver, DSM2 … Continue Reading →

Eachine Touch T100

TEST: Eachine Touch T-100, 100W charger with 4.3″ tactile screen

INTRODUCTION Here is the Eachine Touch T100, a direct cloning of another popular model introducing here a nice 4.3″ LCD … Continue Reading →

Eachine EV-01

TEST: Eachine EV-01, another mini FPVcam-VTX combo

  EDIT 09/12/16: New revision of the EF-01 is now sold more robust to interference and 0.7g lighter.   The … Continue Reading →


NEWS: JJRC H32GH, another micro brushed beginner FPV machine

Announced here: Assumed to have a FPV distance of 150m … & a control range of 200m … Quid … Continue Reading →

skyzone SKY02S

NEWS: Skyzone SKY02S, the new 2D/3D FPV goggles from skyzone

A complete new 2D/3D goggles is introduced by skyzone: Should be an itneresting competitor versus the fatskark last models … Continue Reading →

Ideafly F210

TEST: Ideafly F210

INTRODUCTION Another 210mm full RTF racer is introduced here with Ideafly F210. The bundle announces to integrate a SPracing F3 … Continue Reading →

Eachine EV-01

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #50

– Skyzone TS5823S: – Eachine EF-01: – JJRC P175pro: – Bayang X16 WiFi: – Xiaomi Mi … Continue Reading →

Foureon Racer 250

TEST: Floureon Racer 250, a cheap complete 250mm brushless FPV racer

INTRODUCTION The Eachine racer 250 was probably the first very popular cheap chinese model introduced . Here with the Floureon … Continue Reading →

wingsland S6

NEWS: WINGSLAND S6, another selfiedrone

A new Zerotech dobby competitor will be introduced soon (release date in august), the WINGSLAND S6 According to my WINGSLAND’s … Continue Reading →

Kai Deng K70F

TEST: Kai Deng K70F, a cheap complete brushed AP machine

INTRODUCTION After the relatively popular success of the first Kai Deng K70C, here is the so waited 5.8G FPV version, … Continue Reading →

Fire micro FPV

NEWS: Fire Micro FPV

The race to compact brushed opensource FC based racers is definitively lunched. Here is a new challenger, the Fire micro … Continue Reading →

Floureon Racer 250

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #49

– Eken H8R: – Eachine goggles one: – Kai Deng K70F: – Floureon Racer 250: – … Continue Reading →


NEWS: Eachine X73, another tiny whoop micro-FPV competitor

Another tiny whoop FPV competitor is announced: Here, a Naze32FC board, a FrSky D8 SBUS receiver !!!! a 25mW … Continue Reading →

Eachine goggles one

TEST: Eachine goggles ONE, a 5″ 1080p FPV goggles

INTRODUCTION After the VR-007, the EV800, now Eachine introduces the goggles one, the 1080p competitor of the Skyzone SJ-V01 but … Continue Reading →

Eachine Assassin 180 V2

TEST: Eachine Assassin 180 V2

INTRODUCTION After the fiasco of the first release of the Eachine Assassin 180 due to underpowered ESC burning almost instantaneously, … Continue Reading →

Micro 32bits Brushed

NEWS: A new Micro 32bits FC brushed killer ?

Probably the new reference for brushed racer FC. This new model integrates a powerful SPF3 core, but also handle up … Continue Reading →

mobius 2

NEWS: Mobius 2 in approach

Yes …. Finally the Mobius 2 seems pretty near now. Main novolties are the 1080p@60… and the support of the … Continue Reading →

Tiny QX90

NEWS: Tiny QX90, a mini SPF3 FrSky D8 38g brushed racer

A nice little acro brushed racer is announced at BG: The 90mm machine includes a SPF3 board and a … Continue Reading →

Aomway HB25T

NEWS: AOMWAY HB25T, a 40CH 25mW/200mW compact FPV cam

A new compact FPV cam ideal for tiny whoop machines is announced by Aomway: It’s not only a classic … Continue Reading →


NEWS: Chaoli 8.5mmx20mm 4 motors bundle

Now chaoli motors are sold in a bundle version with 4 motors (2CW and 2 CCW) with or without 1.25mm … Continue Reading →

Idealfly F210

NEWS: Idealfly F210 racer

A new 210mm is announced by Idealfly here: According to the main caracteristics, sound a classic machine …. No … Continue Reading →

Xiaomi mi drone

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #48

– Future Eachine RX-F800 2.4G FrSky D8/SBUS receiver – Xiaomi drone:

Hubsan antenna kit

NEWS: HUBSAN H50x antenna kit upgrade

Recently a Hubsan antenna kit appeared including an external dipole antenna (+3dBi) for the 2.4G and higher gain directional half … Continue Reading →

iSDT SC-608

TEST: iSDT SC-608 a mini 150W charger

INTRODUCTION Here is a very compact lightweight 150W charger, the iSDT SC-608. The mini-size charger can be the ideal compagnon … Continue Reading →