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  • sky says:

    hello SeByDocKy, how are you?

    i see your post on rcgroup.com, and follow your profile to drone-maniac.com

    i want to send you our gptoys h2o rc drone for a video receive, see this message, pls get back to me, thanks.


    • admin says:


      I would accept to review this quadcopter only and only if I can do a fair and unbiased review. If it’s a bad product, I will write it….
      If you agree, send me a msg to RCgroups, I will give you mail email then

  • Rick Anstine says:

    Dear SeByDocKy you are a treasure for the take it apart tech side. And Quadcopter 101 is great for proving distance claims. The 2 of you are all that is needed to get a good Quad. It’s a shame all the people who bug you because they can’t think for themselves. I chose the H8D despite it’s motor problems because 101 showed that 300 meter line of sight control & FPV is possible. And all cheap parts at BangGood due to H8C. Mine arrived with a faulty transmitter https://youtu.be/KkvVcmvrYeE but I got a $45 credit which was more than fair. That got another transmitter $15 & $30 was enough parts to make another Orange & White H8D minus the receiver. Just saw the V666N Baro $21.85 http://www.banggood.com/WLtoys-V666N-RC-Quadcopter-Spare-Parts-Receiver-With-Gyro-p-1010319.html
    I sent them a request to ask JJRC to supply there # LG88003CON2 with wires attached http://posting.org/image/yg6nr2wiw/ but it was like asking Poca sitting next to me. http://posting.org/image/numsf2q7d/ Can you help them understand they need to be the go to for all build parts. And also put together a DIY 1.25mm mini JST with pins male & female in 2,3,4 set. Thank You, Rick

  • Tamis says:

    Hello SeByDocKy,

    un grand merci et bravo pour toutes tes contributions, c’est impressionnant ! Je me permet de te poser quelques questions, j’espère que tu n’y vois pas d’inconvénients 🙂

    Je vais recevoir une Devo 10 et je suis en train de faire ma liste d’achat en vu d’installer un multi-mode comme celui sur ta vidéo “Tutorial on Universal MultiModule building for DeviationTX”.

    Tout d’abord recommande tu toujours la méthode qui tu expliques en détail ?

    Sinon tu proposes deux types d’antennes différentes (2.4G 3 Leaves Omnidirectional Gain Antenna For Transmitter et FrSky 2.4G V8 Series 5dB Module Antenna) peux tu me dire laquelle tu recommande ?

    Un point qui m’inquiète et lié à ta précision “connectors should correspond to your choice of connector”. Si je prend la FrSky 2.4G V8 c’est lequel de connector qu’il faut ?

    Un grand merci pour ton temps et encore bravo pour tout ce que tu fais pour la communauté !!


    • SeByDocKy says:

      Hi (I will answer in English if someone else is interested by the answer)

      1) Yes … I still recommend this method… be careful at each step. The most crucial is the last one when you have to insert the MM into the devo10. Not a lot of free room…
      2) Well … if you are flying more in low riding conditions, with a lot of trees… maybe go more for the CL antenna
      3) For the FrSky, you need a CC2500 RFchip equiped of the uFL/IPX connector. Then take the coresponding coax cable with uFL/IPX conector to RP-SMA (or SMA) according to the 2.4G antenna. You have in description the type of SMA/RP-SMA connector

  • Adrian Yuen says:

    Hi, SeByDocKy. Thanks for your reviews and videos. They are very impressive. After your video on the HUBSAN H107D+ on a separate controller, I have some questions.

    I’d like to understand more about communications between the controller and the drone. I know that the video is transmitted by the drone camera with ~5.8GHz video with switchable frequency, but how is the controller signals transmitted?

    In other words, when I press some of the buttons or toggles on the controller, in what format is the signal sent to the drone?

    Also, you mentioned that Goeblish hacked that protocol, would you have any insights into how he/she may have done it?

    My current project is trying to build a custom controller for HUBSAN H107D+ and H501S using a DIY controller and Fatshark goggles, and I am stuck at this step.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!


    • SeByDocKy says:

      Hi for of all, the H107D+ and H501S protocol are already hacked but actually only for DeviationTX plateform…. I guess the actual C code can ported to other controller.

      To answer to your initial question, yes channels values (typically quantified into 256 différents velues but can be on two octets) are sequentially written into the data packet of the 2.4G layer.
      So if you know in which adress are each channels … it’s easy to transmit and receive ….

  • Alistair Johanson says:

    Hi. I want to build a micro quad to be controlled by my FS i-6 controller. I have found a micro receiver but how do i power the motors?(ESC) i want to use some 8.5mm motors.
    I was hoping to find something like this http://www.banggood.com/Micro-Scisky-32bits-Brushed-Flight-Control-Board-Based-On-Naze-32-For-Quadcopters-p-1002341.html
    Is there any solution you can recommend?
    PS: Thanks for all your hard work and reviews.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      This board have a buitin DSM2 receiver so won’t bind your FS-i6 controller 🙁 … but have good FET (=ESC for brushed motors) strong enough.

  • keelan says:

    my new fq777 126 drone will not lift it just slides can you give me advice please

    • SeByDocKy says:

      1) Check if props are correctly installed in the right sens and if no hair is blocking the prop’s rotation
      2) can you recalibrate it ? (push both stick in lower left or lower right)

  • Josh Mui says:

    Any budget 200-300 race quad intro? Prefer prebuild model.

  • Paul OMillian says:

    I am having problems binding a Spektrum DX6e transmitter to a Inductrix FPV+ quadcopter. I can get it to bind and it is usable but I can’t get the motors to quit spinning when I cut the throttle all of the way. I can flip a few switches and eventually get them to stop but then I lose my bind and have to go through the whole process again. Also how do I use the meow function on this transmitter. I have had some friends tell me that this model of Radio has binding issues with almost all aircraft. Do I need to purchase a DX6 or DX6i to solve these problems or is there some step that I am missing whenever I bind the 6e? Thank you in advance for all help.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I never owned a Spektrum radio but …. it’s maybe linked with a cleanfight/betaflight option. Can you connect this induxtric to betaflight ?

  • Ann says:

    Hello,good day! This is Ann from BoldClash. I’ve watched your youtube videos about FPV, it’s wonderful. It will be so kind if you can test our drone. Waiting for your reply, thanks. And here is my email add: partner@boldclash.com

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