NEWS: Racerstar 8.5mmx20mm 53500RPM

Want to boost your last brushless racer with 8.5mmx20mm ? Maybe the new Racerstar motor can represent a good alternative to the expensive Chaoli model from MWW:

They come with or without a 1.25mm JST connectors.



Motor Diameter: 8.5mm
Motor Length: 20mm
Shaft Diameter: 0.05-0.3mm
Cable Length: 80mm
Weight: 5.1g
Option: Clockwise Motor(With Red Blue Wire), Anti-clockwise Motor(With Black White Wire)
Option: With 1.25mm JST Plug
Quantity: 1 pcs



Electrical characteristics:
Items Specification Standard value
No Load speed 53500rpm±12% 53500 rpm
No Load current 280mA max 200mA
Starting voltage 0.8V max 0.5V DC
Stall current 10570mA±5% mA 10570mA
Terminal resistance 0.4O ±5% 0.4O
Insulation resistance 10M? min AT 250V DC between
motor terminal and case
Stall torque 64.0±


  • Adrian says:

    Is it suitable to Eachine QX70? Will it increase performance comparing to stock motors?
    Is it for 1S or 2S battery?

    Thank you in advance

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes it’s perfectly suitable … but 1s only. Yes should increase poweer of your QX70 but the best advice I can give is the swao props for the Hubsan triblade model for example (after trimming them). Check the mod section of my QX70 review

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