Eachine Goggles 2

TEST: Eachine FPV Goggles TWO

INTRODUCTION Few months ago have started the war of FPV gogggles offering large FOV with at least 5″ builtin displays. … Continue Reading →

mobius mini lens B

NEWS: Mobius Mini Lens B

After the introduction of the Mobius Mini with the lens A (110 deg of DFOV), here is the B version … Continue Reading →

Eachine Goggles 2

NEWS: SeByDocKy’s weekly news #59

– Racerstar 55×3 props: http://www.banggood.com/10-Pairs-Racerstar-R-BN55X3-55mm-3-Blade-Propeller-Bullnose-1_5mm-Mounting-Hole-For-1103-1106-Motor-p-1118199.html – Eachine X73S “Jumper”: http://www.banggood.com/X73S-73mm-Betaflight-Naze32-Brushless-1S-FPV-Racing-Drone-ARF-w-5_8G-32CH-25MW-600TVL-Transmitter-p-1117946.html – Eachine Falcon 120 RTF: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Falcon-120-F3-CC3D-NAZE32-FPV-Racer-RTF-with-4-IN-1-ESC-700-TVL-Camera-5_8G-40CH-VTX-p-1112795.html – Eachine Goggles 2: … Continue Reading →

Eachine QX105

TEST: Eachine “BAT” QX105 (73g, 10×20 motors, F3 ARM core, Betaflight OSD, AIO 25mW 48CH)

INTRODUCTION In the QX’s serie, the Eachine QX105 represents in theory a major gap by integrating a F3 board with … Continue Reading →

Makerfire micro FPV

TEST: Makerfire Micro FPV, a BNF tinywhoop FPV clone (27g, F3, 25mW 40CH AIO FPV)

INTRODUCTION After the success story associated with the Inductrix Tiny whoop, it was not surprizing to see avalanche of clones. … Continue Reading →

EMAX Babyhawk1

NEWS: EMAX Babyhawk (Brushless 1104/5000Kv, 85mm, 86g, FemtoF3)

Brushless tinywhoop war is started …. Here is a new competitor from Emax: http://www.banggood.com/EMAX-Babyhawk-85mm-Bullet-6A-BLHeli_S-Femto-F3-AIO-5_8G-25MW-COMS-VTX-Mirco-Brushless-FPV-Racer-PNP-p-1120866.html A 85mm machine with 1104/5000Kv motors … Continue Reading →

Walkera RODEO 110

TEST: Walkera RODEO 110

INTRODUCTION After the excellent Rodeo 150, the first lightweight brushless racer from walkera unfortunatly full basic based, here is the … Continue Reading →

Eachine Chaser88

NEWS: Eachine Chaser88 (90g, 88mm 2S brushless, F3 mini, 25mW 40CH AIO FPV cam)

Based one the Eachine Falcon 120 (soon reviewed in drone-maniac), a new upgraded model is already announced by BG in … Continue Reading →

Hawkeye min DVR

NEWS: Hawkeye Mini DVR

A new compact and lightweight DVR is proposed by Hawk Eye: http://www.banggood.com/Hawk-Eye-Mini-DVR-720P-D1-VGA-QVGA-HD-Micro-Video-Recorder-Built-in-Battery-p-1119926.html. It seems the native firmware support correctly both … Continue Reading →

2_4G 8CH telemetry

NEWS: Cheap 1g 2.4G FrSky D8 with working Telemetry

A new 1g FrSky D8 receiver is announced now flashed with firmware with working Telemetry: http://www.banggood.com/2_4G-8CH-Micro-Frsky-D8-RSSI-Two-Way-Data-Return-Compatible-Receiver-PPM-SBUS-Output-p-1119830.html The new firmware also … Continue Reading →

FYI: Reviews coming soon …..

