NEWS: SciSky 4-in-1 board for brushed FPV racer: SPF3 FC, 520TVL FPV CAM, 25mW 40CH VTX and OSD !!!

It’s probably one of the most integrated all-in-one board for brushed racer:
This board integrates nothing else than a F3 processor, a 25mW 40CH VTX, a 520TVL camera and also a builtin OSD !!!. More, you can select the receiver among DSM2/X (Cyrf6936), FlySky AFHDS(A7105), Futaba SFHSS (CC2500) and FrSky (CC2500) !!!
More a Hubsan protocol compatible version should emerge too. It means, there will add a nRF24L01 receiver version too. All the setup weights 6.7g !!! so a super pack enjoy OSD on your favorite brushed micro.
I guess, soon some Eachine models will includes such features… Actually the Scisky version is a little bit pricey :(…

I hope the camera light sensitivity is not too poor… but the FOV is announced to be 120deg.Up to 6A for max amperage so no problem with 8.5mmx20mm motors even chaoli ones 🙂
The perfect board ? … Not yet missing a buitin buzzer, a CL antenna and maybe the a better FPV camera …. but they are on the right track 🙂




Micro 32bits F3 Brushed Flight Control Board
Size: 20.0*33.5*6.0mm (not including the USB protruding part)
Frequency for driving motor: 2000 (the frequency can be set up by user, max frequency can be 32K)
Brushed ESC: continuous working current is 4.2A, max current is 6A(5S);
1) Scisky F3 brushed flight control board based on F3 EVO hardware, supports CleanFlight and BetaFlight firmware.
2)Integrated with DCDC voltage booster circuit( output 5.0V/500Ma), it can supply power for other device through IIC and UART port;
3) There are 3 kinds of hardware for its built-in compatible receiver: A—CYRF6936, B—CC2500, C—A7105.
4) There are 4 option protocols for the built-in compatible receiver: 1=>DSMX/2; 2 =>Futaba SFHSS; 3=> FrSky; 4=> FlySky AFHDS

Output power: 25MW
Frequency: 40CH Integrated with OSD, plug and play.

Analog camera

Type: Colour
Signal: PAL
Pixel Size: 6.0um*6.0um
Camera resolution: 600TVL
Pick Up device: 1/3ÿ COMS
Active Pixel Array: 652*582
Sensitivity: 10V/Lux-sec
S/N Ratio: 45 dB
Resolution: 520TV Lines
Gain Control: Auto
White Balance: Auto
Power Supply: 3.6~6.0V DC
Power Consumption: 100mA
Dimensions: 17.2*16.5mm
Weight :2.4g
Operating Temperature: -10~60?
Lens angel: 120 degree
The cable length is 80mm

1) STM32F303CCT6 main controller;
2) MPU6500 sensor (SPI way)
3) 6 optional built-in receivers;
4) Onboard 5V/1000mA DCDC booster circuit;
5) 4 built-in brushed ESCs (each brushed ESC can support current up to 6A);
6) No need soldering for installing VTX-25MW module or VTX-25MW & OSD module (note: analog VTX is 40CH)
7) Every built-in receiver on the board outputs receiver signal in the same 8CH PPM format and order, the channel number depends on customerÿs transmitter;
8) Customer can set up the working frequency of VTX according to his own request through transmitter;

No information if the OSD firmware can be flashed ? MinimOSD compatible ?

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  • Onclefly says:

    La camera ont pourra toujours en mettre une autre meilleurs Seby, mais le manque de buzzer cela ne va pas, l’OSD on s’en fou.
    Oui vivement que Eachine fasse cela bien mieux. 🙂

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