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Until recently, I always posted my reviews both in Drone-Maniac and RCgroups simultaneously but for some reasons, jaleous guys, and other strange things, my last posts have been reported as spam (even a simple video)…. and despite my 14 500 former posts mainly to help persons. From this situation, I feel humiliated and from now…. all my futurs reviews, assistance, etc…. will be only available here. I strongly suspect the administrators of RCgroups be under influence of their main sponsor (Hobbyking). Eventually, some other members, working secretly for some small chinese compagnies are reporting all main reviewers to kill competitors….. I am fed up with this situation… …. In another hands, some members continue to  spam all the day long without any problem ….. What can I conclude ? I got a normal life with familly, a great job and I am maintening Drone-Maniac just by passion


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  • Indy says:

    Hi, Seb,
    Don’t take all that crap too bad or even too personally, I’m pretty sure you’re very much appreciated by a lot of people.
    Anyways, keep up the good work with, you’re one of the best reviewer being quite objective I think.
    2017 will be great I’m sure…

  • Alfonso Irwin says:

    I support you my friend, and I think you are right, Hobbyking is loosing a lot of customers for his bad service and lack of products warranty..And this is another prove if his desperation of been behind compared to this new two companiies, BG and GB… keep up the good work.. You are one of the best reviewers in this RC busines..

    PS: rcgroup socks anyway!!!

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Thanks a lot for your support, I will continue my reviews here but time to time post some msg only in RCgroups …

  • Zaphod69 says:

    That’s completely unacceptable from RCG! I read every one of your reviews, have followed your tutorials and purchase more than I should of based on your reviews and seeing them on RCG.

    So disappointed with RCG for allowing this but I’ll continue to read your reviews, news and thoughts here!

  • Derekm says:

    Sorry to hear that SeBy. Please keep up the good work wit Drone Maniac. Your expertise is much appreciated.

  • Yves says:

    Garde confiance en toi Seb.
    Moi j’apprécie vraiment tes reviews et pour être honnete avec toi cela fait longtemps que je ne les regarde plus que sur ton site qui avec 2 autres (wearefpv et fpvpassion) font partie de ma visite rituelle matinale.

  • Zobilamouhe says:

    Pareille pour moi, visite journalière sur on site…
    Merci encore pour ce très bon site.

  • Ferry says:

    You’re absolutely right by doing so. It is a pitty that institutions like RC Groups are willing to give up their independency for a little money. I personally stopped checking RC Groups a long time ago.

    Please keep up the good work!

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I don’t condamned RCgroups coz 99.9% informations are gather there when with some datamining, you can find almost all solution of your problems …. That’s the majoir positive of RCgroups but now they force you to subscribe the non-free account indirectly and now any non hobbyking link seems Under fire

  • josegil spain says:

    avant toujours et merci

  • lormouth says:

    Courage Seby, ceux qui apprécient ton travail continueront à te suivre ici comme moi. Je me demandais pourquoi certains de tes postes avaient été censuré sur RCgroups, maintenant j’y vois plus clair, c’est bien dommage…

  • Thierry says:

    Sad to hear that…but it’s true that I noticed since 2 days this spam issue.

    Keep on going ! you’re doing a great job. As a newbie you helped me a lot, thanks again for that.

  • Reinie says:

    Sad to hear that. is digging their own grave I think, they cant deny the chinese products.
    Maybe you should start an alternative English forum for Quads and related.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Well RCgroups is huge …. impossible to overcome and it’s not my goal … I just wanted to share informations on both plateforms. Don’t be wrong I still like RCgroups, I got a lot of good contacts there ….but it’s life. I won’t publish my reviews there anymore but maybe time to time post some “hello msg”

  • Josh Mui says:

    Seen like people in Rcgroup messing up with reviewer.
    I believe they are more pleased to the reviewer who only talk about product with good point and never any in bad side.

    Keep continue, there still a lot supporter will go with you.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Most of recent products I reviewed recently have at mean minimum medium problems up to major ones ….Surprizingly listing exhaustively all négatives points not only warn potential buyers of future problems but help major webcomagnies to not stock a lot these poor products ….

      • Josh Mui says:

        I actually also got review 1 China coreless quad(the first review), to improve local product sale.

