FYI: Reviews coming soon ….

Well, since few days, less activity in testing section. The main reason us there was an break betweeen two consecutives waves of products received for testing …. sorry 🙂 (blame my sponsors for that 🙂 )
But I should receive relatively soon the Eachine V-tail 210: and probably more bankable, the youbi XV-130:


By the way, if you want to see in drone-maniac some specific mods/advance testings about former models, let’s me know it 🙂

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  • LudoRc says:

    Hello Seby,

    Have you done any specific mods to the Tarot 130 quad ?
    I am thinking FPV camera mod, as the native 520TVL was pretty deciving.
    On my side I can recommend
    – the BN3025 Gemfan props (!require exact 7mm long screw, hard to find)
    – strip of 4 2812 LEDs at the back. Awesome and easy to set with Betaflight
    – Mobius 1 (it works for soft flight, only loose 1 out of 7min). Next: Mobius Mini 🙂

  • LudoRc says:

    Any FPV cam you would recommend?
    I bought a hs1177m, but it just doesn’t fit 🙁

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