NEWS: HBRC HB65, the lightest BNF FPV brushless TinyWhoop ?

Here is probably the lightest brushless FPV Tinywhoop BNF machine in the market !!!:

After the good HBRC HB68 (recently reviewed) and the HB64… this new 65mm model is < 29g AUW !!!! For this new edition, they shrinked basically the HB68 frame a bit more in order to gain some weight everywhere where it was possible... Now more than 3g are saved from the original HB68 setup so close to 7-8% of original total weight. Not bad and very important especially when we know for such machine every fraction of gram matters. For the electronic parts, no real change: we have a micro F3 board with a builtin OSD, some 5A BLheli_S/Dshot 600 ESC (1S only) and ultra tiny 0603/16000KV motors. The AIO FPV solution is of course super light, around 3.5g and classic, i.e. a 25mW 48CH 600TVL CMOS module. I didn't reviewed the HB64 (~30g) but some feedbacks noticed a relatively weak structure to crash. Here it's sound more durable. Three choice of receivers are proposed, a FrSky (pro?), FlySly AFHDS-2A and spektrum DSM2. The battery is the same good and powerfull 260mah LiHV model. I really hope also the RSSI will be here for the OSD if the FrSky version is picked up. Wait & See. HBRC_HB65_1




Item name: HB65 65mm 1S racing drone
Wheelbase: 65mm
Frame structure: true X
Weight: <22g (without battery) Flight weight: <29g (with battery) Flight time: 3-4mins (260mAh) Flight controller: F3, built-in OSD
ESC: 1S 5A 4in1 Dshot
Motor: 0603 16000KV
Propeller: 31mm 4-blade (4x orange, 4x other random color)
VTX+camera: 25mW 48CH 600TVL 120°
battery: 1S 3.8V 260mAh/ 250mAh 30C
Receiver: Compatible FS-RX2A/ Frsky pro/ DSMX pro receiver (option)

F3 OSD flight controller:
Item name: BF3-OSD-1S
Board size: 28*28mm
Mounting hole: 36*36mm, 2.5mm hole diameter
Processor: STM32F303CCT6 (72MHZ, 256K FLASH)
Sensor: SPI sensor MPU-6000
Firmware: Betaflight_3.2.x_OMNIBUS
Power supply: 1S
Built-in 5V/0.5A BEC
Built-in BF OSD
Built-in LC filter
Support programmable LED
Supports BLheli suite ESC programme
With buzzer port

SBUS or DSM receiver input, please configurate RX3 as input interface.
DSM receiver powered from 3.3V
SBUS and PPM from 5V

5A 4in1 Dshot ESC:
Item name: BS5A
Size: 28*28mm
Mounting hole: 36*36mm, 2.5mm hole diameter
Firmware: BLHeli_S 16.6
Continuous current: 5A
Burst current: 6A (5s)
Power supply: 1S lipo
Support Dshot150/300/600, PWM, Oneshot125, Multishot

0603 motor:
Item name: HBFPV 0603
KV: 16000KV
Stator diameter: 6mm
Stator height: 3mm
Shaft diameter: 1mm
Working voltage: 1S
Max thrust: 26g (56mm 2-blade BN props)
Weight: 1.6g

Item name: OV25
Output power: 25mW
Camera resolution: 600TVL, OV lens,120°
Channel: 48CH
Video system: PAL/ NTSC
Antenna: hose antenna
Built-in OSD wiring port

Capacity: 250/260mAh
Voltage: 1S, 3.8V
Continuous Discharge Rate: 30C
Connector: PH2.0-2P
Weight: 6-7g

-the 250/260mAh battery will be sent according to the goods supply, the 260mAh battery will be sent firstly,
if 260mAh battery in insufficient supply, we will sent the 250mAh battery.

Package included:
1x frame kit
1x F3 flight controller
1x 5A BLHeli_S Dshot ESC
4x HBFPV 0603 16000KV motor
1x 25mW VTX+camera
1x Compatible FS-RX2A/ Frsky pro/ DSMX pro receiver (option)
1x 1S 250/260mAh 30C battery
4x HB31 4-blade propeller (orange)
4x HB31 4-blade propeller (other color sent in random)
1x propeller puller


  • Indy says:

    BG is proposing soon as well a HB75 with the same motors?!
    Anyways, 2018 is gonna be the years of the brushless whoops!!!

    • SeByDocKy says:

      The HB75 with the same motors is for me underpowered….. More I just received the new Boldclash B06 motors (20000Kv) and new FC w/ OSD…. They are currently updating their B06. FIrst, individual part are available but the full upgraded B06 won’t be here before april IMHO.

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