TEST: UP air One, the second chance for the UP air Chase


EDIT 06/28/16: The new review is related the V2 with a firefly 6S camera. There is already a new V3 with another camera directly connected with the gimbal as showed in ths video. It’s real pity, they change on the fly the design… Probably they need to change the camera provider. I don’t have any informations about this new 4K camera. But sure, you can’t remove it to use it standalone (like with the Firefly 6S) and no Gyro stabilization too. I don’t have any information which version Banggood have. I guess the V3 will replace the V2 little by little. I don’t think it’s bad or good think to have the V3 versus the V2



Few months ago after the first UP air “Chase” edition (check review http://www.drone-maniac.com/test-upair-chase/), the original compagny have been bought by Gten (G10). The original “Chase” was potentially an interesting model but some problem in term of stabilities, with the camera recording triggering and the FPV part were the limiting points of the Chase. Gten delivers here with the UPair “One” UPair “One”, clearly a “Chase” bugfree edition. Since, most of elements are shared, I will mainly focused on the differences & novelties.



+ 1 x UPair one (with a 3S 5400mAh LiPo with proprietary connector)
+ 1 x Transmitter (using a 3S 2100mAh LiPo with JST connector)
+ 1 x Main LiPo charger
+ 1 x Emax B3 charger
+ 1 x 2-axis gimbal
+ 1 x 4K camera (Firefly 6S)
+ 1 x Screwdriver
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English/Chinese)


Absoluptly no visual change from an external point of view versus the “Chase” edition




With the battery inserted indicating the remaining level of charge


The battery bay with the main Gimbal connector and VTX connector


Both are JST-SH 1mm connector: one 8P (gimbal) and one 3P (VTX)

The same metallic casing housing the 5.8G VTX is one unique botton to cycle between the 8 Vfreq (Band A)


The 2.4G antenna is still installed front left. No change for this antenna


For the front left leg, the external compass is still here but no more jailed into the metallic structure


It’s a better design decreasing the magnetic potentiel interferences associated with the original metallic casing



Still the same 9450 props selftighting




Exactly the same 2206 motors


Exactly the same LiPo, a 3S 5400mAh LiPo with proprietary connector.


To control the battery charge, just briefly press on it to see how many green LEDs are there (Up to 5 leds for 100% of charge). To power the machine, you still need to 1) press briefly on the button then immediatly after 2) repress and hold the button during more than 2s.

I noticed a small difference in the behaviour for the charging: When the battery level is above 12.3V, the charging don’t start. The LiPo need to be more depleted to be charged. I suspect the LiPo F/W have been upgraded to offer an auto-storage mode.

LiPo charger



Camera module

The 4K version is nothing else than a Firefly 6S coming with Firwmare 2.5. By default, TVout must be set to PAL to enjoy all informations of the OSD (if set to NTSC, some informations at bottom part can dissipear). Default settings are 1080p@60fps, WDR off, Gyro off, Low bit rate. Timestamp off, large angle


As you will be able to see in my first flight with the default settings, my 4K came out of focus. I had to disassembled it to refocusing everything correctly. This video helped me

I flashed later the last 2.6 F/W (check last flight video)


2 axis Gimbal



Good news;, now a large central access have been designed and a central 8p gimbal port is here. From left to right, the first pin is +12V, the third is the Vout (for the VTX) and the last is the GND.



EDIT 06/28/16 It have been confirmed that beneath the upper plastic casing, there is a microUSB port for the Gimbal … It’s amazing, this port is hidden. To access to it, you will need to saw all the border and pry on it….

5.8G VTX

Below the metallic casing, still the same VTX


but now with the JST-SH 3p connector and a uFL/IPX connector to attach the 5.8G antenna. Two good points to install easily another antenna and/or to swap to another VTX.


Bad news, I measured the Output powered via my ImmersionRC module and I observed around 50mW ….



