NEWS: Betaflight 3.1 RC1 out !!!!


After some months, a new branch release candidate is available with a lot of novelties:

Now supports F7 processors, faster optimizations, ect….

Betaflight 3.1.0 (Release Candidate 1)

Betaflight firmware has undergone some major changes under the hood. Hardware drivers have been optimised to improve future maintainibility, but also easier target and hardware support. The efficiency of the code has also been improved by a lot as the Betaflight team reviewed each line of the code to squeeze every possible performance win out of it for flight performance purposes. The difference between the current release and previous one is over 1600 code commits by various developers. Only release note highlights are represented. For full change history github commit history can be reviewed.

Release note highlights:
•Added F7 support (ANYFCF7 as the first supported target)
•Dynamic IO / pin allocation
•DSHOT support for F3 and F4 (read wiki about board supported hardware)
•Full Floating Point Logic for flight behaviour
•Many new dynamic configurations (filters, setpoint weights etc.)
•Support for KISS esc telemetry (only with DSHOT)
•Many code optimisations (faster pid speeds possible on F3 and F4)
•Added serial esc pass-through for KISS24 and CASTLE esc’s
•New target support
•Added CMS display support
•Added CSRF support for TBS receivers and associated telemetry
•Added additional OSD parameters like pids and power
•Added unify smartaudio support
•Auto Video Format support for OSD
•New “anti_gravity_threshold” parameter to improve stability in fast changing G forces during flight. This applies to quick throttle jumps where multirotor can go through weightless transitions. In these cases the iterm can cause unwanted effects like pitching up or yawing due to strong changes in accumulation polarities.
•Protection against selecting motor protocols that are too slow (e.g. when ONESHOT125 is selected the maximum allowed pid and motor update frequency will be 2khz) and many more..

NOTE: You will need to use configurator 1.8.5 or higher for the features in this release


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