        The only target they wanted: never tell the con of the product. And the quad I received almost called as DOA.
        – transmitter no power at all
        – plastic gear broken, all 4 motor. Even package arrived in perfect condition not printed cardboard box.
        – etc, lol

        And they blame me intended damage the quad and didn’t sent the replacement, and cut the contact. So I throw it in trashbin…

        Maybe one of your review somehow pointed their fault so they hire 水军 “water soldiers” to damage your name. (IMHO)

        • SeByDocKy says:

          Unfortunatly for me and furtunatly for them, I don’t think they would send such product to me 🙂 They would know the result…. I remember a super garbage product from JJRC…. I throwed directly in chrismas’s tree as being finally a source of LED’s lights 🙂

  • Zobilamouche says:

    Pareil que Yves, visite quotidienne, et à chaque fois l’espoir de découvrir un nouveau test, qui sont toujours très sympa à lire.
    Un grand merci pour le travail.

  • LudoRc says:

    Hi Seby, sorry to hear that :-/
    This doesn’t change anything for hobbyist like me, as we read your daily news through email, and watch videos from subscribing to your channel 🙂
    I didn’t know rcgroups was somehow ‘controled’ or related to majors shops.
    Maybe you should write an article about this. (what about AndyRc, RcModelReview, JoshuaBardwell, Quadcopter101, …? blacklisted too?)
    Anyhow, I still often guide rcgroups users to your video when needed.
    Good news is less time for you on rcgroups means more time for reviewing 😉
    All my friendly support as always !

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Well my objective is not to complains …. Ok I can’t publish now in RCgroups … That’s life. I don’t think Q101 is publishing a lot in RCgroups as well as AndyRC so I don’t think they got problems. Yes I will have a little bit more time to pubish here but in practice I got scripts to convert automatically RCgroups’s review to Drone-maniac format so it wasn’t a big overup 🙂

  • LudoRc says:

    Is there a RcGroups moderator, or someone like this, we can write to, in order to try ‘un-spamming’ / ‘un-blacklisting’ you?
    Some kind of ‘petition’ to get your articles back in RcGroups?

    “Dear Moderator, please consider un-blocking SebyDocky’s articles, as they are always a great source of information, advice, and support for the whole community. I wouldn’t be in the hobby, nor in this forum without it”.

    (^^^almost not exagerated, and maybe helpful)

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I think it’s a useless process ….. IMHO… and paradoxally I don’t want such way to return back in RCgroups …. maybe a question of ego 😉

  • Fred says:

    C’est pas cool, cette histoire… Bon, pareil que les autres, je viens ici directement plutôt que de me perdre sur RCG 🙂

  • says:

    seby hi, I’m Also teoplays on youtube and rcgroups. I wish you a good year and other great reviews 🙂

  • Bangbad says:

    From what I’ve heard it was all the affiliate links that caused RCG to drop the ban hammer on Seby. If you look at it for a business perspective, it makes perfect sense. RCG is a private website which stays alive because of Sponsors who pay for advertising space (in the form of forum space, and banner ads). Banggood was essentially side stepping RCG’s sponsor rules by using multiple reviewers, like Seby here, to make it seem like normal people were promoting their products. RCG doesn’t like this sort of stuff, because it makes other potential sponsors think they can do the same without paying. Bottom line, you don’t mess with RCG’s income stream. So they dropped the ban hammer on not only Seby but also, a few other known banggood paid reviewers and employees. To be honest, it was about time.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes I mostly agree with you especially when you see some were and probably are still spamming with tons of affiliate links…. but it was not my case. I post link with my code in RCgroups in the #1 only of my review that’s all. Since I am spending close to 20h minimum per review, so it can be understood.. what was amazing, But I agree with you than all BG, GB used a large fleet of reviewers to overcome RCgroups limitations…. so probably it was epextable… In the other, you can spam all the day with Hobbyking links without any problems …. So it’s clear, there are rules and rules … For example, I received some warnings even for some videos, or a technical replies…. Crazy. But I want to correct something in your msg… I am not an employee of any chinese compagnies !!!! When I am reviewing, I never received orders to rank prositively a product. They know I would send them to hell. If you read my reviews, in general, my CON’s list is much more longer that the PRO one. I will even say, that I am one who critic the more products …
      I repeat always to check multiple reviews …. to average everything …

  • Desert Eagle says:

    Hmm may want to look at this

  • ltwvince says:

    Hey SeByDocKy take care, always love your review. Too bad this had gone south with RCGroups. Will keep coming here instead.

  • Ssayer says:

    I didn’t look hard enough and posted my comment elsewhere. Let me re-post it here…
    What the heck, how do YOU get an account suspended at RCG??? You are one of the most unbiased and helpful people I know there! Something is messed up…

  • Aerugo says:

    Saw a comment on RCGROUPS that you’ve been banned.
    I really understand why, but google to the rescue and found this site.
    Great work on your reviews. I like to read pros and cons (not just the pros!)

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