NEWS: King Kong microF3, a compact & cheap FC with F3 processor

Here is a new compact FC but equiped of the F3 processor, more powerfull allowing to decrease even lower the looptime for faster quad’s reactions:



Description: User Manual 1, 2
Brand Name: Kingkong
Item Name: Micro F3 6DOF FC
Compatible with Cleanflight SPRacing F3 FC.
Small and light
Weight: 7.2g
Size: 37.5 x 20 x 12mm(without pins)

Package Included:
1 x F3 Flight Controller
1 x Shock Absorbing Set


Ideal and relatively cheap FC for compact 4S racer (<= 180mm) IMHO.... Of course to associated with last Betaflight version.


  • Indy says:

    Does it have any sense to put a FC on vibrations absorber?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Even if with luxfloat in betaflight/cleanfight, there are better filters, it’s always good to have the cleaner signal we can

  • yan says:

    Hello, maybe his os stupud question but… can i turn this FC make it work on 10 channel with my flysky remote… I try to figure what the two other port are used to…??? Can you tell me yes It can work on 10 channel if not , what I have to do… replace that FC with another FC 10dof?

    Thanks for helping me to light this mistery up.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I guess with Sbut/sat connexions you can plug into it, a 10CH flysky receiver without problem. Now, I am not sure if exists a a micro 10CH Flysky receiver sommewhere. A 8CH yes, but a 10CH not sure

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