NEWS: GEPRC Humminbird 110mm (F4+OSD,1106/6000Kv, RC microSwift)

A new compact 110mm brushless FPV racer with F4+OSD and Runcam Microswift CCD camera:

Remember the SPCmaker 90NC ? it was a complete desaster due to bad gyros…. I hope here with this new machine, this major problem won’t be here because all electronic ingredients look super promising: 1106/6000Kv to boost performances … and support 4S out of the box… The price of such motors is a slightly more heavier machine (85g w/o battery, 120g with a 4S LiPo). The FC is a F4 model with a builtin OSD… No information about the MPU chip. I hope it’s still a MPU6000. 12A ESC… but supporting of course BLheli_S/Dshot technologies. The 48CH 5.8G VTX can ouput 3 differents powers. The frame look solid with 3mm 3K carbon lower plate/arms. Good news the Runcam camera can be oriented and seems not exposed to front shocks as the SPCmaker model. Two options are proposed: one PNP and BNF with a FrSky D16 XM+ receiver…. Sound a great FPV machine. Wait & See.











Brand name: GEPRC
Item Name: Hummingbird Racing Drone
Frame: GEPRC GEP-HX2 (3mm bottom plate thickness version)
-Wheelbase: 110mm
-Thickness of bottom plate: 3mm
-Thickness of side plate: 1.5mm
Size: 93mm*93mm30mm
Motor: GEPRC GEP-GR1106 6000kv
Propeller: GEMFAN 2040 3blade
-Flight Controller: Betaflight F4 OMNIBUS
-ESCs: 12A BLHeli_S/Dshot150/300/600 16.6(G_H_30/L_H_0)
-VTX: GEP-VTX58200 48CH Mini FPV Transmitter
Camera: RunCam Micro Swift 1/3″ 600TVL FPV camera 2.1mm lens CCD
Receiver: Frsky XM Plus (ONLY BNF INCLUDE)
Weight: 85g (without battery)
Flight weight: 120g (include 4s 450mAh battery)

-The GEPRC flying team carefully calibrations PID, the factory to the binding receiver can fly.
-Using the mature GEP-HX2 frame, and the base plate to 3mm thickness, all 3K carbon fiber main board, strong resistance to fall.
-Using the GR1106 6000kv motor and Gemfan 2040 3 blade propeller and 3s 450mAh battery, perfect match, efficient and violent.
-Using STABLE F4 Tower, easy install, stable
-Using Runcam micro swift camera, make sure clarity
-Tested the best speed 120km/h+

1x Hummingbird FPV Racing Drone
2x Gemfan 2040-3 Propeller
2x Battery Strap
1x XT300-M
1x Battery skid resistance
1x Frsky XM PLUS Receiver(ONLY BNF)

1x Hummingbird FPV Racing Drone
2x Gemfan 2040-3 Propeller
2x Battery Strap
1x XT300-M
1x Battery skid resistance


  • Indy says:

    Très joli,
    600kv dans le titre, ça fait pas beaucoup…

    ceci dit, je me demande si ces moteurs ne sont pas trop puissants et ne tirent finalement pas trop de courant.
    J’ai des Emax 1106… mais avec quelles batteries, des 800mAh 3S? mais vu le poids est-ce bien raisonnable…?

    Joyeuses fêtes,

  • Anonymous says:

    which would you buy : hummingbird or spcmaker 95gf ?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Hard to be sure at 100% without prior testing the Hummingbird …. but if the F4’s gyros are good, I would know pick up more this little GEPRC… but both seems two good choices…

  • Taner Sahin says:


    First of all, thank you for all email updates coming to my inbox. Thats quite nice!

    I’ve recently purchased a Hummingbird 110mm. It seems sharp! But I have a problem. When I try to update it via Betaflight, I’ve messed it all up.

    My question is: Do you have any idea on how can I get/where can I download default firmware and settings for Hummingbird 110mm? I’ve emailed support guys at GEPRC but had no response yet..

    Thank you again for the good content. Have a nice day.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      You must find the two “boot” pads on the FC then short them (with a tweezer for example) when trying to flash Betaflight

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