NEWS: Eachine “Bat” QX105, the first full equiped 1020 brushed FPV racer

Another brushed racer one more time from Eachine:

This time a lot of novelties: first of all the FC is a variant of the classic SPF3 including directly an OSD configurable directly through Betaflight!!! that’s great. It will be even possible to tune PIDs and a lot of parameters through the OSD and the radio. A small buzzer is added too. For the FrSky version, the receiver firmware have been updated to send by telemetry the RSSI and Vbat to the radio (also displayed on the OSD).
Second major introduction are the 1020 black edition coreless motors so even larger and stronger than “classic” 8520 model for the 100mm category. In the other hand, the weight standalone is 72.5g so add 16 extra grams for the 600mAh 1s LiPo. Finally the FPV camera can be slightly oriented positively for more agressive FPV flights. The flight time is announced to be 5min with the Voltage down dangerously to 2.8v !!! so it means in practice more 4mins to secure the battery. Notice there are 3 versions with either a FrSky (D8)/ Flysky (AFHDS-2A) and DSM2/DSMX receiver.

I have no practical feedback about the superiority in term of power of these 1020 motors versus 8520 ones. The real question is, how will be the total thrust for this QX105 (72.5g) versus classic QX95 for example (39.5g)… so close to be twice more heavier. It’s clear the QX105 is more an outdoors flyer.






The Eachine BAT QX105 is a New Design Micro FPV Racing Drones built-in OSD both for Indoor or Outdoor, the new QX105 comes with Betaflight firmware which can bring you an amazing FPV flight experience. The Black Edition 1020 Coreless motor support more powerful output , makes the QX105 more stable and faster, just like a beast. The adjustable angle of camera, The OSD, The LED_Strip, The carbon fiberglass frame, The buzzer, All that you can thought of the equipment for the FPV flight , it has ready. So take The Eachine BAT QX105 to your home now!

Brand Name: Eachine
Item NO.: QX105
Wheelbase: 105mm
Weight: 75g (Without propeller guard)
Flight controller: Eachine AIOF3_BRUSHED (STM32 F303 MCU/ MPU6000 VIA SPI)
Motor: Coreless 1020 Black Edition CW/CCW
Propeller: New Design 66mm CW/CCW 2-blades propeller
Camera: 600TVL HD CMOS 1/4inch
VTX: 5.8g 25MW 48CH NTSC/PAL Video transmitter
Battery: 3.7V 600mah Lipo battery
OSD: Betaflight OSD
Firmware of Flight controller: Betaflight 3.0.1 (Target:OmnibusF3)
Flight time: 5 minutes (Battery voltage at 2.8v)

More powerful 1020 Black Edition Coreless motor
Jaw-dropping flight performance
Airmode/Angle/Acro mode support
Adjustable Angle of Camera (0°~15°)
Built-in Betaflight OSD
Radio Stick to control PID Tunes
Buzzer Ready
Telemetry RSSI Output ready
V-bat Detector

Receiver Option:
-Frsky D8 mode SBUS Output 8ch With RSSI output (OSD display or X9D telemetry)
-Flysky compatible 8ch PPM receiver(AFHDS 2A Mode)
-DSM2/DSMX compatible Receiver

1. Frsky Receiver compatible with FRSKY X9D/X9D PLUS(D8 mode),and XJT (D8 Mode),DJT DFT DHT.
2. Flysky Receiver compatible with FS-i4, FS-i6, FS-i6S, FS-i6X, FS-i10, FS-GT2E, FS-GT2G, FS-GT2F.
3. DSM2/DSMX compatible Satellite receiver


Package included:
1 x QX105 Frame kit
6 x 1020 Coreless Motor
1 x AIOF3_BRUSHED Flight Controller Built-in RX
1 x 5.8G VTX w/Camera antenna
8 x 66mm Propeller
2 x 3.7V 600mah Battery
1 x Buzzer
1 x USB Charging cable
1 x Paddle propeller

You have also a full RTF version with a FlySky AFHDS-2A solution:


  • Krotow says:

    On first look this is a performance flyer. OSD persistence is a nice touch, because it render obsolete the need for separate MinimOSD (less work for us). Hovewer it is obvious that this quad need to be 2S battery compatible to be able to fly longer. Also I have RadioLink AT9 transmitter which is not compatible with any of FC’s available for this quad, so I wish that it would be available without built-in receiver too.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      If I am not wrong, I saw some nano AT9 compatible receiver in BG sometimes ago…. so maybe the receiver can be removed and replaces. I add confirmation that the weight announced was with the battery… so less catastrophic for a simple 1S. Of course, as usual Wait & See in practice ….

  • Anonymous says:

    Without good props to go with the larger coreless motors the new larger size coreless motors are useless IMO. To be better than the 7mm and 8.5mm motors they will need props as good as the best already available for smaller motors. The prop is king and comes first in any design to support the flight performance goal. I have found the quality made Hubsan clone props to be as good in performance (not durability) as any other prop I’ve tried on 7mm motors. They climb out better and I would like to try the thinner real Hubsan props as the clones give better flight times than anything else so far and saved my MX800 hex now being refitted for 8-9 min FPV runs.

    When I go bigger I expect better flight times with better performance in line with the larger scale. If not I see reduced flight times a step backwards where weight has not been properly balanced with the forces supporting it. The newer 1304 brushless motor is only 7.5 grams so that’s the sweet spot in a sub 150g quad on 3 or 4 S IMO. It will get better as more innovation and less copying old ways catches on more. Of course only a year ago or so we would all say this is absolutely amazing quad and looking at it I’d say it will a good quad but for the money nearing 100 bucks I think brushless is where micro is headed as brushed builds really benefit kept lighter in weight… but just have to see what props come with it.

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