FYI: Reviews coming soon …..


Everything is in the title but should be published for the first in a couple of hours and for the other in  couple of days:

  • Walkera Rodeo 110 (Can I already say a potential SeByAward Q1 2017 winner ? no,  not yet 🙂 )
  • Makerfire (Tinywhoop clone)
  • Eachine VTX01 & VTX02 (VTX only)
  • Eachine DVR03 (AIO FPV cam including a DVR)
  • Eachine Falcon 120
  • Eachine Goggles 2 (the fixed goggles 1)
  • Eachine Aurora 90
  • Eachine X73S (brushless version)
  • Eachine E010S (Tinywhoop clone)

So …. a lot to come asap 🙂 Stay tuned


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