FQ777 FQ11

TEST: FQ777 FQ11 the nano under growth hormones

INTRODUCTION FQ777 produces a lot of very compact drones mainly some nano quad or hexa models. Here, with the FQ777-FQ11, … Continue Reading →

Cheerson CX-37

NEWS: Cheerson CX-37 “Smart-H”

A new Cheerson product is announced here: http://www.toy63.com/cp/html/?6888.html (a general wholesaler). Certification EN71,EN62115,R&TTE,Rosh Color:Blue and white Product Size:10x10x3cm Color Box:4.3×6.3x9cm … Continue Reading →

UPair one

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #42

– FQ777-126C 2mpx: http://www.banggood.com/FQ777-124C-MINI-With-2_0MP-HD-Camera-With-Switchable-Controller-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1056234.html – Walkera Rodeo F150: http://shrsl.com/?~cqvy – UPair “One”: http://www.banggood.com/UPair-UP-Air-FPV-With-12_0MP-1080P-SONY-HD-Camera-2-Axis-Gimbal-RC-Quadcopter-p-995265.html – Dynam DHC-2 Beaver 1500mm: http://www.banggood.com/Dynam-DHC-2-Beaver-1500mm-59-Wingspan-RC-Airplane-PNP-p-1053648.html


TEST: FQ777-126C “Spider”

INTRODUCTION The valse of nanohexacopter continues. Here is a new model including a 720p camera ideal to shoot small videos … Continue Reading →

Eachine blade 185

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #39

– FQ777-126C: http://www.banggood.com/FQ777-126C-Mini-Spider-With-2_0MP-HD-Camera-Dual-Mode-One-Key-to-Return-RC-Hexacopter-RTF-p-1041994.html – Eachine Falcon180: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Falcon-180-FPV-Quadcopter-with-700TVL-HD-Camera-5_8G-200mW-40CH-Transmitter-RTF-p-1046409.html – Eachine Blade185: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Blade-185-FPV-Racing-Drone-with-Mini-NZ-GPS-OSD-5_8G-40CH-HD-Camera-RTF-p-1052503.html


NEWS: FQ777-126C, a new nanohexacopter w/ 2mpx camera

A new nanohexacopter including a 2Mpx camera (720p ?) … a new “tour de force” of technology with the FQ777-126C: … Continue Reading →

YiZhan i6s

TEST: YiZhan i6s, another “nami”-hexacopter with a buitin 720p camera

INTRODUCTION After the YZ-X4, and the very popular YZ-X6 tarantula, Yi-Zhan delivers with YZ-i6s a new hexacopter including a 720p … Continue Reading →


NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #23

A good week this week 🙂 Xmas is close ? 🙂 – Runcam HD2: http://www.banggood.com/RunCam-2-RunCam2-HD-1080P-120-Degree-Wide-Angle-WiFi-FPV-Camera-p-1017010.html – YiZhan i6s: http://www.banggood.com/Yi-Zhan-YiZhan-i6s-with-2MP-Camera-2_4G-4CH-6Axis-One-Key-Return-Nano-Hexacopter-RTF-p-1020038.html – … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC H20C, a “nami”-hexacopter with a 720p camera

INTRODUCTION The JJRC H20 is probably the best nanohexacopter, really easy to fly. Now with the H20C, JJRC add the … Continue Reading →


NEWS: JJRC H20C, first nanohexacopter with a 720p camera

The camera version of the excellent JJRC H20 is announced now including a 720p camera !! If I am not … Continue Reading →

WLtoys Q272

NEWS: WLtoys Q272, new nanohexacopter

WLtoys answers to MJX and JJRC (at least). Here is the http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_218386.html (or at BG: http://www.banggood.com/WLtoys-Q272-2_4G-4CH-6Axis-Headless-Mode-Mini-RC-Hexacopter-p-996653.html) General Brand: WLtoys Type: … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC H20, a new nanohexacopter

INTRODUCTION After only 2 months later the MJX X900 (probably the first nanohexacopter), here is the JJRC response: the H20. … Continue Reading →

Reptile camera

NEWS: SeByDocKy’s weekly news #8

Plof Plof   – JJRC H20: http://www.banggood.com/JJRC-H20-Mini-Headless-Mode-2_4G-4CH-6Axis-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-986430.html – Reptile cam w/DVR: http://www.banggood.com/Reptile-FPV-120-720P-HD-MicroSD-AV-Output-Pickup-Function-Micro-Camera-PAL-p-987462.html


NEWS: JJRC H20, the MJX X900 nanohexacopter competitor

The MJX X900 already have a lot of competitors, after the revell hexagon, here is the JJRC version: http://www.banggood.com/JJRC-H20-Mini-Headless-Mode-2_4G-4CH-6Axis-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-986430.html Description: … Continue Reading →

MJX X900


INTRODUCTION MJX introduces here the first nanohexacopter in the market, the X900. The X900 is the little little brother of … Continue Reading →

MJX X900 MJX X800

NEWS: SeByDocKy’s weekly news #3

Only two novel inputs this week, two MJX models, i.e. the X800 and the X900 respectively -MJX X900: http://www.banggood.com/MJX-X900-X-900-2_4G-6-Axis-3D-Roll-RC-Quadcopter-p-972722.html -MJX … Continue Reading →