This measure can explain the relatively poor FPV range bounded around 150-200m. Luckely, some third party VTX can be installed easily IMHO. For example the Skyzone 40CH: http://www.banggood.com/Skyzone-Upgrade-TS5823S-40CH-5_8G-200MW-AV-Transmitter-Module-RP-SMA-Female-p-1017491.html

FPV screen & Radio combo

The same 7″ FPV monitor without any sunshade or buttons to tune settings or power the system. The monitor is powered by the USB plug.


In shadow zone, the FPV screen is visible. Good news, no more OSD flickerings … 🙂 but with strong daylights, it’s almost impossible to see… to sunshade or brightness settings are here



Still the same 4×6+2=26 screws to remove to start to open it (check video below). You need to disconnect the compass and the 2.4G antenna too.


the 2.4G receiver is now taped on the left side and no more on top of the former board


They changed also receiver module, no more visible “radiolink” inscription with this new version.


WIth this version, the microUSB is more hidden


Be aware if you want to plug a microUSB to USB female, pay attention to the cap nearby. They can be damaged during the microUSB attachement.


No change for this part…. a nice radio with two left shoulders button to trigger photo & video recording, a right POT button to play with the pitch orientation of the camera, a left 2-way switch to engage the RTH and a 3-way switch for the flight modes: Altitulde hold, GPS hold and headless



First demo with the default settings of the machine. Videos are ultra stable, almost 0 vibrations whatever the commands. Results are much better versus the Cheerson CX-22 and the Minivet for example. As you can see, the 4K cam was out of focus (solved later). In another hand, the altitulde hold stabilization is not amazing with drifts and sensitivive to Wind. A trick to improve stability consist to perform a 720degrees CW tour just after hovering. In any case, a compassMot calibration can probably help but requires the USB mod.

A second video with more Advanced camera settings (WDR on, Gyro on, High bit rate)…. Results are good… As epected, unfortunatlly the FPV range show first statics after 30-40m. Don’t expect a solid link beyond 200m. After the USB mod, probably the VTX mod is a must to do with this machine.

Some last videos with beautiful areas.. FPV range still ok with 150m.


A lot of improvements have been done with the “one”… Now connectors are everywehere, so gimbal can attached/detached easily. No more OSD flickerings and autostart/stop video recordings too…. Finally where have here with the 4K bundle one of the best gimbal stabilization very comparable with some Phantom work but here for only 350 USD !!!. No firework yet… You have to know that this machine can present some instabilities in Altitulde hold out of the box especially in windy conditions and the FPV range is limited due to a relatively weak 5.8G VTX…. So if you are ready to do USB mod, to swap the VTX for a more powerful, the UP air one can be a good choice. You can even enjoy the Mission planner associated with the APM board.The other competitor is the probably the Wingsland Minivet. This Minivet is a more stable machine but the work of the 3-axis gimbal is less efficient IMHO (even with last F/W).



+ Nice job of the gimbal
+ GPS shielding via EMI tape
+ Connectors everywhere (receiver, 5.8G VTX and gimbal)
+ Fixed autostart/stop video recording
+ Fixed OSD flickerings
+ Nice 4K videos
+ No more metallic casing for the casing
+ Autostorage feature added to the battery
+ Share most of parts with the “Chase” edition
+ Cheaper than the “Chase”, one of the most competitve AP (~~ around 350USD for the 4K)


– Still 8bits APM FC based (MCU overloaded ?)
– Lack of stability in Altitulde hold especially in windy conditions (need compass & compassMot calibrations)
– Poor FPV range (<200m due to a  ~50mW vTX, 8CH only, band A)

– FPV screen with no settings, no sunshade, poor brightness & visitility and still with “blue screen” when the FPV signal is lost (UPair logo appearing)
– Still no USB connexion for the APM board
– No possibility to perform compass calibration with a sticks command
– No more transportation bag

RCgroup thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=33249392&postcount=5

Default Mission Planner settings (to import from the the full list parameters panel)

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 297/352USD with coupon “bgupair” at http://www.banggood.com/UPair-UP-Air-FPV-With-12_0MP-1080P-SONY-HD-Camera-2-Axis-Gimbal-RC-Quadcopter-p-995265.html

UP air “One” USB plug mod


Advanced analysis and Mission planner connexion


  • Lars says:

    Great review SeByDocKy, very thorough!

