FYI: Reviews coming soon …..

  Everything is in the title but should be published for the first in a couple of hours and for … Continue Reading →

FYI: RCgroups and Drone-maniac

  Until recently, I always posted my reviews both in Drone-Maniac and RCgroups simultaneously but for some reasons, jaleous guys, and … Continue Reading →

NEWS: Drone-Maniac more and more popular !!!!

  During the last Christmas’s days, Drone-maniac visitors increased a lot !!!! Just two words: THANK YOU A lot of … Continue Reading →

FYI: Comments buggy since last WordPress update

Sorry …. but I have been notified that it’s impossible for you to post a new comment in drone-maniac Seems … Continue Reading →

youbi XV-130

FYI: Reviews coming soon ….

Well, since few days, less activity in testing section. The main reason us there was an break betweeen two consecutives … Continue Reading →

NEWS: Drone-maniac is in slow motion during this week…

Don’t be afraid, I will just less update the site this week…. but some excellent reviews are in preparation don’t … Continue Reading →

Scarlet minivet

FYI: Wingsland Minivet at 380 USD !!!!

Hi, Just saw the minivet at 380 !!!!! (+7 USD of shipping), it’s unbeatable      

Wingsland Minivet


I just saw that the Excellent Minivet is now sold for 500USD during the next 4 days (seems now the … Continue Reading →

FYI: XN297 vade retro satanas

If you already noticed by yourself, or read some last testings of new toyquadcopters, all of them now are suffering … Continue Reading →

FYI: “Delays”

Maybe you already noticed since few days, but some “expected” reviews have been a little bit delayed…. Sorry, I got … Continue Reading →

FYI: Reviews on the bench

Hi, i) Actually, I am working on the JJRC H6D review (I hope to be finished within 24h…) ii) The … Continue Reading →