Eachine QX105

TEST: Eachine “BAT” QX105 (73g, 10×20 motors, F3 ARM core, Betaflight OSD, AIO 25mW 48CH)

INTRODUCTION In the QX’s serie, the Eachine QX105 represents in theory a major gap by integrating a F3 board with … Continue Reading →

Makerfire micro FPV

TEST: Makerfire Micro FPV, a BNF tinywhoop FPV clone (27g, F3, 25mW 40CH AIO FPV)

INTRODUCTION After the success story associated with the Inductrix Tiny whoop, it was not surprizing to see avalanche of clones. … Continue Reading →

Walkera RODEO 110

TEST: Walkera RODEO 110

INTRODUCTION After the excellent Rodeo 150, the first lightweight brushless racer from walkera unfortunatly full basic based, here is the … Continue Reading →

MJX Bugs 3

TEST: MJX Bugs 3, the perfect first brushless entry model ?

INTRODUCTION After the Bayang X16, probably the first simple brushless 350mm machine without tons of flight assistances, targetting intermediate beginner … Continue Reading →

Eachine Falcon 210 Pro

TEST: Eachine Falcon 210 Pro

INTRODUCTION After the semi-fiasco of the Eachine Falcon 210, Eachine introduces here the Falcon 210 Pro not a simple bug … Continue Reading →

Eachine AIOF3

TEST: Eachine AIOF3: 3g, SPF3, Builtin FrSky D8 w/telemetry, builtin BetaOSD

INTRODUCTION With the Eachine AIOF3, here is an new ultralight Flight controller based on the powerfull F3 ARM core supporting … Continue Reading →

Skytech TK110

TEST: Skytech TK110

INTRODUCTION The Skytech TK110 is basic toyquadcopter offering altitulde and WiFi video transmission. The main originaly is probably the presence … Continue Reading →

Eachine V-tail 210

TEST: Eachine V-tail 210

INTRODUCTION The Eachine V-tail 210 is the first cheap “chinese” quadcopter adopting the V-tail design. In theory, the V-tail architecture … Continue Reading →


NEWS: DM002 5.8G FPV, the cheapest microFPV machine ?

Probably one of the cheapest 5.8G brushed racer, the DM002 5.8G FPV: http://www.banggood.com/DM002-5_8G-FPV-With-600TVL-Camera-2_4G-4CH-6Axis-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1114854.html A simple micro-quadcopter with a AIO FPV … Continue Reading →

Eachine FB90

TEST: Eachine “FatBee” FB90, the 2S Whoop

INTRODUCTION After the QX70, here is another ducted brushed racer, i.e. the Eachine FB90 “Fatbee”. The similarities between both models … Continue Reading →

Eachine QX70

TEST: Eachine QX70, the large tinywhoop

INTRODUCTION The Eachine QX70 comes after the QX90, QX80, QX100 and the QX95. With the QX70, we have a 70mm … Continue Reading →

Eachine Racer 130

TEST: Eachine Racer 130

INTRODUCTION “Smaller and smaller, brushless racers will be”. Eachine delivers here with the Racer 130 a compact 130mm FPV racer, … Continue Reading →

Mobius Mini

TEST: Mobius Mini, the 27g HD cam

INTRODUCTION The mobius was and probably still is the most popular compact and light camera, the faithfull compagnon for many … Continue Reading →

Youbi XV-130

TEST: Youbi XV-130, the rotor-X Atom V2 clone

This is a pre-release version of the Youbi XV-130 review. More videos and details will be added later INTRODUCTION Here … Continue Reading →

JJRC H20 mini

TEST: JJRC H20 mini, another picohexacopter

INTRODUCTION The nano/pico-quadcopter, hexacopter fashion year is not yet over. We have a new model from JJRC, a shrinked of … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC H32GH, a Hubsan H107D+ competitor

INTRODUCTION A new first entry FPV micro machine “à la” Hubsan H107D+ is introduced by JJRC with the JJRC H32GH. … Continue Reading →

Eachine Racer 180

TEST: Eachine Racer 180 with tilting arms


Eachine Wizzard X220 revised

TEST: Eachine Wizzard X220 ARF/RTF revised

INTRODUCTION Just 2 months after the introduction of the Wizzard X220, here is a new update where now the FC … Continue Reading →


TEST: FrFR3: 1S SPF3 EVO brushed FC + builtin FrSKY D8 receiver

INTRODUCTION With the FrFR3, here is an new ultralight Flight controller based on the powerfull F3 ARM core supporting CleanFlight/Betaflight … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC P130, the little brother

INTRODUCTION The JJRC P130 is assumed to be the smallest brother in the Ppro series, after the excellent P175 and … Continue Reading →

Eachine EX100

TEST: EACHINE EX100, better than the Eachine QX95 ?

