Bayang X16 GPS

NEWS: Bayang X16 GPS, the cheapest GPS 350mm quadcopter

Probably the cheapest GPS machine available in the market, a 350mm brushless machine with GPS under 170 USD !!!!: … Continue Reading →

MJX Bugs 3

TEST: MJX Bugs 3, the perfect first brushless entry model ?

INTRODUCTION After the Bayang X16, probably the first simple brushless 350mm machine without tons of flight assistances, targetting intermediate beginner … Continue Reading →

Eachine V-tail 210

TEST: Eachine V-tail 210

INTRODUCTION The Eachine V-tail 210 is the first cheap “chinese” quadcopter adopting the V-tail design. In theory, the V-tail architecture … Continue Reading →

Hubsan H507A

NEWS: Hubsan X4 Star H507A, the cheapest follow-me/path-planning quadcopter

Hubsan delivers a new update of their Hubsan H502S with their new H507A: Here bye bye the 5.8G solution … Continue Reading →

AO Sen Ma CG035

NEWS: AO SenMa CG035 FPV ground station software available

It’s avalable here: Aosenma_vast_gcs Allow mainly to flash a new firmware, tune PIDs, RTH max altitude and set the voltage … Continue Reading →

wltoys q323c

NEWS: WLtoys Q323C, a brushed XK X251

A brushed version of the excellent XK X251 is announced from Wltoys with the Q323: The design is almost … Continue Reading →

helicmax g2s

NEWS: HeLICMAX G2S, a basic H501S

A kind of cheap Hubsan H501S in term of design at least with the HeLICMAX G2S: Here no 1080p … Continue Reading →

NEWS: Autel Robotic Xstar3, a new DJI wanabee (4K, 3-axis stabilized, 25min, 1km, follow me)

A news DJI wanabee is announced with the Autel Robotic XStar 3: This new competitor claims to offer 25min … Continue Reading →

Salex drone

NEWS: SALEX drone, a future multimodule AP quadcopter

A futur project of 4K quadcopter “Salex” is annouced here: Like the JYU Hornet S, this future machine will … Continue Reading →

MJX bugs

NEWS: MJX Bugs, another cheap basic brushless AP machine ?

Probably the first brushless quadcopter for MJX, a 310mm model, i.e. the MJX bug: It’s also a direct competitor … Continue Reading →

AO SenMa CG035


INTRODUCTION Here is a direct competitor of the Hubsan H501S or the Flyin3D X6+: AO SenMa CG035 FPV This model … Continue Reading →

AO Sen Ma CG035

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #53

– AO SenMa CG035: –Walkera Airbot:

Eachine Pioneer E350

TEST: Eachine Pioneer E350, a new cheap arducopter 350mm solution

INTRODUCTION Here is the Eachine Pioneer E350, the first 350mm AP machine from Eachine. This model is introduced with different … Continue Reading →

UP air one

NEWS: UPair one at 99$ !!!!

Just saw this amazing price for an AP: UPair one You can grab some more infos here: But even … Continue Reading →

zerotech dobby

TEST: Zerotech DOBBY, the first selfidrone

INTRODUCTION Here is the first selfie drone, the Zerotech DOBBY, a super compact machine with foldable arms super easy to … Continue Reading →


TEST: Tovsto Aegean

INTRODUCTION Here is a basic 350mm brushless AP machine where the price will be the massive/main argument. With the Tovsto … Continue Reading →

zerotech dobby

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #52

– Hubsan H1111C: – Hubsan H111D: – MJX X906T: – Zerotech Dobby:

Hubsan H501C


INTRODUCTION After the excellent Hubsan H501S, a compact GPS-FPV brushless quadcopter equiped of a 1080p, here is the Hubsan H501C, … Continue Reading →

Eachine Falcon 210

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #51

– Hubsan H501C: – Eachine Falcon 210 (SPF3):

wingsland S6

NEWS: WINGSLAND S6, another selfiedrone

A new Zerotech dobby competitor will be introduced soon (release date in august), the WINGSLAND S6 According to my WINGSLAND’s … Continue Reading →

