NEWS: Diatone GT R249HD, a 2″ HD FPV 4S racer

You want a 4S 2″ FPV racer able to shoot 1080p@60fps ? There is a new model from Diatone:

And as you maybe already know with the SPCMaker K1, it’s pretty hard to have a jello-free machine in 2″ format. For this new Diatone model, the 25A ESC board allows 4S support. Associated with, some 1105/4500Kv strong motors. In term of frame & design, I really hope diatone tuned their machine to be jello-free and prop-occlusion free as well. The VTX is a runcam model outputing either 25mW or 200mW. This element can be controled via OSD if the wiring is done correctly. For the HD 1080p part, it’s still a Runcam solution with the new Split mini 2. Actually the machine is only proposed in PNP. I really like the look…. and I really hope it will be the first jello-free 2″ HD machines… working flawless out of the box.









Brand name: Diatone
Item name: GT R249 HD Edition RC Drone
Wheel base: 95mm
Propeller: 2 inch
Color: gray
Weight: 85g
Lipo battery: support 4S (not included)
Flight controller: Mamba F405 mini; MPU6000; AT7456 OSD; 16M flash; 5V 1A BEC.
ESC: Mamba F25 / 25A 4S ESC Dshot600
Motor: Mamba Racing MB1105 5500KV
Camera: RunCam Split Mini 2
VTX: RunCam TX200U 48CH 25mW / 200mW

Package included:
1 x GT R249 HD Edition RC Drone


  • Anonymous says:

    I hope you get a chance to review this. The SPCMaker k1 looked good but too much jello. Hopefully r249hd will be great ?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      This new diatone is already based on the R249SD… who required some PID’s tuning. I hope Diatone now integrates all feedbacks from this non-HD version to polish the HD version…. As usual… Wait & See.

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