NEWS: Emax Tinyhawk

A new Emax product is now introduced, a 75mm tinyhoop style one, i.e. the Tinyhawk:
We have here a 1S solution with 08025/15000Kv motors for a total weight about 41g with the battery included. The FPV system is a basic 600TVL CMOS camera coupled with a 25mW VTX supporting smart audio protocol. For the Flight controller, a F4 with a builtin Betaflight OSD chip. The flight controller includes also a builtin FrSky receiver in D8 exporting the RSSI for the OSD. Finally ESC are “only” 3A rated, at least supporting BLheli_S firmware. Well IMHO, this machine is just a fraction of grams more lighter than a beta75X 2S machine while the Tinyhawk is only 1S. More the full plastic structure is already known to be fragile for the transversal plastic rod. To resume, probably this machine is pretty well optimized and configured out of the box and inverted props can probably help for fast turnings but this model is less interesting than new 2S TinyWhoop machines recently introduced.








Brand name: Emax
Item name: Tinyhawk
Item Specification
Main PCB
Flight Controller: F4 (MATEKF411 firmware)
ESCs: 4in1 3A
Receiver: EMAX Tiny receiver (Compatible with Frsky D8 mode)
Stator: 8mm x 2.5mm (08025)
KV: 15000kv
Diameter: 40mm
Blades: 3
Pitch: 23mm
Weight: 0.5 g
Camera and VTX
VTX Power: 25mw
Channels: 37CH
Camera Properties: 600TVL CMOS
Voltage: 1s 4.35v HV
Capacity: 450 mAh
Discharge rating: 80c/160c

– 75mm Indoor racing drone
– 08025 brushless motor with durable ball bearing for increase flight and low maintenance
– Durable polypropylene plastic frame with propeller guards
– Motor beeper function. Find your tinyhawk after a crash
– Speeds up to 56kph
– Up to 4 minutes flight time on single battery
– Fast F4 Processor for smooth stable flight characteristics
– MPU6000 gyro for vibration free operations
– Unique inverted motor design to keep CG as low as possible to fit in the smallest of spaces
– 25mw VTX and 600tvl Camera included for fun FPV flight via FPV style goggles
– Smart Audio function to change VTX channel via your transmitter
– OSD settings control to customize flight feel
– Pre-tuned from factory with expert pilots and new pilots in mind. 3 rate profile settings for all types
of flying feel
– Plug in type motors for easy maintenance
– 1s High Voltage (HV) 450mah lipo included
– Frsky compatible D8 receiver built in to FC
– Custom carbon fiber themed carrying case

Package Included:
1 x Tinyhawk FPV Racing Drone
1 x Light weight soft carry case, with carbon fiber look
1 x USB High Voltage capable 4 port USB Charger
1 x 1s High Voltage (HV) 450mah lipo battery. GNB powered

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  • Krotow says:

    I see that 1S/2S brushless whoops become more and more common. I’m quite glad with that – brushless motors doesn’t die suddenly and without a reason as brushed motors do. You will newer know when brushed motors will die – I don’t fly brushed quads anymore because of that. Also brushless whoops have much better agility and power. And second – these little guys have a full set of goodies which was available only in 5″ racing/freestyle quads earlier. Working telemetry and SmartAudio VTX is a blast by themselves. But there are buzzer (not in TinyHawk, but some others already have it) and current sensor too. Flight time is adequate for speed. At indoors you can cruise some 5-6 mins. At outdors they aren’t so intimidating as 5″ racers are. In general these new whoops look like a huge win for me.

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