• Heather Young says:

    Looking to buy the camera for cheerson cx-22 night elf is there any sellers in uk if you can let me know please

  • artuc says:

    Is it possible to buy brushless motors and upgrade them to brushed ones with hubsan h502s?

    And it’s an amazing review i might say.

    Thank you.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Well if in theory it can be possible, it would be 1) much more expensive coz you need to buy with motors, some ESC and 2) you will need to hack where are the PWM signals… and many other problems. So I strongly advise to not do it. Go directly for the Brushless edition…

  • DAVE says:


    • SeByDocKy says:

      Check first if props are spinning freely by hands… if no extra friction in the gear system. If yes, try to clean this part. Did you try to calubrade ? Push both stick in lower left (or lower right) position. Check also if all your trimmed are centered

  • AL says:

    Have you checked the new Eachine Aurora 90 90mm Mini FPV Racing Drone?

  • Rick Haywood says:

    Can I really buy a FrSky TARANIS Q X7 2.4GHz 7CH Transmitter through your website for US$67.40? That is too good to be true. Is it actually purchased through GearBest and would it be shipped from China?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes Gearbest is based in china, shenzen to be more precize…. but 67$ including shipping fees too ?

      • RickHaywood says:

        [QUOTE] but 67$ including shipping fees too ? [END QUOTE].
        Are you saying that the price of US$67.40 plus free shipping is incorrect?

        • SeByDocKy says:

          If it’s written freeshipping, this is final price

          • Rick Haywood says:

            Thank you sir!

            That is the best deal on the planet for the Taranis Q X7. And at that price I can afford to purchase the iRangeX IRX4 4 IN 1 Multiprotocol STM32 TX Module to go with it if the price is as shown at US$28.80. I just discovered your website “Drone Maniac” and while I am amazed at the prices I am a bit confused about how it all works

          • SeByDocKy says:

            Be sure that the iRangeX can be perfectly connected (via PPM I guess) to the Taranix QX7… but 67 USD sounds to be a good deal…

  • Rick Haywood says:

    Please explain to me how this works. I am very interested In purchasing this item at the price of US$67.40… . But when I click on the “buy it now” link, I am redirected here at a higher price $127.28… . How then am I to be able to purchase this item at the lower price of US$67.40 ?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Don’t know …. but for me the price is about 127$ … I don’t know how you read 67.40 first … πŸ™ I am not working for gearbest.

      PS. LoL πŸ™‚ You are smart with hidden affiliate code πŸ˜‰ but …. sorry I saw it

  • Rick Haywood says:

    I assure you sir that I am not affiliated in any way with any distributor. I was simply asking a legitimate question. The link for the lower price is on as you can see, a website named “Drone Maniac” which I believed to be a website owned and operated by you. I also was under the impression that you operated this website as a seller and was selling merchandise at a very discounted price. That is why I was confused at the redirection to the GearBest site which displayed the higher price. My last post was basically a question on how to obtain the much lower price be it a coupon code or whatever means to which I could not determine. Again, I have no clue as to how you came to the determination that I am an affiliate, If this was due to something you found in either of the links in my last post, then be advised that all I did was copy and paste both of those links to that post.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      No I don’t work for any compagnies …. I am trying to write the most unbiased reviews I can. Yes you copied a link with an affiliade code. To answer to your question, if you have a coupon, in general, you have to submit the code in the order process….

  • Rick Haywood aka "graywoulf" says:

    Then how is it this website have your name at the top of the page as well as the URL ? I do appreciate the reviews given by you though as well as the advice you give in some of the RC Groups forum threads. But I did honestly think that the aforementioned URL was operated by you as a discount web store for R/C accessories.

  • Adam says:

    I’m having problems with Hubsan X4 H507A. I just got it from Aliexpress (I live in Poland) and I am experiencing problems with starting it. I recently found this movie – I have exactly same issue. 11 satellites, Everything good and well bind and it doesn’t start. One red diode is constantly on. When quad is not in the range of satellites it starts without a problem. I wrote to Hubsan Asia and Hubsan USA.

