FYI: What is coming next in Drone-Maniac

As maybe you noticed, Drone-Maniac presented slow updates during last 2-3 days …. I am not off πŸ™‚ just working for different reviews:


The product is not officially available and it’s nothing else than a direct competitor of the DJI SparK…. The firmware/app is still Under developpement but you can Watch to some of testings:

DYS ELF 83mm

I am working on…. waiting to somee microJST connector to show you how to connect to the MWOSD interface

Kinkong GT90

Finally I received another one with a DSM2 receiver…

Jumper X68S

Should be already already in my hands …. but the local post seems super slow to do the last km πŸ™ :(….

Eachine EV800D

The new revision of these goggles integrating Diversity and builtin DVR should be soon in my hands ….

and many others models on the way but surrizes πŸ™‚

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  • Krotow says:

    I preordered EV800D from Banggood however knowing logistic slowness from that side of world, can’t expect to get them before mid of June. So I’m interested in EV800D review quite much πŸ™‚

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