NEWS: HMDVR “S” Mini, a 5g DVR module

Want a super light DVR to plug to your favorite Goggles mask/binocular ? Or to record in clean condition the direct raw output of your FPV camera ?Have a look to the shrinked version of the HMDVR “S” version:
The module is annouced to weight 5g with the plastic casing … probably around 3-4g without…. One unique button to start/stop recording so no playback functionalities. Notice whatever a NTSC/PAL source, everything is downscale to 640×480 resolution…. So I really hope no specific cropping is added. One unique 4 position port for GND, +VCC, Vin and Audioin…. The module accepts voltage from [3.6V-5.5V]…. so maybe at very low 1S voltage, the module will stop to work. From 2S, you will need a voltage Step down







Item name: HMDVR-S DVR Video Audio Recorder for Micro FPV Multicopters
Power Supply :  5.0v (3.6V-5.5V)
Current Consumption: Max 260mA.
Operating Temperature: -10~+65 ºC
Video  Output  Size: VGA (640×480)
Video output formats: NTSC/PAL
Light  frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Compress Format : MJPEG
Records the picture frame rate: 30Frames
Audio input :  support Micphone input
TF Card support: Max.32G
Interface: JST SH1.0 or 1.25 pin headers

Package Included
1 x DVR


  • Chapinb says:

    this records very cleanly but it drops roughly 1/2 sec of footage every 3 sec. It also stops recording after 3 min. Any settings or firmware updates that you know of?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Are you sure of your microSD card ? Fast enough? A good class 10 ?

      • chapinb says:

        It is a no name, no label card but it worked fine in my old eachine dvr. Its dropping multiple frames at once with the others being in perfect condition. I have a solid card on order I will be trying, perhaps this records in higher bitrate.
        The 3 min on the dot recording time shouldnt related to the sd card though.

  • Sergey says:

    The 16:9 stretching is very annoying, considering most cameras output a standard 4:3 image. The cheapest DVR and why why why do they always have to mess something up?

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