• Mike says:

    Thank you for your previous replies!

    Since I saw so many people just put a ftp combo on their quads I thought why not do the same!?

    Which of all your tested ftp cam combos under 30$ is your winner/ favourite? Best picture least noise best signal least power consumption weight

    Can I combine one of these combos with the eachine vr008 or vr009? Which cheap goggles are the best for the money from your experience ?

    Can I mount such a cam on my hubsan 107l v2 or JJRC 1000a and fly ftp? Are they strong enough to carry the extra weight or have I to upgrade their motors? Is there another cheap quad which you prefer over those two on which I can mount a cam to fly in and outdoors?

    Thanks a lot for your help to get the best experience for the money!

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Check my last Eachine TX01 review. A good FPV combo cal IMHO. For a slightly larger quadcopter model, you can install the 200mW TX02 model. These combo weight 4.5g approx….. so not a big drama to carry for your JJRC 1000

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