FYI: Slow motion for drone-maniac since 4 days and the reason why

This is not for hollidays …. Ok I work a bit in the garden but the main reason is for the review of the Walkera Vitus 320….. I already produced a video

But I will have to gave up the review process…. After many attemps, failure in the recordings (maybe linked to a not fast enough microSD card), the full buggy android appz…. Now the drone is no more bound with the radio… and I can’t fix it. I have to return in china …. According to the tchat I had with the walkera team. I received a pre-release version…. Be aware, for the final version, you must have a 16GB scandisk microSD card in the bundle. There are also a US and EU versions where diffĂ©rences are more for the 5.8G WiFi settings.

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