INTRODUCTION After the QX’s series with the excellent QX95, Here is the smallest element of the new EX’s serie, the … Continue Reading →

RealAcc GX210

TEST: RealAcc GX210, the new “cheap” Acro-X racer reference ?

INTRODUCTION RealAcc is probably a new brand or division from Eachine and indirectly from Banggood. Maybe like XK is for … Continue Reading →


TEST: JJRC X1G the FPV version of the JJRC X1

INTRODUCTION After the popular JJRC X1, probably the first cheap FPV racer introduced in the market (now can be found … Continue Reading →

Esky 150X

TEST: ESKY 150X, the first CC3D 150mm helicopter

INTRODUCTION Here is the new revision of the Esky 150mm flybarless helicopter. Now it includes a CC3D board for a … Continue Reading →

Eachine TX01

TEST: EACHINE TX01, the FXT FX798T 25mW FPV-cam competitor

INTRODUCTION The FXT FX798T is probably the lightest 25mW FPV cam ideal for the tiny whoop FPV machine. Here with … Continue Reading →

AO SenMa CG035


INTRODUCTION Here is a direct competitor of the Hubsan H501S or the Flyin3D X6+: AO SenMa CG035 FPV This model … Continue Reading →


TEST: EACHINE X73, the miniwhoop ?

INTRODUCTION After the amazing success of the TinyWhoop, here is with the Eachine X73 the slightly increased version including more … Continue Reading →

REMO 1631

TEST: REMO 1631, 1/16th 390 brushed car

INTRODUCTION Here is the mini-review of a new Brushed Monster Truck brushed RCcar, in 1/16th scale, the REMO 1631. Offered … Continue Reading →

Eachine Wizzard X220


INTRODUCTION The Eachine Wizzard X220 represents the last racer from Eachine, after some Falcon 180-250, Blade 210-250 and assassin. For … Continue Reading →

Eachine VR-D2

TEST: EACHINE VR-D2 FPV goggles: 40CH, 800×480 5″ screen, diversity and builtin DVR

INTRODUCTION Here is a new FPV goggles from Eachine. After the VR-007, the EV800 and the goggles one, with theEachine … Continue Reading →

Ideafly grasshopper


INTRODUCTION After the F210, the first racer from Ideafly, here is a new variant, the Ideafly Grasshopper F210. This new … Continue Reading →

Eachine Pioneer E350

TEST: Eachine Pioneer E350, a new cheap arducopter 350mm solution

INTRODUCTION Here is the Eachine Pioneer E350, the first 350mm AP machine from Eachine. This model is introduced with different … Continue Reading →



INTRODUCTION After the Eachine QX90, one of the first brushed FPV machine equiped of a SPracing F3 board, here is … Continue Reading →

zerotech dobby

TEST: Zerotech DOBBY, the first selfidrone

INTRODUCTION Here is the first selfie drone, the Zerotech DOBBY, a super compact machine with foldable arms super easy to … Continue Reading →

Eachine E010

TEST: EACHINE E010, one of the first Inductrix clone

INTRODUCTION Clearly one of the first Inductrix chinese clone is introduced here with the Eachine E10. We have the same … Continue Reading →


TEST: HUBSAN H111D, the lightest 5.8G FPV quadcopter ?

INTRODUCTION Problably with the Hubsan H111D, we have here the smallest & lightest RFF 5.8G FPV machine. A full solution … Continue Reading →

Hubsan H111C


INTRODUCTION A new generation of nanoquadcopters from Hubsan is introduced here with Hubsan H111D. With the C variant, we have … Continue Reading →


TEST: Tovsto Aegean

INTRODUCTION Here is a basic 350mm brushless AP machine where the price will be the massive/main argument. With the Tovsto … Continue Reading →

Skyzone SKY02S V+

TEST: Skyzone SKY02S V+, the 3D FPV goggles rig from Skyzone

INTRODUCTION The Skyzone Sky02S V+ represents the new revision of their first 3D solution introduced last year. This bundle represents … Continue Reading →

Eachine Flacon 210


INTRODUCTION After the excellent Falcon 250 and the fragile Falcon 180, Eachine introduces the mid-size model with the Falcon 210. … Continue Reading →