I just saw that the Excellent Minivet is now sold for 500USD during the next 4 days (seems now the permanent price !!!):

A super deal IMHO. Now you have full software availabe and firmware for the FC & gimbal are mature. Here is a new video from a user (probably with some software stabilization)

Amazing results for a 500USD RTF quad.

Full review here:


  • onclefly says:

    Pour moi 500$ pour un quad comme celui-ci, je trouve cela très cher car c’est juste un peu de plastique et d’électronique, toi on te les offre, mais sinon pourrait tu en acheter, ce sont des jouets à ce prix c’est de la folie. Pour moi pas plus de 100$ avec radio reste un bon tarif pour ce matos (quad, gimbal, FPV, radio )de cette taille. Le soucis, peu d’acheteur donc vendu cher… 🙂

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Personnaly I found this offer pretty good: For 500USD, a complete 350quad with 25min of flying duration + 3D gimbal + 5.8G FPV….
      Hard to beat this price IHMO

  • Andres Mauricio Escobar says:

    Hola. Solo una pregunta. Hemos hablado de la compra de un X380 y todo lo necesario para fpv con mi xiaomi yi.
    ¿Esta oferta no será una mejor opción ya lista para el mismo propósito? Gracias por su colaboración.

    Hello. Just a question. We talked about buying a X380 and everything you need for FPV with my xiaomi yi.
    Is this offer will not be a better option ready for the same purpose? Thank you for your collaboration.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Well … it’s true out of the box, this offer is pretty good and for the same amount of price you can find a complete RTF solution.
      Now, if you already own a Xiami, prefer maybe the XK380… But it’s true I really like also the minivet

      • Andres Mauricio Escobar says:

        I have concerns with both products. in the forums, I have seen many problems and accidents in the two models. in Rc groups, there are many disappointments with this particular Wingsland Scarlet Minivet, I am also considering my Xiaomi get better video quality … My fears are based on that I’m raising money with hard work and a replacement will not be easy if of an accident. My other consideration is that if you answer Wingsland buyers but have not seen this in XK …. I have not read about any replacement.

        • SeByDocKy says:

          Well accicent with the Minivet were mainly due to some battery problems mainly in managment. The XK X380 can have such battery problems..
          In fact for all AP… but if you are doing correctly all calibrations, recharging the LiPo correctly, calibrate the gyros and gimbal, obeys to security rules… The minivet don’t have more problem than others. It’s my point of view

  • Andres Mauricio Escobar says:

    Seby, I think this week I will finally complete the money (thank God). I live in Colombia and is enough money here in our circumstances … Good quality video makes me think more about the combination X380 with my Xiaomi, that your advice? From Wingland Scarlet I love the OSD. Any chance of putting OSD on X380?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      You can of course add an OSD into your FPV gear for the X380 but it’s not so obvious. Generally, the hardest task is the firmware flashing, software configuration and your need some calibrations/tunning to correctly monitor Battery voltages and RSSI.

  • Andrés Mauricio Escobar says:

    Back to my earlier comment, you think I should buy the X380, looking to tap the best quality video xiaomi ???

  • Russel says:

    I’m convinced that a lot of GPS drone problems are due to GPS itself.

    The GPS satellite network is essentially a weapon of war. With the modern cold/semi-hot war, would you like to bet that the GPS signal is being tampered with to prevent opposition forces from using GPS as a targeting aid?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I agree. Add also solar effect. But for GPS, now some modules are also compatible with the russian, chinese and european systems ….

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