Kai Deng K70F

TEST: Kai Deng K70F, a cheap complete brushed AP machine

INTRODUCTION After the relatively popular success of the first Kai Deng K70C, here is the so waited 5.8G FPV version, … Continue Reading →

Floureon Racer 250

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #49

– Eken H8R: – Eachine goggles one: – Kai Deng K70F: – Floureon Racer 250: – … Continue Reading →

Xiaomi mi drone

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #48

– Future Eachine RX-F800 2.4G FrSky D8/SBUS receiver – Xiaomi drone:


NEWS: CG035, new compact 2S brushless quadcopter with GPS, 1080p and follow-me

A new compact 2S brushless machine is announced here: A lot of interesting features are announced: 1080p, dualGPS, followme … Continue Reading →

Flying3D X8

NEWS: FLYING3D X8, the cheapest 350mm GPS RTF quadcopter ?

Well for 170 USD, you can grab the Flying3D X8 in RTF. This model is a basic 350mm GPS AP … Continue Reading →



INTRODUCTION After the Appolo, Ideafly has recently introduced a new evolution the Ideafly Mars 350. This new 350 AP machine … Continue Reading →

Bayang X16

TEST: BAYANG X16 fixed !!!!

REVIEW UPDATE 07/09/16 I received a new version of the Bayang X16 fixing in theory the “autocrash” (unwanted) feature (see … Continue Reading →

idealfly mars 350

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #46

Two video plateforms this week – Bayang X16: – Idealfly Mars 350:

UP air one

TEST: UP air One, the second chance for the UP air Chase

EDIT 06/28/16: The new review is related the V2 with a firefly 6S camera. There is already a new V3 … Continue Reading →

Hubsan H502E

TEST: HUBSAN H502E, the quadcopter for blondes ?

INTRODUCTION After the Hubsan H502S, probably the lightest GPS quadcopter including 720P, FPV, GPS & Follow-me, here the Hubsan H502E. … Continue Reading →

UPair one

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #42

– FQ777-126C 2mpx: – Walkera Rodeo F150: – UPair “One”: – Dynam DHC-2 Beaver 1500mm:

Eachine EV800

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #41

– Hubsan H502E: – Superior Hobby SRP8: – Eachine EV800:×480-FPV-Goggles-5_8G-40CH-Raceband-Auto-Searching-Build-In-Battery-p-1053357.html

zerotech dobby

NEWS: ZEROTECH Dobby Pocket Selfie

Minidrones including “dronefie” feature will be probably the next hot topic. Zerotech announced a 200g machine filming in 4K and … Continue Reading →

Xiaomi mi drone

NEWS: XIAOMI MI “DRONE”, a low-cost DJI Phantom ?

The chinese GoPro killer just announced a potential DJI killer at least in term of price. Here is the Xiami … Continue Reading →



INTRODUCTION After the popular H501S, Hubsan delivers with the H502S, the shrinked version but including the same advanced features, especially … Continue Reading →

Elanview Cicada K FPV

NEWS: ELANVIEW CICADA K-FPV, the first chinese BEBOP competitor ?

The first Cicada was probably a vaporware …. a new revision is announced: This time they add a radio option … Continue Reading →

Bayang X16

TEST: Bayang X16, the brushless SYMA X8C competitor

INTRODUCTION Bayangtoys delivers with the X16 their first brushless model, a 350mm machine so strong enough to carry easiy any … Continue Reading →

Hubsan H501S

TEST: HUBSAN H501S (international edition)

INTRODUCTION Hubsan releases with the H501S a compact brushless machine including a 1080p camera & a dual GPS system to … Continue Reading →

Bayang X16

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #37

Bayang X16: EDIT: bad news, I have a bad ESC 🙁 … so the review is postponed ….

TAROT 130 TL130H1

NEWS:SeByDocKy’s weekly news #36

– Hubsan H502S: – Tarot TL130H1: