NEWS: Diatone 2018 GT-M3, a FPV racer with a “+” design

A return of an unsual design “+” design is proposed by Diatone with the GT-M3 model:

According to advanced FPV pilots, the “+” offers even more faster top speed …. In another hand, the Field Of view is greatly impacted by the front motors. The electronic is updated to 2018 elements: a F4+OSD board with MIC20689 6-axis gyros/accelero… I really hope this MPU chip is softmounted… to avoid the hypersensitivity of this new generation of MPU (cf the SPCMaker 90NG problem). The FPV camera is obviously a CCD model…. ESC are rated up to 20A (BLheli_S/Dshot600) and motors are 1408/4000Kv….. The machine is boosted via a 4S setup … and should develop a beasty power…. We retrieve the same central aluminium cage protecting all the camera & electronic tower. The machine is only available in PNP edition actually.






Brand name: Diatone
Item name: 2018 GT-M3 Normal Plus RC Drone
Wheel base: 110mm/170mm
Color: Titanium
F4 32K: MIC20689 32K Six-Axis; OSD; 128M Flash; 5V BEC; CURR
Camera: G1.Sniper CCD Sensor
ESC: F20HV 4S ESC Dshot600
Motor: Edge racing 1408 4000KV
Support 32K six-axis & 4S Lipo input & CURR
Rated power: 1344W
Peak power: 1548W
Propeller: 3″

Please note:
The PNP (Plug and Play) version comes without battery, charger, receiver or remote control.

Package included:
1 x Diatone 2018 GT-M3 Normal Plus RC Drone

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