    I will check out all your videos in detail. I have ordered the USB connector some week ago.
    The VTX replacement is for me the absolutely most interesting part, to replace it with the one you linked to.

    Did you do that mod? It would be really interesting to see if it fits and if the range is improved.
    It’s the by far most irritating thing with the upair, the very short VTX range.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I didn’t perform yet the VTX mod since I just discovered recently that the antenna mod with 50mW emitted was pretty useless. I have to order this VTX linked. I checked the connector and it should be more or less direct to use it but I thinnk a small soldering job will be required in anycase.

  • 0Tech says:

    Dude thanks so much for all this info , your review (and previous one too) really helps a lot! Was wondering if you saw at Hobbywow The Upair, says newest version. Is that a V3 or is it the same one as the one you just reviewed? At Hobbywow says the camera is non-removable and on the picture looks different. Any thoughts?


    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes, you are right it’s a new revision V3 with a new builtin camera and prop caps …. All other elements are the same IMHO. Personally, I prefer to have the Firefly 6S 4K. At least, there are some update for the Firmware with. But it’s amazing there is already a new revision ….

  • Olivier says:

    Are you in south of France (la garde) ?

  • João Coxo says:

    Hello, great review. Mine was working fine until yesterday, when the camera pitch orientation stopped working. The camera stabilization is working properly and it maintains horizontal at all drone angles, but I cannot control the pitch orientation. I’ve checked the remote control potentiometer and it’s working ok. Could this be a problem on the central 8p gimbal port? Merci

  • SeBy. Mr Drone Nut here. I just recieved my UpAir One on 7/01/16. Some strange happenings herem Firstly, my emails back and forth from Steven Zing were very helpful due to the mistake their shipping dept made, causing a delay in delivery. Then on my final email ut said”SAMPLE”. When i got my new bird home, i was surprised to say the least. No firefly 2k or 4k. A solid white integrated camera. Nonremovable. All it says is UPair. It has a large lens housing,approx 1inch long. A long narrow slit horizontally from left to right,centered and ending at the lens housing. The next generation? Also my serial# on the box and the one on the quad are not the same.139 numbers apart on the last 3. How can i get you a picture?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes this is the V3 for me … I linked a small video in the beginning. Probably the same camera you have. Please also post in the RCgroups thread

  • Gwerp says:


    donc comme demandé je poste mes photos ici concernant mon upair one dont la fpv ne marchais plus apres avoir retiré la batterie suite a mon premier vol. http://imgur.com/a/qUChB
    On peut voir sur la batterie des “griffures” qui n’etait pas avant que je retire la batterie pour la première fois. Un composant a du griffé la batterie et je suppose que c’est le connecteur que j’ai notifié car quand j’ai ouvert le drone j’ai vu qu’il était cassé (juste des petites parties plastiques). Après je ne pense pas que ce composant est une incidence sur la fpv mais je suis novice dans le milieu 🙂 Merci pour ton aide, et si tu a une solution pour reparé ça je suis preneur !

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Verifie les soudures des fils juste derriere ce connecteur. Un est signal video …. surement le coupable …

  • Eddie says:

    Unfortunately my entire gimbal/ camera “popped” off during a hard landing, can you please post a picture of the gimbal/ camera assembly with wiring in place so I can try and repair my upair one… Thanks!

  • Cinzanio says:

    Hello SeByDocKy,
    Sorry about my English by Google translator (I write from Switzerland).
    Maybe you can help me: I burned the control board (the big blue with the inscription UpAir2 V1.0.01) and I can not find it. I wrote 2 email to G10 but received no response. Also on Bangood I found nothing.
    Can you tell me which brand and which model should I look for on the Web?

  • fmandrake says:

    Hi, SeByDoKy,

    And thank you for this very useful review.

    I have a question :
    Can I use another receiver than the original with this remote control ?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      In theory yes … but you will have to resolder the new one …. and probably the Vfreq selection will be the biggest problem

      • fmandrake says:

        I think make a connection interface between the receiver and the apm . But for sure , the biggest problem is to find the pairing protocol between transmitter and receiver.
        I’m waiting for aFlysky FS-i6S from banggood to test it.

