NEWS: FrSky XM+, a long range 1.6g FrSky D16 SBUS receiver

Most of recent FrSky chinese receiver clones don’t offer genuine long range but more something around 300-400m. Now team-blacksheep just announced a 1.6km 16CH in D16 format with long range performances!!!!: Sbus connexion, upgradable firmware and analog RRSI šŸ™‚ so far so good šŸ™‚

EDIT: now also sold at BG:



This insanely tiny 2.4GHz diversity receiver available from TBS is the next big thing in miniaturization of racing craft. Weighing in at under 2g, this receiver is perfect for those racers who are looking to lower their AUW. These are rated to “full range”, so identical to your X4R and D4R setups.

– Dimension: 21.5*12*3.5mm(L x W x H)
– Weight: 1.6g
– Number of Channels: Up to 16CH from SBUS (1-15ch for PWM,16ch RSSI for FC)
– Operating Voltage Range: 3.7~10V
– Operating Current: 30mA @5V
– Operating Range: 1km
– With RSSI output on board: Analog 0~3.3V
– Firmware Upgradeable
– Compatibility: FrSky D16 mode

Ideal for any compact racer …. šŸ™‚ Want one šŸ™‚

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