RealAcc GX210

TEST: RealAcc GX210, the new “cheap” Acro-X racer reference ?

INTRODUCTION RealAcc is probably a new brand or division from Eachine and indirectly from Banggood. Maybe like XK is for … Continue Reading →

diy miniwhoop frame

NEWS: DIY “Miniwhoop” 3D printed frame

A 3D printed “miniwhoop” frame is proposed supporting 8.5mmx20mm motors and including a AIO camera seat as well as a … Continue Reading →


NEWS: Rotorious brushed FPV frames

A new compagny with superb brushed FPV frames is entering into the market: Actually four models are proposed. 3 … Continue Reading →

Salex drone

NEWS: SALEX drone, a future multimodule AP quadcopter

A futur project of 4K quadcopter “Salex” is annouced here: Like the JYU Hornet S, this future machine will … Continue Reading →

MJX bugs

NEWS: MJX Bugs, another cheap basic brushless AP machine ?

Probably the first brushless quadcopter for MJX, a 310mm model, i.e. the MJX bug: It’s also a direct competitor … Continue Reading →

cheerson tiny 117

NEWS: Cheerson Tiny 117, a mini beast brushed FPV racer is announced !!!!

A new promising Cheerson FPV brushed racer is anounced… not a micro even a little bit larger than a mini, … Continue Reading →

module 4-in-1

NEWS: Multimodule 4-in-1 for Devo 10 & 7E (and some other)

A new revision of the 4-in-1 multimodule mainly for the Devo10 radio: Can be also installed with a little … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC X1G the FPV version of the JJRC X1

INTRODUCTION After the popular JJRC X1, probably the first cheap FPV racer introduced in the market (now can be found … Continue Reading →

eachine qx70

NEWS: Eachine QX70, the MiniWhoop

A Tinywhoop with 8.5mmx20mm motors ?… yes with the QX70: The same incredients than other QX’s series: SPF3 board, … Continue Reading →


NEWS: Runcam Night Eagle 0.00001Lux FPV Cam

A new Runcam FPV camera is announced: The Runcam Night Eagle is 800TVL FPV camera with a light sentivity … Continue Reading →

Eachine QX95

TEST: Eachine QX95, the best QX FPV brushed racer ?

INTRODUCTION The Eachine QX95 is the last brushed FPV racer introduced Eachine just few weeks after the QX90 & QX80. … Continue Reading →


NEWS: SciSky 4-in-1 board for brushed FPV racer: SPF3 FC, 520TVL FPV CAM, 25mW 40CH VTX and OSD !!!

It’s probably one of the most integrated all-in-one board for brushed racer: This board integrates nothing else than a … Continue Reading →

eachine qx95

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #55

– Eachine QX95: – GB X220:

Eachine goggles two

NEWS: Eachine Goggles 2: 5″ 1080p FPV screen with diversity

Was expectable, but the new revision of the Eachine Goggles one, their first 5″ FullHD FPV goggles are already announced … Continue Reading →

jjrc pro t1

NEWS: JJRC Pro T1 (95mm) & T2 (85mm)

Two new brushed FPV racers are also announced by JJRC. Both are Naze32 FC based with a builtin DSM2 but … Continue Reading →

kingkong q100

NEWS: KingKong Q100, yet another mini brushed FPV racer ….

With a design close to the Eachine EX100 or the QX95, a new KingKong brushed racer: The FC is … Continue Reading →

eachine qx90c

NEWS: Eachine QX90C, the QX90 Under diet

A new revision of the great QX90 is just announced: The frame is 100% plastic instead of 3K carbon … Continue Reading →

kingkong 130gt

NEWS: KingKong 130GT, the Tarot competitor

A new compact FPV racer from KingKong, a 130mm model with either DSM2 or Futaba receiver: Seems to be … Continue Reading →

Esky 150X

TEST: ESKY 150X, the first CC3D 150mm helicopter

INTRODUCTION Here is the new revision of the Esky 150mm flybarless helicopter. Now it includes a CC3D board for a … Continue Reading →

Eachine TX01

TEST: EACHINE TX01, the FXT FX798T 25mW FPV-cam competitor

INTRODUCTION The FXT FX798T is probably the lightest 25mW FPV cam ideal for the tiny whoop FPV machine. Here with … Continue Reading →


NEWS: DasMikro nano DSMX receiver

There are already some microDSM2 receiver but there a new DSM2/DSMX nanoreceiver (under 1g) with PPM output: Works from … Continue Reading →

Eachine TX01 TX02

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #54

– Eachine TX01: – Eachine TX02: – Esky 150X

realacc h400

NEWS: RealAcc H400 “Halloween”

A quadcopter specifically designed for Halloween ? 🙂 Yes the RealAcc H400: Seems to be a basic brushed quadcopter … Continue Reading →

eachine ex100

NEWS: Eachine EX100, the futur best Eachine microFPV racer ?

