NEWS: Happymodel Snapper7

It was not a real surprise but now with new micro F3 3-in-1 flight controller including, OSD, especially with the last announced CrazyBee F3 model, it’s not a surprize to see new BNF model emerging. Here is the Happymodel TinyWhoop variant (I guess another subdivision of WLtoys/XK):

Like the Boldclash B06, it’s a 75mm model (so 10mm larger than the genuine TW chassi) with 5A ESC BLheli_S/Dshot 600. Motors are 0703 but running @19000Kv… so among the fastest in 1S configuration. Of course the main interest is the presence of a BetaOSD compatible chip to overlay important informations in your FPV signal. Two BNF versions are proposed: one with a FrSky D8 mode … but also written switchable in D16 mode … If true, can be great. I really Hope RSSI is exported at least on the last channel. The second receiver is compatible with FlySky AFHDS-2A protocol. The main chassis is carbon based and standalone without the battery, the weight turns around 28g and close to 40h with a 450mAh LiHV (3.8V) battery. It’s a serious competitor of the Boldclash B06… at least for the first model introduced … but for the Boldclash, an upgraded version with more or less the same caracteristics will available late march. I will receive for the first editio the new FC (w/OSD) and the 20000Kv motors. The Happymodel, two bundle are proposed. One with three batteries. For the 5.8G part … a classic 48CH 25mW 700TVL CMOS AIO solution. The battery has microLOSI connectors…An interesting paper on the paper. Wait & See ….






Brand Name: Happymodel
Model: Snapper7
Item Name: 75mm Wheelbase 1S Brushless Whoop FPV Racing Drone
Wheelbase: 75mm
Version: Basic Version / Standard Version ( Optional)
The difference of them are the package lipo battery and charger
Receiver: Compatible Frsky D8 Receiver
Compatible Flysky AFHDS Receiver ( Optional)

Size: 98.5mm*98.5mm*36mm
Weight: 28g (without battery)

-Crazybee F3 Flight Controller
Item Name: Crazybee F3 FC
MCU: STM32F303CCT6 (72MHZ, 256K FLASH)
Sensor: MPU-6000 (SPI connection)
Power supply: 1S battery input (DC 3.5-4.35V)
Built-in 5A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready
Built-in Frsky receiver Or Flysky Receiver
Built-in Betaflight OSD(SPI Controll)
Built-in Current meter (Max 14A,could be modified to 28A by replace resistor)
Built-in 5V 0.8A BEC with LC filter
Built-in voltage detection
BLHELI_S pass-through Ready
Firmware: Betaflight_3.3.0_Crazybee
Board size: 28.5 * 28.5MM
Board weight: 3.5 g
Heading LED Ready
Onboard 5A 4 In 1 ESC
Power supply: 1S LiPo/LiPo HV (4.2v/4.35v)
Current: 5A continuous peak 6A (3 seconds)
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
Factory firmware: O_L_5_REV16_6.HEX
Motor connector: JST PH1.25 3pin
Signal Support: Dshot150/Dshot300/Dshot600/Oneshot125/Multishot/PWM

Onboard Frsky Receiver Version ( Optional)
SPI BUS receiver
Frsky D8/D16 switchable
Compatible both of Non EU and EU LBT transmitter
Channels: 8CH
Failsafe support
No ground interference ( Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground) : 300m

Onboard Flysky Receiver Version ( Optional)
SPI BUS receiver
Protocol: AFHDS and AFHDS-2A Switchable
Channels: 8ch (AFHDS) or 14ch (AFHDS-2A)
No ground interference (Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground): 300m
Failsafe support

SE0703 19000KV Motor
Model: SE0703
KV: 19000KV
Configu-ration: 9N12P
Stator Diamter: 7mm
Stator Length: 3mm
Shaft Diameter: Φ1.0
Motor Dimension (Dia.*Len) : Φ10*14.5
Weight: 2.5g
No.of Cells: 1S Lipo

40mm 3-blade Propeller ( 4 CW + 4 CCW)

-5.8G VTX AIO Camera
5.8G 48CH 25mW VTX
Output Power: 25mW
Frequency: 48CH
With Raceband: 5474-5945 MHZ
Input Voltage: 3.3V-5.5V
Current Consumption: 300mA (type)

-700TVL Camera
Camera Resolution: 700TVL
Field of View: 120°
Video Format: NTSC
Antenna: RG178 antenna
Size: 13.9×12.0mm( LxW)
Weight: 3g

-3.8V 450mAh Lipo Battery
Capacity: 450mAh
Voltage: 3.8V
Continuous Discharge Rate: 30C
Instantaneous Discharge Rate: 60C
Size: 60x18x7mm
Weight: 13.6g
Connector: PH2.0

– Betaflight support, multi flight mode: ACRO/AIR/ANGLE
– Powerful Brushless motor and Smooth ESC
– CNC aluminum alloy propeller guard
– Betaflight OSD support, easy to get RSSI, Voltage and other info from your goggles
– Adjust the settings and the PID of the flight controller via OSD
Frsky version support both EU LBT and NON-EU Frsky transmitter
– Full telemetry function ready
– Head lights ready
– Camera angle adjustable
– Real Bind and Fly version

Package Inlcuded:
Basic Version
1x Snapper7 75mm FPV Drone
4x 40mm 3-Blade Propellers ( 4 CW & 4 CCW)
1x 3.8v 450mah 30C/60C Lipo battery
1x USB Lipo/LIHV Charger
1x Propeller Disassemble Tool
1x Screwdriver

Standard Version
1x Snapper7 75mm FPV Drone
4x 40mm 3-Blade Propellers ( 4 CW & 4 CCW)
3x 3.8v 450mah 30C/60C Lipo Battery
1x 1S06 6 Way Lipo/LIHV charger
1x Propeller Disassemble Tool
1x Screwdrive


  • Krotow says:

    FrSky D16 – that is awesome. Do a flight time check if you will get this quad in hands.

  • Niko says:

    It’s almost a copy of the BetaFPV proposition… I fear for the quality of the bearings in these little motors 🙂

    Excuse the lack of knowledge but why is D16 such a good news? Just switch to D8 and off you go.


    • SeByDocKy says:

      D16 received, well at least XM model are known to offer better range…. and general can be flashed with a RSSI compatible version for OSD

  • Rubens says:

    Hello @SeByDocKy,

    I just ordered mine from banggood, yehaaaaaa
    Just a quick question:
    It says in the description its d8/d16 switchable. Is it true?
    If so how do you switch in between them? is it a button on the crazybee f3?


    • SeByDocKy says:

      I have absoluptly no idea … but maybe via the F/S button…. maybe powering the receiver with this button hold…. a stuff like this

  • Rubens says:

    maybe just betaflight config?


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