  • Jp says:

    J’ai cru lire quelque part qu’il ne fallait pas utiliser un cable OTG pour réaliser l’usb mode mais je ne retrouve plus l’information.
    Si quelqu’un pouvait me confirmer.
    D’avance merci

  • Jp says:

    En même temps ca me rassure, vu que c’est plus simple à trouver
    Merci pour la réponse rapide

  • Tim says:

    I’m missing something. How does Mission Planner connect to the UPair G10? Does it control from a tablet or laptop? What are you programming with the USB extension? Did you have to unsolder the motor wires to get the case apart to get to the controller?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      You need to do the USB mod … No need to unsolder but it’s a little bit tricky to attache the microUSB plug. Be aware to not break the nearby ESC’s cap

  • Timmy D says:

    Hi all so what would cause my controller to have a blue light when I plug the battery in?

  • Conner says:

    HI, i recently bought this drone, it showed up today and i spent 4 hours making sure the camera and everything was charged. But now the camera wont turn on unless its pluged in, is it broken?

  • ADMSWISS says:

    Quelques questions sur la configuration:
    dans le mandatory harware—>Flight Modes, j’ai comme configuration
    Flight Mode 1–> AltHold
    Flight Mode 2–> PosHold
    Flight Mode 3–> PosHold
    Flight Mode 4–> PosHold
    Flight Mode 5–> AltHold
    Flight Mode 6–> PosHold–> mode simple coché
    Est-ce la configuration d’origine?
    Enfin, j’ai essayé de calibrer le compass, mais j’ai désormais une sorte d’alarme lors de l’allumage du drone.
    Existe t’il un tutoriel qui explique à un néophyte comment régler un compass? Quel est le “pitch” “roll” “yaw” de ce drone?
    Merci encore pour votre aide

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Tu as une video pour faire la calibration du compass à côté du “live compass”. Tu n’as pas à toucher le putch, roll and yaw de la machine.

  • Mirjam Kiik says:


    I ordered the same drone but i got trashy version, so i have few questions.
    Could you tell me
    a) was your gimbal connencted to the drone, when you opened your package?
    b) could you send me a picture of the wires that are in the plug that connacts drone to the gimbal?
    c) did your package have any extra propellers?

    If you could answer all those questions, i would be very thankful

  • Lars says:

    Oh dear oh dear, got my new gimbal, but one of the cables (the red) fell out of the white connector, I have no idea in what order they are supposed to be, so I don’t know where to put I the red.
    As of now I have:
    Black, no conn, blue, green, no conn, orange, no conn, no conn

    Please SeByDocKy, in what unconnected slot is the red supposed to go?

    • Sanderrrr says:


      Gimbal connector cable order:


      • Lars says:

        Many thanks Sanderrrr,
        While waiting for an answer I was thinking that the non connected slots should be no signal on, so that it wouldn’t n’t be destroyed if I took the wrong one.
        So I simply tried until I got it right.

        My upair one is now up’n running again. Love it!
        Word of warning to everyone: Don’t keep putting the camera on and out of the gimbal. Sooner or later the mini USB just broke and destroyed both camera and gimbal.
        It’s better to simply remove the card to watch the movies.

        Hmm, I wonder if the position hold is off in headless mode.
        If it is, I wonder why because would there be any reason not to have position hold always?

    • jimmyp says:

      I crashed my drone and the gimbal connector cables are busted any idea where I can get new cables or just the connectors??

