NEWS: AO SenMa CG035 FPV ground station software available

It’s avalable here: Aosenma_vast_gcs

Allow mainly to flash a new firmware, tune PIDs, RTH max altitude and set the voltage alarm threshold for the emergency landing. It’s done by Hohem, the same compagy who released some 3-axis gimbal for the Cheerson CX-22, the Wingsland Minivet for example.

Please find the full review this machine here:

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  • Landak says:

    Hi Seby, have you tried “tuning” the quad with this tool?

  • Tone says:

    What’s up Seby, I have a question. . Is there a way to add telemetry to this drone? I would like to know distance and height. Also can this drone do waypoints?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Telemetry is feature of the radio protocol and this Flysky variant without telemetry …. In theory should be possible the change the RX & TX parts to enjoy telemetry but will cost at least 60 USD… not Worth. For Waypoint, unfortunatly the ground station software don’t offer such feature … in theory the GPS shoud allow that but no software programmed for that … You know it’s a so cheap machine with unfortunatly none-open FC software.

  • Marcos says:

    How can I get the code of this application?

  • cicero says:


  • IVI says:

    I installed the firmware that comes inside the zip to my cg035 and now the program does not detect me or the drone does not work or nothing at all … please help me:

  • Jim Buxton says:

    “…and set the voltage alarm threshold.” I don’t see any option in the Ground Station software to adjust the “voltage alarm threshold” or the voltage level at which the alarm will sound (if that is what you are referring to?) The only voltage adjustment I see is to adjust the voltage level at which the CG035 will auto land, and is referred to as “Landing Vol(V)” Has there been any updates to the Ground Station software that would allow for adjustment of the alarm threshold?
    Thanks much and best regards,

  • Jim Buxton says:

    Try this: Highlight each field with the “TAB” key on the keyboard, instead of the mouse.
    Highlight, “modify”, and “save/apply” each field one at a time, each separately. This worked for “ME” don’t know if it will work for you.
    I use the following values:”Max Height”-100m, “Return Height”-25m,
    “Max Distance”-300m. I would not advise changing the “Landing voltage”.or ANY other values. And definitely don’t even think about Flashing the Firmware. Actually, I would not even open the software unless I were having a serious control issue of some sort. As I said, this procedure, and the values I use may or may not be correct for you.
    Good luck and best regards to all,

    • Rob P says:

      Now Im confused! how do I run the program as “Administrator” do you mean user permissions of administrator on my lap top?

      I think the problem may be the “drivers” when I first connected the USB cable it didnt ask or install the drivers but the strange thing is that if it didnt install the drivers automatically how come it recognizes the drone and says “connected”

    • Mirrra says:

      So I tried it over the TAB and I did not overwhelm the values, which I’m really sorry, it would be easier for the first years to slightly restrict …. otherwise the program displays all the parameters correctly ….


    o meu fui utiliza o firmware e me dei mal pois o drone nao reconhece mais o controle oque posso fazer agora. ajude

  • […] NEWS: AO SenMa CG035 FPV ground station software available […]

  • Patrick says:

    Salut SeByDocKy,
    Le problĂšme de validation des paramĂštres dans le software ‘VAST’ CG035 est rĂ©solu :

    ProblĂšme rĂ©solu : si vous ne parvenez pas Ă  valider les rĂ©glages dans le logiciel ‘Vast’ CG035, vĂ©rifiez d’abord vos paramĂštres rĂ©gionaux si un point est dĂ©clarĂ© comme sĂ©parateur dĂ©cimal !!!!!
    (panneau de configuration -> Région et langue -> ParamÚtres supplémentaires -> symbole décimal -> changez la virgule en point)

    Explications supplémentaires :

    Hi SeByDocKy,
    The data validation in the ‘VAST’ CG035 software is solved :

    Problem solved : if you are unable to validate the setting in the ‘Vast’ CG035 Software, first check in your regional settings if a point is declared as the decimal separator !!!!!
    (control panel -> regional settings -> additional settings -> decimal symbol -> change the comma to point)

    Additional explanations :

    Patrick / Meisech

    • Anonymous says:

      Perfetto ho fatto come cici e funziona. Una precisazione per chi come me non ha capito bene , le impostazioni si cambiano nel pannello di controllo di windows

    • mirrra says:

      Excellent, j’ai ajustĂ© le point dĂ©cimal Ă  point et rĂ©ussi Ă  enregistrer les nouveaux paramĂštres, merci pour les conseils 🙂

  • Edward says:

    Does anyone know if John Gilbert’s video offers a viable way to return firmware to factory default?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      It’s a big open question …. As far I know, nobody got the original firmware and even with … I am not sure it will be possible to reflash with the software

  • tomiwu says:

    I know that topic was mentioned no many times, but I will start again.
    Is there any known way to bring aosenma back to life after patch it with wrong firmware?
    Do any one have contact to Jim Buxton( as far a I know, person who write that Hohem software), or to Hohem company.
    Thanks for help!!!

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Unfortunatly … no 🙁 AFAIK, nobody got this original firmware … 🙁

    • Jim Buxton says:

      Hello tomiwu, Thought I should point out that I did not write the code for the firmware update program, I am not a programmer. Actually, I am just another CG035 owner/enthusiast who enjoys flying this little quad a great deal. Like so many other owners, I hope that a “fix” is made available sometime soon. Kind regards, Jim Buxton

      • Josh says:

        Good morning Jim ! Great videos on You Tube! I am hoping I can post a few of my own soon! Question, is the any special science to the USB for the SDK chip? My computer is not recognizing the USB device. Any assistance would be great!

  • Kevin says:

    they say you can factory resect the film where but no one knows how too or show you how to ? and my other question is why did they put this out there just to mess up my drone ? there has to be a way to fix this…???????

    • SeByDocKy says:

      It’s a real open question …. and Actually nobody managed to contact them directly. Definitively we need a chinese speaker who can contact their “support” (if they have one)….

  • Kevin says:

    any luck yet ? on fixing this ?

  • Josh says:

    Good Morning, my computer is not recognizing the USB for the SDK micro chip. Any suggestions? Would love to see my videos or pictures. Is it plug and play? Thank you so much for answering all these questions!!!!!!

  • gert says:

    can write but not save it,wath do i wrong ?

  • Zlobayo says:

    Hi everybody,

    First of all, hello everybody. I am getting more and more passionate with RC. I like modding stuff, both hardware and software!
    My problem is that I bricked my drone Aosenma CG035 while installing a new firmware. The drone has a unique id protection and the only solution is to purchase a new PCB, no unbricking is possible without a previously done backup.
    I wanted to ask you guys if it’s possible to replace the bricked PCB with ArduPilot Mega (which has lots of fun features as I read) and use all the other parts that are working: 4 brushless motors 1806, ECS, GPS module, TX, RX and frame of course? What about the possibility to bind the existing transmitter to the new APM board? Could I assign custom flight modes to the existing transmitter, as it has multiple buttons?
    Thank you very much!


    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes …. I think it should be possible to find a mini flight controller with external connector to plug yout GPS, ESC… ect… I advise a pixhawk mini flight controller….. ArduPilot is an old 8 bit solution… while pixhawk got a 32bits ARM core as MCU

      • Zlobayo says:

        Thanks SeByDocKy! I purchased PIxracer, which is similar to pixhawk mini. I’m still waiting for my TX, but meanwhile I had a strange issue with the ESC, when I connect onnly one, it’s recignized and it’s well working with the Pixracer, but when all 4 are connected, ESC are not responding…I’ll put a final comment once all parts are connected and ready to fly:)

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