Eachine want to surf on the JJRC H8C success and offer a shrinked version, the H8C mini Description: Brand Name: … Continue Reading →


NEWS: EACHINE RACER 250 RTF bundle (FlySly RX/TX + 7inch FPV monitor)

After the excellent ARTF package, here now the full RTF package including a FlySky RX/TX bundle + a 7inch monitor. … Continue Reading →

Dominator HD V2

NEWS: Fatshark Dominator HD V2

The roll&royce of FPV goggles are now sold by BG: http://www.banggood.com/Fatshark-Fat-Shark-Dominator-HD-V2-FPV-Goggles-Video-Glasses-Headset-p-1008009.html and for this price, you don’t have the receiver … Continue Reading →

Cheerson CX-22

TEST: Cheerson CX-22

INTRODUCTION After the real popular CX-20, the first cheap brushless 350mm AP machine. Cheerson introduces here it’s so long waited … Continue Reading →

FQ777 955C scorpius

TEST: FQ777 955C “Scorpius” miniquadcopter with inverted props

INTRODUCTION Largely inspired from the Ehang Ghost, this FQ777-955C Scorpius represents a toy conversion of this AP plateform. The main … Continue Reading →

DHD Drone D1

TEST: DHD Drone D1, the first “picodrone”

INTRODUCTION After the nano’s quadcopters who invaded the market in 2014 with the Cheerson CX-10, here are now some even … Continue Reading →

NEWS: Smart Battery Tester

Probably a “Must to Have”, a small and compact Battery tester now including the “Battery resistance” feature measuring the “Health” … Continue Reading →

DHD D1 Drone

NEWS: SeByDocKy’s weekly news #16

This week: – Boldclash 700TVL 148° PAL/NTSC CMOS FPV camera combo: http://www.tmart.com/700TVL-148-Wide-Angle-FPV-Camera-WR200-200mW-FPV-Image-Transmitter-Black_p333715.html – DHD D1 Drone : http://www.banggood.com/D1-Drone-Mini-Headless-Mode-2-4G-4CH-6Axis-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-986728.html – FQ777-955C: … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC H11D “Eye Of God”

INTRODUCTION Here is a new 5.8G mini FPV quadcopter from JJRC. This new model introduces the possibility to set the … Continue Reading →

Hubsan H501S

NEWS: Hubsan H501S, a micro brushless 5.8G/1080P FPV

Ok Ok I hope it’s not a future vaporware/abandonware/foreverlateware form Hubsan, but here is a new interesting model: http://www.banggood.com/Hubsan-X4-H501S-5_8G-FPV-With-1080P-HD-Camera-Brushless-Motor-GPS-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1004657.html Description: … Continue Reading →

Wingsland Minivet


I just saw that the Excellent Minivet is now sold for 500USD during the next 4 days (seems now the … Continue Reading →

WLtoys Q242

NEWS: WLtoys Q242G, a new 5.8G micro FPV quadcopter

A new compact micro FPV model is annouced from WLtoys, i.e the Q242 at http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_249442.html Mini size, lightweight airframe with … Continue Reading →

FYI: XN297 vade retro satanas

If you already noticed by yourself, or read some last testings of new toyquadcopters, all of them now are suffering … Continue Reading →

Walkera Runner 250 Advance

TEST: Walkera Runner 250 Advance with GPS

INTRODUCTION Just 3 months after the release of their first popular 250mm RTF racer, walkera now offers a new version/revision … Continue Reading →

Cheerson CX-10C

TEST: Cheerson CX-10C, the first nano with a camera module

INTRODUCTION In June 2014, Cheerson introduced the first nanoquadcopter, the CX-10, a compact lightweight quadcopter super stable machine. Here with … Continue Reading →

FYI: “Delays”

Maybe you already noticed since few days, but some “expected” reviews have been a little bit delayed…. Sorry, I got … Continue Reading →

DYS X160

NEWS: DYS X160 “FPV racer”

A new nice ARTF package is anounced from DYS: http://www.banggood.com/DYS-X160-Micro-FPV-Racer-with-5_8G-32CH-200mW-Transmitter-13-CMOS-Wide-Lens-ARF-p-1002021.html Description: Brand: DYS Item name: X160 RC Micro FPV Racer … Continue Reading →

5.8G microCL antenna

FYI: 5.8G microCL antenna

I just received this new model of lightweight microCL 5.8G antenna from: http://www.banggood.com/Oversky-5_8GHz-Circular-Polarized-Antenna-LHCP-RHCP-Set-RP-IPX-p-1000576.html. As you can see, this antenna is … Continue Reading →

Cheerson CX-10C

NEWS: SeByDocKy’s weekly news #15

This week I received three new quadcopters…. My “ToDo” list start to be huge, sorry for some delays in testing … Continue Reading →


NEWS: JXD 509G, “Yuneec Q500” toy clone

JXD just announced a new Toy 5.8G FPV quadcopter “Yuneec Q500” inspired: http://www.banggood.com/JXD-509G-JXD509G-5_8G-FPV-With-2_0MP-HD-Camera-High-Hold-Mode-RC-Quadcopter-p-1001776.html Description: Brand name: JXD Item No.: 509G … Continue Reading →

Cheerson CX-33

NEWS: Cheerson CX-33, double Y tri-copter

Just saw these original models from Cheerson: Cheerson CX-33C http://www.banggood.com/Cheerson-CX-33C-CX33C-720P-HD-Camera-2_4G-4CH-6-axis-High-Hold-Mode-RC-Quadcopter-p-1001729.html Description: Item name: CX-33C 2.4G Media Quadcopter Frequency: 2.4G Channel: … Continue Reading →