NEWS: SPracing F4 board

After the SPracing F3 board, here is the new edition now including the even more power F4 processor:

With such board, it will be possible to have 32Khz main loop increasing even more the response and stability of our favorite flying machine





Item name: F4 Racing flight control
-Weight: 5g
-MPU6000 accelerometers and gyroscopes
-MicroUSB socket
-1x7pin JST-SH socket (SUBS,SERIAL,RX,TX,5V,GND)
-6X3pin though-holes for pin headers for ESC
-36x 36mm board,30.5mm mounting holes

Package included:
1x F4 Racing Flight Control



  • Onclefly says:

    Salut Seby, le MPU6000 accelerometers and gyroscopes c’est moins bien que le 6500 il me semble ?

  • Indy says:

    Hello Uncle,
    Sur la version 3.1 du X-Racer F303 ils sont aussi passé au MPU6000 au lieu du 6050…pour un meilleur looptime semble-t-il…

  • Indy says:

    Hi Seb,

    I hope on those we will get ride of the increasing drift over time in angle mode that I experienced sometimes a lot on F3, and Naze32… and maybe even a little on colibri… 🙁

    Some guys told me it’s a cleanflight issue…?

    what is the perfect FC???? ;(

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