NEWS: LDARC/KingKong Tiny 7X

Was predicatable but after the upgrade of the Tiny 6 into the Tiny 6x with larger motors, now we have the same operation with the Tiny 7X:

With the same 75mm frame, they managed to install 8.5mx20mm motors instead of 7mmx20mm. 5g extra grams are added but performances will be greatly boosted. The Tiny 7x is announced to weight 35.6g without battery an receiver so expect a total weight flirting around 50-52g with the 450mAh LiHV battery. Still no builtin OSD 🙁 🙁 added… With an expected weight of 50g+ … the question of the brushless equivalent is really raised… and if it can be used indoors in super tiny spaces as well…. They offer a new choice of receiver. Now two FUTABA receivers are supported, a FASTT and S-FHSS one. The classic FrSky D8, FlySky AFHDS-2A and Spektrum are still supported.













Brand: Kingkong/LDARC
Item No.: TINY 7X
Version:Basic/Advanced PNP/RTF
Wheelbase: 75mm
Motor Type: Brushed
Motor: 820
Propeller: 3-blade 40mm
Flight Controller: Betaflight F3
VTX: 5.8G 25mW 16CH Mini FPV Transmitter
Camera: 199C 800TVL 150°
Weight: 35g (Without Receiver and Battery)
Battery: 3.8V 450mAh 50C
Receiver: XM(Frsky),RX800 PRO(FUTABA S-FHSS),FM800(FUTABA Fasst),FS-RX2A(Flysky),DSM2

Package Included:


Basic Version:
1 x Kingkong/LDARC TINY 7X Racing Drone
1 x 3.8V 450mAh 50C Battery
1 x Charger


Advanced Version:
1 x Kingkong/LDARC TINY 7X Racing Drone
1 x F3 FC+VTX+Brushed ESC AIO PCB
3 x 3.8V 450mAh 50C Battery
1 x TINY Case Charger
1 x TINY Meter 1S
3 x Canopies
12x Propeller
1 x Propeller Tool


RTF Version:
1 x Kingkong/LDARC TINY 7X Racing Drone
1 x 3.8V 450mAh 50C Battery
1 x TINY Caring Case
1 x Charger
1 x TINY Meter 1s
1 x TINY X8 Transmitter


  • Krotow says:

    For 50..60 g AUW, 450 mAh 35-50C battery and F3/F4 based flight controller 6xx/7xx brushless motors definitely look like superior against 8520 brushed motors by performance. However I don’t see any mention of flight time. And if it is below 5 minutes then 8250 motors are overkill. For similar outfit with brushless motors usual flight time is 3 minutes or less. An it cant’t be simply extended with larger battery because of weight issues. Also speed is to large for comfortable flying indoors. Same outfit with STM32F0 based FC, flashed with Silverware, 716 brushed motors and 300 mAh 30C battery perform great indoors and have flight time between 5-6 minutes even with camera attached. Longer flight time, less weight (better control), faster charging – why change to brushless? One notable argument against – brushed motors die very fast. I still wish to see a real flight time for this thing.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      IMHO the barrier is around 40-45g AUW between brushed/brushless…. and each month this value decreases since micro brushless motors get improvements … In another as you mentionned ultralight 0716 plateform can still outperform brushless systems in term of flight time…

  • SteveRob says:

    Just buy a ET100
    Better performance …just better in every way.
    There’s no need for a brushed 85mm whoop (I have one),when ET100 brushless isnt expensive
    These brushed whoops are simply getting too expensive

  • Taner Sahin says:


    In the properties table, 7X has 820 motor, while 8x has 8520 motors. Are 820 motors and 8520 motors same? I think at least their heights are different?

    And, thank you for the good content 🙂

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