NEWS: Merry Christmas !!!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone !!!! and thanks you to support !!!


As you already noticed, since a month, the drone-maniac activity slowed down… Don’t panic, I am still here :).. The reasons are multiples

  • Got plenty of work with my daily job
  • New drones introduction slowed down since 2-3 months
  • I reviewed too much machines, and I needed  a break to not being fed up and to ressource myself
  • Only 24h/day 🙂

I really hope the 2018 will deliver super fun and polished/fully working products ….

What can we expect as novelties ?. Share your opinions ?

For Racers:

  • < 100mm 4S machines ?
  • F4-F7 FC with isolated MPU
  • CCD camera as standard
  • Inboard 1080p recordings
  • Low latency 720p/1080p FPV ?

For video plateforms

  • Some and full working DJI competitors
  • More < 800g 3-axis stabilized machines
  • Obstacle avoidance as standard
  • Better flight times

The 2018 year of Vtol/stablized wings ?


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