Reptile camera

NEWS: SeByDocKy’s weekly news #8

Plof Plof   – JJRC H20: – Reptile cam w/DVR:



If you are looking something cheaper than the VA1100, maybe this TE93A is for you: or directly to the … Continue Reading →


TEST: HiSky HMX280

INTRODUCTION HiSky with the HMX 280 offers a cheap brushless racer equiped with a compatible CC3D board. This model slightly … Continue Reading →

HiSKy HMX 280

TEASING: #1-HiSky HMX280

Ok here is just a teasing video of my first HMX 280 flight. The full review will come asap.



Ok I won’t hide the secret, I am preparing a buildlog video of a 150mm racer based on the diatone … Continue Reading →

XK X380

NEWS: SeByDocKy’s weekly news #7

Please enjoy the new one 🙂 -600TVL, 170 Deg FOV cam: -Amkov AMK5000S: -XK X380:

Reptile FPV cam

NEWS: Light 120deg FPV cam+DVR 720p@60fps combo

Just saw this new “Reptile” combo at BG: Description: Angle of lens: 120° Video starnard: PAL Net Weight: 12g Video … Continue Reading →

cheap 5.8G FPV kit

DIY: Cheap(31USD) and lightweight(7.4g) 200mW 5.8G FPV kit with widelens and CL antenna

Here is a buildlog video for a DIY 5.8G 200mW VTX including a 600TVL with 170deg FOV lens and a … Continue Reading →



INTRODUCTION The war of cheap chinese quadcopters offering a “3D mode” (flying on the back) have begun with the Eachine … Continue Reading →


NEWS: MJX X705C, another SYMA X5C competitor

Just saw this new MJX X705 here: Probably will be announced soon in B2C. Seems to be a Syma … Continue Reading →


TUTORIAL: How to flash the “27ms firmware” for FrSky D4R-II receiver

If you are flying FPV racers, you should definitively use these excellent receiver from FrSky such as the D4R-II. They … Continue Reading →

D1 picoquadcopter

NEWS: Drone D1, Floureon FX-10, Cheerson CX-star, JXD H2: the picoquadcopter’s war have begun !!

If you find the cheerson CX-10 already small, recently picoquadcopters have been announced. They are 1/3 smaller than nanos !!!! … Continue Reading →


NEWS: JJRC H20, the MJX X900 nanohexacopter competitor

The MJX X900 already have a lot of competitors, after the revell hexagon, here is the JJRC version: Description: … Continue Reading →

jumper 260

NEWS: JUMPER 260 with 1-Axis brushless gimbal

Just saw this original racer including a 1D brushless gimbal: With this system, you FPV camera is always targetting … Continue Reading →


TEST: Weiluhuan WLH-08, the Rolling spider Parrot clone

INTRODUCTION Here is the first Rolling Spider clone from WeiLiHua compagny, the WLH-08. The model comes with a real 2.4G … Continue Reading →

DM 007 5mpx

NEWS: DM007 with a 5mpx HD cam (1080p)

Well as for the JJRC H12C, there is a 5Mpx (1080p) version of the DM007: Description: Item name: DM007 RC … Continue Reading →

WLtoys P949

NEWS: WLtoys P949, a 1/10th RC tractor !!!

Probably, one of the most original “car” from WLtoys, a RC tractor: Description: Brand:Wltoys Item name:Wltoys P949 RC Electric … Continue Reading →


NEWS: SeByDocKy’s weekly news #6

For this week only two toy quadcopters: – CX-12: – AOSenMa CG032: The CG032 have 7mmx20mm motors so … Continue Reading →

Scarlet minivet

NEWS: Wingsland scarlet Minivet

I updated the review of this excellent AP Platform at The good news, the price of the Wingsland Scarlet … Continue Reading →


TEST: FX758 a cheap and light 200mW 5.8G VTX

INTRODUCTION Here is a new competitor in the lighweight 200mW 5.8G VTX market, the FX758. This model is a direct … Continue Reading →



Finally and probably the most interesting model of the X8 series just be announced by BG: Description: Brand Name:Syma … Continue Reading →


NEWS: HT F807, a Hubsan H107D clone

I am not sure this product will be available (coz I guess Hubsan will probably try to sue this compagny), … Continue Reading →

MT9916 TX

DIY: Capturing SPI TX data for future radio protocol hacking

Well, only few specialists can hack radio protocols from SPI sniffed data, but the first step for the hacking is … Continue Reading →


NEWS: SeByDocKy’s weekly news #5

As you can see, I will prepare some tutorial videos for the Devo  7E modding

Emax Night Hawk 280

NEWS: EMAX Night Hawk 280, the Walkera Runner 250 Killer ?

A new interesting RTF racer kit is announced at BG: and also annouced by Gearbest Specifications: Brand name … Continue Reading →

cheap light FPV cam

NEWS: Cheap light FPV camera

It was initially only sold at surveilzone, but now BG just stock this excellent mini-cam for cheap FPV project … Continue Reading →

MJX X101

NEWS: MJX X101, the SYMA X8C killer ?

A large model of MJX is announced: here or here or This model is clearly a competitor of the … Continue Reading →

SURVEY: What do you want to see in Drone-Maniac ?

Well ….. everything is in the title … Please post comments about what do you want to read/see in my … Continue Reading →