NEWS: Cheerson Tiny 117, a mini beast brushed FPV racer is announced !!!!

A new promising Cheerson FPV brushed racer is anounced… not a micro even a little bit larger than a mini, the Cheerson Tiny 117:
All the ingredients are promising: SPF3 board, 500m of control range, 60km/h and surprizing 10mmx20mm brushed motors so much bigger & stronger than classic 8.5mmx20mm !!! More than 200m of control range is also announced !!!
The structure is carbone based …. The FPV-cam combo looks like a FXT model…. 25mW or 200mW no information yet. No information about the receiver protocol…. DSM2 is announced, I hope FrSky D8 too …




Item Name:Cheerson TINY 117 Mini FPV Raing Quadcopter
Quadcopter size: 149 * 149 * 58mm
Body weight: 58.5g
Aircraft plus battery weight: 90g
Maximum takeoff weight: 100g
Flight Control Board: F3
Motor parameters: 1020
Body battery capacity: 600mah 2S 35C
Transmitter: support PPM, DSM, SBUS
Charging time: 20 minutes
Remote control flight distance: within 500 meters
Flight time: about 8 minutes
Colour: Black
Carbon fiber frame:
size: 10 * 10cm, weight: 10g, thickness: 1.5mm,
Small carbon fiber parts: thickness 1mm
Use of age: 14 years old above
Material: environmental protection ABS + carbon fiber
Flight speed: less than 60km / h
Assembly method: DIY
Video transmission range: 200 meters
LED lights: None
Remote frequency / image transmission frequency: 2.4G / 5.8G
Flight environment: indoor and outdoor
Camera: 700 TVL HD 100 pixels (weight: 5.8g)
Memory Card: None

Package included:
8x Frame
1x USB charger
4x Fixed motor apron
1x Battery fixed accessories set
1x (Screw posts + Screw ) set
4x Propellers
4x Motor
1x F3 Flight Control Board
1x Figure transmission camera
1x Non-slip mat
1x Body battery

Ok a 90g machine so not very indoors friendly but all the caracteristics sound amazing !!!!!! I want one 🙂


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