  • Bernard says:

    do you know if you can change from mode 2 to mode 1 like the DJI controller ?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      AFAIK 🙁 I don’t think it’s possible 🙁

      • DAVOLTERRA says:

        Bonjour SeByDockY,
        Je suis tes démonstrations sur Youtube depuis quelques temps déjà, ensuite j’ai découvert tes contributions sur ce site.
        C’est peu de dire que j’apprécie ce que tu produits !
        J’ai un gros dilemme actuellement. Je peux consacrer un budget de 350 euros maximum a l’achat d’un drone qui me servira surtout a faire de la prise de vue.
        Je souhaiterai surtout qu’il soit stable, plutôt que rapide, et que sa camera, sur nacelle pour filmer en point fixe) soit de la plus haute définition. Très nette donc et sans jello évidemment.
        j’hésite entre le Up air one (il semblerait qu’il soit maintenant équipé d’une nouvelle caméra en 4k qui ne soit pas détachable, et dont je ne trouve aucune vidéo de test encore), le Hubsan h501 x4 et le JYU Hornet s.
        J’ai déjà piloté des quadcopters, mais je veux surtout prendre des photos et des vidéos (paysages/monuments…) plutôt que le pilotage à proprement dit.
        Peux tu me donner ton avis sur le modèle à choisir. Connais tu un autre modèle pour le type d’utilisation et pour ce budget ?
        Je te remercie d’avance pour ta réponse.
        Au fait on est “païs” je suis à Salernes.

        • SeByDocKy says:


          Le JYU hornet S avec la nacelle est pas mal mais il reste des vibrations dans les videos. L’hubsan est bien maus pas de nacelle…. par contre il est complet. L’Upair serait potentiellement le meilleur candidat mais celui peut avoir des comportements bizarres de temps en temps. De plus il faut absolument faire l’USB mod pour le connecter à mission planner et donc pouvoir faire la calibration de compas. Oui tu es pas trop loin

          • DAVOLTERRA says:

            Merci beaucoup pour ta réponse. Tu me confortes dans les impressions que donnaient tes tests. J’ai vu arriver un nouveau modèle le ULURU de TOVSTO. Il ressemble étonnement au UP AIR ONE, mais avec une nacelle 3 D en plus. Crois tu que le “earth induction” qui est proposé sur ce modèle puisse être une réponse au problème de tenue d’altitude du ONE que tu nous démontres dans ta vidéo au bord de l’eau ?
            Comptes tu faire un test de ce modèle prochainement ?

    • Sanderrrr says:

      You can do it by opening the transmitter and desolder, switching and resolder the connections. Easy job. I did it for changing my roll and yaw sticks.

  • Brandon Lee says:

    For some reason my UPair will no longer go into IOC mode. It says ALTHOLD in the IOC position. and it still flys like its in ALTHOLD in the IOC position. Any help would be great. Thanks

    • SeByDocKy says:

      In practice, on the OSD, there is no IOC indication but still ALTHOLD one so it’s normal … The IOC is an extra option of the ALTHOLD to be checked in Mission Planner (as soon as your performed the USB mod)

  • Olivier says:

    Il me tente bien ce drone. Mais il semble qu’il y pas mal de soucis. Nouvelle caméra moins performante, batterie qui faiblit vite, positionnement GPS, ….
    Certain sprints peuvent ils être améliorés ou faut-il oublier ce modele ?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Tous ces points peuvent être améliorés avec un peu de bricole….. mais bon en le laissant d’origine, il a tous ces défauts. APèrs je sais pas à combien on peut avoir un P3 standard… mais si il y a 100 euros de différence, l’Upair n’en vaut pas le coup alors.

  • Jeno Palfy says:

    Does anybody know how to set the date (timastamp) on the 2k version camera?

    The battery compartment of the remote is big enough to embend bigger battery than the attaxhewd 2200mAh. Is a bigger capacity one awailable?


    • SeByDocKy says:

      No idea how to set the date …. but maybe via a file on the root folder. For the TX battery, you find the original not long enough for your flights ?

  • Ferry says:

    Dear SeByDocKy,
    Many thanks for the interesting review.
    I do have a remark which isn’t product related unfortunately!

    It is pretty anoying that there are alot of questions in the french language. That understandable but not very convenient for the other readers. Maybe these contain exact the same as anyone would like to know but the other just don’t realise such because he/she do not master the French language. And for other non French speakers it is anoying not being able to read the other questions/remark about the product.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes you are right …. I am trying to keep the English as the international language….. and don’t forget to visit the RCgroups’s thread I opened too where you will be able to find tons of information as well

    • Averybadman96 says:

      As the moderator (Seby) is actually french it is fortunate for the English speaking (l’anglais) individuals that the forum isn’t in all french. Nous vous Seby remercions de laisser les personnes anglophones ont la possibilité de prendre part.