  Everything is in the title but should be published for the first in a couple of hours and for … Continue Reading →

FYI: RCgroups and Drone-maniac

  Until recently, I always posted my reviews both in Drone-Maniac and RCgroups simultaneously but for some reasons, jaleous guys, and … Continue Reading →

5.8G 32CH OTG

NEWS: 5.8G 32CH receiver for smartphone/tablet

A small device very interesting transforming any smartphone/tablet into a 5.8G FPV display via OTG connexion: http://www.banggood.com/5_8G-32CH-OTG-FPV-Receiver-for-Smart-Phone-PC-Monitor-p-1119506.html Basic RSSI OSD … Continue Reading →

Eachine E010S

NEWS: Eachine E010S, the E010C on steroids (26g, 615/5900rpm, F3 Evo, 800 TVL 1/3″ AIO)

A Pro version of the Eachine E010 with F3 evo board, strong 615 motors (59000 rpm), 800 TVL AIO cam: … Continue Reading →

Bayang X16 GPS

NEWS: Bayang X16 GPS, the cheapest GPS 350mm quadcopter

Probably the cheapest GPS machine available in the market, a 350mm brushless machine with GPS under 170 USD !!!!: http://www.banggood.com/BAYANGTOYS-X16-GPS-Brushless-Altitude-Hold-2_4G-4CH-6Axis-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1119425.html … Continue Reading →

MJX Bugs 3

TEST: MJX Bugs 3, the perfect first brushless entry model ?

INTRODUCTION After the Bayang X16, probably the first simple brushless 350mm machine without tons of flight assistances, targetting intermediate beginner … Continue Reading →


NEWS: F3 EVO brushed for Tinywhoop/E010

After some official inductrix product, we can now find a F3 board adapted for your favorite TinyWhoop/Eachine E010 to enjoy … Continue Reading →

Eachine EF02

NEWS: Eachine EF-02, 3.8g 800TVL 1/3″ CMOS 25mW AIO FPV camera

A new AIO 25mw FPV camera enters into the dance, here announced to be a 3.8g 800TVL 1/3″ CMOS camera: … Continue Reading →

Taranis X7

NEWS: FrSky Taranis X7, the cheap little sister of the X9D+

A new FrSky radio is announced, a cheaper model than the Taranis X9D+ with a smaller black & white LCD … Continue Reading →

kingkong GT90

NEWS: KingKong GT90 now including BLheli_S ESC

After the KingKong G90, a small evolution with the GT90: http://www.banggood.com/Kingkong-90GT-90mm-Brushless-Mini-FPV-Racing-Drone-with-Micro-F3-Flight-Controll-16CH-800TVL-VTX-p-1118870.html Here, if I am not wrong only ESC are … Continue Reading →

NEWS: Betaflight 3.1 RC1 out !!!!

  After some months, a new branch release candidate is available with a lot of novelties: https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight/releases Now supports F7 … Continue Reading →

WLtoys Q9353

NEWS: WLtoys Q353 “Aeroamphibious”

A new original toyquadcopter from WLtoys, a quadcopter able to float at the water surface, the “Aeroamphibious”: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_603916.html Remind me … Continue Reading →

Eachine Falcon 210 Pro

TEST: Eachine Falcon 210 Pro

INTRODUCTION After the semi-fiasco of the Eachine Falcon 210, Eachine introduces here the Falcon 210 Pro not a simple bug … Continue Reading →

Eachine X73S

NEWS: Eachine X73S, the brushless version (<43g, Naze32, 3.5A BLheli ESC, 1103-10000KV motors)

Just be announced here: http://www.banggood.com/X73S-73mm-Betaflight-Naze32-Brushless-1S-FPV-Racing-Drone-ARF-w-5_8G-32CH-25MW-600TVL-Transmitter-p-1117946.html?rmmds=category A successor of the last Eachine X73 fiasco…. now comes in brushless edition. Total weight … Continue Reading →

Eachine AIOF3

TEST: Eachine AIOF3: 3g, SPF3, Builtin FrSky D8 w/telemetry, builtin BetaOSD

INTRODUCTION With the Eachine AIOF3, here is an new ultralight Flight controller based on the powerfull F3 ARM core supporting … Continue Reading →

Eachine DVR03

NEWS: Eachine DVR03, the first 4-in-1 AIO FPV camera including a DVR

The first 4-in-1 AIO FPV camera including a DVR recording 720p@30 videos: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-DVR03-DVR-AIO-5_8G-72CH-025mW50mW200mW-Switchable-VTX-520TVL-14-Cmos-FPV-Camera-p-1117419.html The output power can set selected between … Continue Reading →

Skytech TK110

TEST: Skytech TK110

INTRODUCTION The Skytech TK110 is basic toyquadcopter offering altitulde and WiFi video transmission. The main originaly is probably the presence … Continue Reading →

NEWS: Drone-Maniac more and more popular !!!!

