NEWS: Eachine US65/UK65, the new 65mm brushless reference ?

The URAV UR65 was my last best personal choice and represents the best combinaison of electronic ingredients to produce a real powerfull 65mm brushless tinywhoop machine. Here is a new slight variant durectly branded by Eachine, the US65/UK65:
It’s more less excactly the same elements, i.e. the great Crazybee F3 but now directly flashed with Betaflight 3.4. The ESC are rated 6A and also flashed with a turtle/esc buzzer compatible firmware. This new model now integrates some 19000Kv SE 0603 motors… so 2000Kv faster versus the UR65. Another advantage versus the UR65, the 700TVL AIO camera is now Smart Audio compatible… so all Vfreq, Vband selection can be done directly from the OSD. As for the other model, the Crazybee integrates two choices of SPI builtin receiver. A FrSky D8/D16 and a Flysky AFHDS-2A. Be aware, if your FrSky radio is flashed with the EU firmware…. it will probably required to flash more the international version. The US65/UK65 is proposed in a bundle with three LiHV 260 mAh batteries with 40C of discharge rate. This machine will be probably a future hit … and is slightly cheaper than the UR65.













Brand Name: EACHINE
Mode Name: US65/UK65
Item Name: 1S 65mm Brushless Whoop racing drone BNF
Wheelbase: 65mm
Size: 81mm*81mm*36mm
Weight: 21.5g(without battery)
Weight:28g(with Original 250mah lipo battery)

SE0603 KV19000 Motor Mode: SE0603 KV19000
Stator Diamter:6mm
Stator Length:3mm
Shaft Diameter:Φ0.8mm
Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len):Φ9mm*15.5mm
No.of Cells(Lipo):1S
Flight controller
Firmware: Betaflight_3.4.0_Crazybee

Betaflight target:
CRAZYBEEF3FR(Frsky version)
CRAZYBEEF3FS(Flysky version)
MCU: STM32F303CCT6 (72MHZ, 256K FLASH)
Sensor: MPU-6000(SPI connection)
Board size: 28.5 * 28.5MM
Board weight: 3.5 g
Power supply: 1S battery input (DC 3.5-4.35V)
Built-in 6A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready
Built-in Frsky receiver with telemetry(D8/D16 switchable)
Built-in Betaflight OSD(SPI Control)
Built-in Current meter Max 14A
Built-in 5V 0.8A BEC with LC filter
Built-in voltage detection
BLHELI_S pass-through Ready
Heading LED Ready

Onboard 4in1 6A ESC Power supply: 1S LiPo/LiPo HV (4.2v/4.35v)
Current: 6A continuous peak 7A (3 seconds)
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
Factory firmware: O_L_5_REV16_6.HEX
Default protocol: DSHOT600
Frsky receiver Version SPI BUS receiver
Frsky D8/D16 switchable
Compatible both D8 and D16 transmitter
Channels: 8ch or 16ch
Failsafe support
No ground interference ( Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground): 300m
Flysky receiver Version SPI BUS receiver
Protocol: AFHDS and AFHDS-2A Switchable
Channels: 8ch(AFHDS) or 14ch(AFHDS-2A)
No ground interference ( Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground): 300m
Failsafe support

AIO Camera&VTX Output power: 25mw
Frequency: 48CH
Input voltage: 3.3V 5.5V
Current consumption: 300mA(type)
Camera resolution: 700TVL
Field of view: 120°
Smartaudio ready
Video Format: NTSC
Antenna: RG178 antenna
Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels
With Raceband: 5474 5945 MHZ
Size: 13.9″12.0mm ( L*W )
Weight: 3g

Lipo Battery Capacity:250mAh
Continuous Discharge Rate: 40C
Instantaneous discharge rate: 80C
Size: 60mmx18mmx7mm
Weight: 6.5g
Connector: PH2.0

Betaflight support , multi flight mode: ACRO/AIR/ANGLE
Powerful Brushless motor and Smooth ESC
Betaflight OSD support ,easy to get RSSI , Voltage and other info from your goggles
Adjust the settings and the PID of the flight controller via OSD
Frsky version support both D8 and D16 transmitter
Full telemetry function ready
Head lights ready
Camera angle adjustable
Real Bind and Fly version

Package Included:
1 x 65mm Brushless whoop Frame (US or UK to choose)
1 x Crazybee F3 FC (Frsky and Flysky option)
4 x SE0603 KV19000 Motor
1 x 31mm propeller(4cw+4ccw)
1 x AIO Camera & VTX with smartaudio
3 x 3.8v 250mah 40C/80C battery
1 x 1S06 6 way Lipo/LIHV charger
1 x Propeller disassemble tool
1 x Screwdriver


  • Sylvio says:

    Avec SmartAudio et tout !!! J’acheeeeete 🙂
    Merci pour ces belles news.

  • Nikotttin says:

    Et moi qui ai commandé un URUAV il y a qq jours…

    • SeByDocKy says:

      The UR65 is still an amazing machine. If you don’t change your Vfreq every flight, the smart audio is not necessary. The UR65 is still my favorite 1S machine 🙂

  • Rishi says:

    The specs look good, BUT if they could updgrade the vtx to be switchable with a pit mode and also, have the ability to go up to 100mW or 200mW, this would make a big difference for some of us!

    If you’re in contact with them SeByDocKy please consider requesting this?

    Also, perhaps 4 blade props should come with this as standard as they did make the original ur65 perform better!

    The only other consideration Ian that betaflight is reducing functionality for f3 flight controllers due to the increas d size of its releases, would an f4 be better, or no difference as this is only a tiny whoop and not really need the features that betaflight has removed for f3 boards?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes the pit mode is a good idea… and maybe it will be already here with new AIO module. For a 100mW why not but I am afraid it will draw too much on the battery…. A good 25mW coupled with an efficient ground station solution is already not bad. You want to fly long range with such machine ? … no buzzer is here… It can be fatal :). Yes the four blades props can be a better option in practice. For the F3 limitations are for some SPracing boards… Not all (yet) are affected with… but I guess it’s a question of time. For sure… The F4 variant will come soon….and probably some 2S model as well.

      • Rishi says:

        Cheers SeByDocKy, everything you said addresses all of my questions.

        I don’t want to fly long range; I just wanted the signal strength to be as good as possible.

        I concur, the pit mode no four blade props are probably the most sensible of requests I had outlined.

  • Zsolt says:

    Filght time?

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