Another EX model now in 100mm: Come with the same ingredient: SPF3, 0820 motors, and a 800TVL 25mW FPV … Continue Reading →

AO SenMa CG035


INTRODUCTION Here is a direct competitor of the Hubsan H501S or the Flyin3D X6+: AO SenMa CG035 FPV This model … Continue Reading →

zerotech dobby

NEWS: ZEROTECH DOBBY OS 2.0.0 with Face tracking and Orbit flight modes

A new major update have been released for the Zerotech Dobby. Now the OS comes in version 2.0.0 with serveral … Continue Reading →

mobius mini

NEW: Mobius Mini, 27g, 1080p@60, low FPV latency

A new version of the Mobius is now sold, the Mobius mini: Also sold by BG: This new … Continue Reading →

eachine frf3_evo_frsky


A super interesting 2-in-1 board for brushed microFPV machine including a SPF3 board and a D8 FrSky receiver and everything … Continue Reading →


TEST: EACHINE X73, the miniwhoop ?

INTRODUCTION After the amazing success of the TinyWhoop, here is with the Eachine X73 the slightly increased version including more … Continue Reading →

eachine ex105

NEWS: Eachine EX105 & EX110

After the QX’s serie, Eachine lunches the new EX line with the EX105 and EX110. Both machine come with the … Continue Reading →

kingkong smart100

NEWS: KingKong Smart100

The valse of microbrushed FPV racer continues. Here is the Kingkong smart 100: A 100mm machine with 8.5mmx20mm, 600TVL-25mW … Continue Reading →

REMO 1631

TEST: REMO 1631, 1/16th 390 brushed car

INTRODUCTION Here is the mini-review of a new Brushed Monster Truck brushed RCcar, in 1/16th scale, the REMO 1631. Offered … Continue Reading →

AO Sen Ma CG035

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #53

– AO SenMa CG035: –Walkera Airbot:

irangex_ tiny flysky FS-i6

NEWS: iRangeX tiny FS-i6 flysky receiver (0.6g)

Good news to any onwers Flysky FS-i6 compatible radio (in general in bundle with most chinese racers), there is a … Continue Reading →

eachine fatbee fb90

NEWS: Eachine FatBee FB90, a 2S micro brushed FPV quadcopter with SPF3 Evo board

A new interesting brushed FPV quadcopter is annouced here: The main novolties are probably the 2S system and quadriblade … Continue Reading →

Eachine Wizzard X220


INTRODUCTION The Eachine Wizzard X220 represents the last racer from Eachine, after some Falcon 180-250, Blade 210-250 and assassin. For … Continue Reading →

insight 5_8g 1080p

NEWS: “Cheap” Insight FullHD 1.5km FPV kit with latency <=100ms

A first relatively cheap Full HD 1080p is announced here: Specification: For around 200USD, you have a TX/RX system … Continue Reading →

eachine tx01

NEWS: Eachine TX01/TX02, the 4.48g/4.57g [3.3V-5V] FXT FX798 competitor

A new 4.48g 25mW FPV-cam is announced here wuth TX01: A direct competitor of the FXT FX798, ideal to … Continue Reading →

eachine_ef_01 antenna

NEWS: Ultralight RHCP antenna for DIY FPV kit and more

Here is an ultra light FPV antenna for DIY project, a 1g model a direct competitor of the FPVhobby model … Continue Reading →

Eachine VR-D2

TEST: EACHINE VR-D2 FPV goggles: 40CH, 800×480 5″ screen, diversity and builtin DVR

INTRODUCTION Here is a new FPV goggles from Eachine. After the VR-007, the EV800 and the goggles one, with theEachine … Continue Reading →