NEWS: Eachine EV100 firmware update toolkit

If you meet some sporadic flash problems with your EV100 Goggles and if you are not afraid to desolder and resolder a small chip, this toolkit will solve your problem:

After the installation of this chip, the last firmware is already pre-installed. You can find also in the associated zip file all the software required to flash a firmware….





Brand Name : Eachine
Item Name : Upgrade Tools for EV100
Can solve the flash screen problem

Package Included
1 x USB Module
1 x Cable
2 x Soldering Chip


  • Rishi says:

    You don’t need to solder/de-solder anything. The kit gives you the option to use the pre-flashed chips to solve the issues through soldering *or* the tool can be used via the USB connector on the goggles to flash the firmware update without the need to desolder and resolved.

  • jpiat says:

    I bought a pair of ev100 on craigslist that was bricked after the rom upgrade (soldering one of the new eeprom on the board) and got it back to life by flashing a file named flash.2017-10-19.bin instead of the one provided by banggood. This kit may work fine with newer batches but may brick the glasses if you have one of the olders ones.

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