    Today Hubsan USA replied to my email and they said:

    “I apologize for any inconvenience.

    We have only released H507A in China and only a couple of them around the world. The units that were released in China will only work in China because we had to protect the vendors in different areas.”

    Nothing more… I’m devastated. I have spent quite a lot of money and have nothing.

    Because of above I’m writing you. Can you help? I know that you’ve been recently testing X507A and it worked. Can you download it’s firmware and sent it to me with instructions how to make it work?

    I’m looking forward for your help.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Unfortunatly, it’s not possible to download a firmware …. In general electronic chip have such protection to avoid basic copy from competitor πŸ™ πŸ™
      1) Did you perform a super compass calibration ?
      2) did you try to take with the stick command ? (in lower outter or innner direction for both sticks ?)
      What is you firmware version displayed on the app ?

      • Zbigniew says:

        I did everything you say and it is still dead. There are some guys out there, having the same problem as me, For sure it is not about me doing something wrong.

        APP version v 1.3.1
        Aircraft software version: H507A_IT_170301_2
        FC software version: H507A-FC V2.3.28

        I understand the protection etc, but there is a usb port on the drone, so I suppose it is there for a purpose(?) Besides I saw other Hubsan models have updates. Do you think It is going to be blocked forever and nothing can be done about it?

        Hubsan should not sell this quad outside China if it was meant to fly only there… I’m really angry, because I spent some money, I was waiting very long and now they gave me no solution to my problem. It really looks like a scam to me.

  • Jan Alt says:

    Hello, I need advice. One of the engines stopped working after the fall. I ordered the electronics for him and the engine rotates in reverse! This is the left front engine of the aosenma. Can anyone advise me what to do or how to order correctly. I am from Prague Czech Republic. Thank you for your help

  • Barnabas E Siscot says:

    I bought this Aosenma quadcopter for 240$ and out of the box was supposed to be flight ready. Of course it was not, I expected that. But after following the poor Chinese instructions for calibration I can only manage to see thru the camera. Which does not have anything to do with the copter itself (other than being mounted on it). R/C seems to be fine. But once you push the battery into the copter it starts does it’s start up sound then begins beeping. It does not do anything else, other than flash lights and beep. Does it need a firmware update before first flight? I thought it came already loaded. Can anyone help?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      First don’t upgrade any firmware !!!! you can brick definitively your machine. Is your transmitter bound with the receiver ?

  • Fred LeFevre says:

    Hi – are you going to be reviewing the V2 F7X goggles from Topsky? Waiting n results before placing order.


    • SeByDocKy says:

      yes.. I just received them… but I am not sure it’s the 100% final V2… anyway, I can already conform PAL & NTSC problems are solved as well for the DVR recordings…. Less light leakage but still some ghost effect… In fact with LCOS technology, ghost effect is a consequence…

  • Mark says:


    I first off want to say, I have been reading through all your reviews all day and I am really impressed! I love how in depth you review each product. I see you are really passionate about this.

    I wanted to ask for a recommendation from you, as I have been interested in drones recently and I don’t want to waste my time and money with buying a product that may break easily or is just not a good product.

    I’m just looking for something under $150.00 that has GPS and brushless motors, not something top of the line. I wanted to as your expert opinion as there as SO MANY drones out there that have so many features.

    Would you be able to recommend an all-around drone for under $150.00 – $200.00?

    Best Regards,

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Hi, have a look to the Wingland M1… Now sold about this price. It’s a 3-axis machine…. The camera is only 1080p, there is an analog FPV system but your can find it for about 150USD…. The video stabilization is not 100% perfect but it’s already not bad

  • ADEMIR says:

    olΓ‘, tudo bom ,
    preciso comprar duas baterias para o drone da SUNLY TEECH ALPHA CAM , BATERIA DE 7,6 , 2000 MAH , PODE ME AJUDAR . ESTOU NO BRASIL .AGRADEΓ‡O A INDICAÇÃO .

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