NEWS: TAROT TL30H1 a 130mm 5.8G brushless racer

Just saw this new compact 3S machine, a 130mm 5.8G brushless quadcopter size !!!


Main Features:
Tarot 130 / TL130H1 FPV game machine level through an extremely delicate novel visual experience, bring through the extraordinary experience.The machine weighs only 138 grams including batteries, inherited the usual Tarot overall design criteria, so many wonderful to ingenuity can be found on this through the machine.
Miniature camera freely adjustable angle design
Strong Brushless Power
Sub-miniature 6A ESC
300mW miniatures biography
Full carbon fiber frame design
Custom shock tripod
Reliable power connection
Lightweight aluminum hexagonal column
Miniature image transmission antenna
FIG CNC metal shell heat transfer
Ties slip design
Compact overall limit
Free flight mode switch
Flight control firmware factory default channel CH5 homeostatic control rack / manual mode
Homeostasis model: flight control LED red light, beep loudly
Manual mode: flight control LED red light off, beep sound


Recommended related equipment:
Race level flight control: Standard TL300D
Brushless motor: Standard MT1104 / TL150M1
Upgraded sold separately MT1106 ( TL150M2 / TL150M3 )
Brushless ESC: Standard 6A ESC / TL300G
Rotor specifications: Standard 3 inch paddle TL150S1 ( 8pcs )
Upgraded sold separately TL150S2
Camera: Standard NTSC system TL300MN2
5.8G 300mW wireless image transmission transmitter: Standard TL300N2
5.8G Illustrated antenna: Standard TL300K4
Lithium-polymer battery: 11.1V 35C 450mAh lithium polymer battery TL150A2 ) ( not included )
SBUS or PPM receivers: TL150F1 ( not included )
Product parameters:
Wheelbase: 135mm
Empty rack height / assembly height: 19mm / 28mm
Empty frame length / assembly Length: 111mm / 186mm
Empty rack width / assembly width: 123mm / 199mm
Set Weight: 85g

Sound very good …. Just a little bit worried about these tiny 6A ESC (especially after the Assassin 180 fiasco but it was a 3 x more heavier machine)

EDIT: Also sold by BG here:


  • Indy says:

    HI Seb,

    It’s looking quite great… the wiring pcb-FC stuff might be interesting…

    About the ESC I’ve seen a 1104 or was it 1105 thrust test, and the current wasn’t exceeding 5A… Let’s see…
    I tested myself the RCX 1105 5000kv (with 10a ESCs), a very good surprise… so much more power than Eachine 1104 4000kv!!! I really like those tiny racers more and more…

    Thanks for the news…

  • jason swing says:

    have flysky ia6b receiver I just don’t know how to hook ppm I’m so close any help

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