  During the last Christmas’s days, Drone-maniac visitors increased a lot !!!! Just two words: THANK YOU A lot of … Continue Reading →

Eachine bat QX105

NEWS: Eachine “Bat” QX105, the first full equiped 1020 brushed FPV racer

Another brushed racer one more time from Eachine: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-BAT-QX105-wAIOF3_BRUSHED-OSD-600TVL-CAM-1020-Motor-Buzzer-Micro-FPV-Racing-Quadcopter-BNF-p-1116393.html This time a lot of novelties: first of all the FC … Continue Reading →


NEWS: Velocidrone V1.5

    Probably one of the best racer simulator, a serious competitor to Freerider FPV, the Velocidrone is now available … Continue Reading →



A successor of the excellent JJRC X1 is here: http://www.lightake.com/p/JJRC-X2-With-Brushless-Motor-4CH-6-Axis-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-2.4GHz_2134735.html It seems they reinforce the plastic structure but except that … Continue Reading →

Eachine V-tail 210

TEST: Eachine V-tail 210

INTRODUCTION The Eachine V-tail 210 is the first cheap “chinese” quadcopter adopting the V-tail design. In theory, the V-tail architecture … Continue Reading →


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE 🙂           and happy flying for 2017 …..  

Hubsan H507A

NEWS: Hubsan X4 Star H507A, the cheapest follow-me/path-planning quadcopter

Hubsan delivers a new update of their Hubsan H502S with their new H507A: http://www.banggood.com/Hubsan-X4-STAR-H507A-App-Compatible-Wifi-FPV-With-1080P-HD-Camera-GPS-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1115752.html. Here bye bye the 5.8G solution … Continue Reading →

Geniusidea followme

NEWS: Geniusidea Followme, another selfie drone

A new selfie drone enters into the arena: http://www.banggood.com/Geniusidea-Follow-Drone-Wifi-FPV-With-4K-HD-Camera-GPS-Pocket-Selfie-RC-Quadcopter-p-1115171.html. Like the dobby, you have a GPS module of course, but … Continue Reading →

NEWS: 1g DSM2/DSMX nano 2.4G receiver

Want a super lightweight DSM2/DSMX receiver ? Maybe this new 1g receiver is a good alternative option of the excellent … Continue Reading →


NEWS: DM002 5.8G FPV, the cheapest microFPV machine ?

Probably one of the cheapest 5.8G brushed racer, the DM002 5.8G FPV: http://www.banggood.com/DM002-5_8G-FPV-With-600TVL-Camera-2_4G-4CH-6Axis-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1114854.html A simple micro-quadcopter with a AIO FPV … Continue Reading →

Eachine aurora 90

NEWS: Eachine Aurora 90, the full carbon 2S brushless Whoop

The Eachine racer of the day …. (so much active… with probably a lot of OEM compagnies behind), the aurora … Continue Reading →

Eachine EX120

NEWS: Eachine EX120, the 2S micro-hexacopter FPV racer

A big brother in the Eachine EX”s serie with a microhexacopter: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-EX120-120mm-With-800TVL-FPV-Camera-F3-EVO-Brushed-LED-Buzzer-Racing-Quadcopter-p-1114602.html Everything like usual: SPF3 board, a 800TVL 25mW … Continue Reading →

Eachine FB90

TEST: Eachine “FatBee” FB90, the 2S Whoop

INTRODUCTION After the QX70, here is another ducted brushed racer, i.e. the Eachine FB90 “Fatbee”. The similarities between both models … Continue Reading →