NEWS: Walkera Vitus II

After the Fiasco of the first Walkera Vitus …, and the first fixing with the Walkera Vitus starlight, the Vitus II is expected to be delivered this summer.

They reduce/miniaturize the 3-axis PTZ to gain some weight… and promise to deliver better stabilization results without help of EIS. More they also increase the battery capacity to reach 30min of flight time. Obstacle avoidance is still here and the camera sensor seems to remain the same with 4K@30 and 1080p@60 resolutions. It’s really a Vitus I fixed IMHO…. You want something more funny ? The final android version of the app promised for the last august is still not here for the Vitus I 🙂

Here is the leak of the first photos…



More to come


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