Skytech TK110

TEST: Skytech TK110

INTRODUCTION The Skytech TK110 is basic toyquadcopter offering altitulde and WiFi video transmission. The main originaly is probably the presence … Continue Reading →


TEST: HUBSAN H111D, the lightest 5.8G FPV quadcopter ?

INTRODUCTION Problably with the Hubsan H111D, we have here the smallest & lightest RFF 5.8G FPV machine. A full solution … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC H31, a waterproof toyquadcopter ?

INTRODUCTION JJRC delivers here with H31 a rebranding/cloning of the Yifei nova core, i.e. a simple quadcopter very durable ans … Continue Reading →

FQ777-124C mini 2mpx

TEST: FQ777-124C mini 2mpx edition, the best nano with camera ?

INTRODUCTION After the first edition of the FQ777-124C with a 0.3mpx, FQ777 delivers here with FQ777-124C mini 2mpx a new … Continue Reading →

XK X252

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #38

– DHD D2-mini: – XK X252:

GTeng T901F

TEST: GTeng T910F “Flying spider”

INTRODUCTION Here is a new RTF 5.8G compact microquadcopter, i.e. the GTeng T901F. It’s no an nuple copy/clone of the … Continue Reading →

Eachine H99

TEST: EACHINE H99D, a compact brushed flyer with a 3mpw wide angle camera

INTRODUCTION Eachine introduces here with the H99D a compact and light machine transporting a 3mpx 720p camera but since time … Continue Reading →

JXD 509V

TEST: JXD 509V, a miniquadcopter with altitulde hold & 2mpx camera

INTRODUCTION After some relative successfull models (JXD 385, JXD 388 and JXD 392), here is a new model copying clearly … Continue Reading →

Eachine H8C

TEST: Eachine H8C, the mini JJRC H8C

INTRODUCTION Eachine with the H8C introduces a shrinked version of the ultra popular JJRC H8C. Cheery on the cake, the … Continue Reading →

GPtoys Aviax H20

TEST: GPtoys Aviax H20, a waterproof miniquadcopter

INTRODUCTION The GPtoys Aviax H20 is a miniquadcopter offering two features: i) a waterproof capacity and ii) a new “cruising” … Continue Reading →


NEWS: JJRC X1, first brushless model for JJRC

Ok, JJRC is probably the most active toy-brand. In the last 6 months, I would say around 10 new models … Continue Reading →


NEWS: DM003 the mini DM007

Well just announced here: Of course, in 1S configuration this time Description: Brand name: DAMING Item name: 2.4G 4CH … Continue Reading →

XK X250

TEST: XK X250 “Alien”

INTRODUCTION After the two first excellent models, the XK X380 probably the most beginner friendly AP plateform, the XK X350 … Continue Reading →



Eachine want to surf on the JJRC H8C success and offer a shrinked version, the H8C mini Description: Brand Name: … Continue Reading →

FQ777 955C scorpius

TEST: FQ777 955C “Scorpius” miniquadcopter with inverted props

INTRODUCTION Largely inspired from the Ehang Ghost, this FQ777-955C Scorpius represents a toy conversion of this AP plateform. The main … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC H11D “Eye Of God”

INTRODUCTION Here is a new 5.8G mini FPV quadcopter from JJRC. This new model introduces the possibility to set the … Continue Reading →