NEWS: Fullspeed Tinyleader HD V2

The Fullspeed Tinyleader HD was probably the first jellofree HD FPV tinywhoop plateform mainly thanks to the Caddx Turtle V2. This latter dislike the first edition of the Runcan split minit 2
offers out of the box some pretty nice HD footage without being too much sensitive to microvibrations. Here is a V2 version:

Now the 75mm structure is hybride with a main carbon body (1mm tickness) and all guards full plastic based. Motors are mounted directly on the plastic guards themselves linked with the main body via 3 screws. In term of weight, we are still around 55g without battery (so at least 10g more heavier than the Modula7 HD). The electronic looks more or less the same i.e. a strong F4 FC with builtin 12A 4-in-1 ESC 3S compatible, 0803/11000Kv motors, a 48CH VTX delivering up to 600mW and IRC tramp compatible for controls via OSD. You can find the V2 in three different BNF version (FrSky,Flysky or Spektrum) or in PNP. Well I liked the first version… was not a monster of power but it was a real Cinewhoop jellofree…. There are not huge differences with this V2… More robust ? easier access to camera & Vtx buttons ? that are at least two opened questions associated with. Wait & see.





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