NEWS: SJ RG01, the Eachine EV100 Killer ?

Seems there is a new Eachine EV100 ultra low price FPV goggles competitor with the SJ-RG01:

Also sold under 100USD, we have a Goggles with a 5.8G 48CH diversity module (we have to check if it’s a true diversity system), a builtin DVR !!!!. Strange the dual display is announced to be 960×240…
Strange resolution…. Is it for one builtin LCD ? or 960×240+960×240 will give a a 960×480 ? Or in fact there is one unique display installed in the background covered with a binocular system ? …
No information also about the assocated Field Of View ? I would say .. it can’t be worse than the EV100 …. There is a small IPD ajustement also. Anyway it’s super cheap, a bit heavy …. …. Wait & See as usual…






Input power: DC 6-28V, DC12V/380 mA, maximum charge current: 300 mA
Display resolution (dual display): 960 x 240
AV output terminal: ?3.5mm, video output impedance: 75 ?, audio output impedance: 10 k?
DC socket for input power: diameter: 6mm, inner pin diameter: 2.1mm
Class of the TF card: class 10, maximum size of the TF card: 32 Gb
Micro USB interfaces allow convenient file saving
Optional battery: 3.7V/1500 mAh, 80mm x 19mm x 7mm (L x W x H)
Adjustable sight distance: min. value: 58mm, max. value: 63mm
Product size: 175mm x 102mm x 68mm (L x W x H)
Total weight: 278g

Package included:
1 x SJ-RG01 Goggles
2 x Antenna
1 x Power cable
1 x AV cord
1 x Battery (1,500mAh)
1 x Userÿs manual


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