      • Ferry says:

        Averybadman, I do appriciate what Seby is doing for the community. Obviously he choose to maintain the english language for the forum as his videos and the text of the review is in english. So it is save to say that Seby aims to a as large as possible number of readers. To maintain the number of readers or make it grow if possible it is advised to keep it in the original language because he is going to loose readres if there is to much text in other languages that is not very well understood by the majority of readers and english is spoken worldwide.
        (b.t.w. i’m not a native english speaker as well, actually i’m dutch)

  • Ferry says:

    B.t.w. Seby,
    coincidentally I received my UpAir One yesterday afternoon so i’m glad I found your forum in time for the much needed information. I’m charging the battery while i’m writing this and can’t wait to put it in the air. 🙂
    The planning is to swap the video transmitter a.s.a.p. because I have a 200mw that fits, laying around. And I do prefer to rig it with a cloverleaf antenna as well for better receiving unless you or anyone else disagrees with it.
    Did you experiment already or know about anyone trying a scew planner wheel antenna on the hand set?

  • Davolterra says:

    Hello everybody !
    I apologie for my english.
    And i apologie too if i have disturbed someone with my french language on this forum. I thought that everybody was using the internet translating function to understand what i have wrote.
    My question to Seby was, the tovsto uluru drone seems to be very similary with the up air one. Is it true ? Is the earth induction function annonced by tovsto, a good option to avoid the problem of altitude maintain of the up air one ?
    That’s all foxes. Have a good day !

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I didn’t receive this Uluru drone, but I guess it’s based also on a APM board like the UPair one. Francly speaking, I don’t believe in the efficiency of the autocompass calibration feature in APM.
      So I think GPS hold stabilization of this Tovsto will be as good (or as bad) of the UPair one

  • Davolterra says:

    Thank you Seby
    Now for a little more money its possible to buy a P3 standard.
    I have definitively made my choice.

  • tourais says:

    bonjour à tous,

    j’ai un Upair one neuf acheté chez Banggood. le drone a marché 4 à 5 fois et après avoir rechargé l’accu du drone et de la radio ( j’ai enlevé l’accu de la radio pour le rechargé). le drone s’allume , la radio aussi et j’ai le message ” NO MAV DATA” et plus aucune command de la radio marche.En plus, j’ai reçu la version 2K alors que j’ai commandé la version 4K.
    merci d’avance pour vos aides,

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Aucun crash ? …. 🙁 Sinon j’assayerai de rebinder … mais bon je pense pas que ca vienne de là. Immpossible de controller la nacelle ?

  • tourais says:

    non aucun crash, atterrissages en douceurs. Comment fait on pour rebinder. impossible de contrôler la nacelle de changer le mode vidéo/photo et la radio indique le nombre de satellites, l’ altitude. Aucune ordre demandé par la radio ne marche.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Je pense que pour rebinder, il faudra ouvrir ma machine pour acceder au bouton bind du recepteur. Regarde quand même à l’intérieur de ta radio si un fil n’est pas déconnecté pour alimenter la puce radio

  • Jesse says:

    Sebydocky can I use the readytosky 40H 5.8g mini 600MW with 5.8GHz AnBEE fpv transmitter to extend my range with the new upair one 2k?

  • Frank Casper says:

    Like to know what fpv gooses will work with the Upair one.

  • tourais says:

    comment fait on pour binder, on appui sur le bouton du récepteur et on allume la radio pour la synchronisation ?

  • tourais says:

    upair 2 MB V1.0.01

  • Marki says:

    Is this still a good buy for $309 at Geekbuying?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      The 2K or the 4K version ?

    • Averybadman96 says:

      Spend your money on something else. As a owner of one, save money instead of buying this and having to modify which costs money and still having an unreliable quad. I’m going to invest in a Typhoon Q500 next, just saving up. I have spent hundreds of dollars upgrading and still running into problems. I wouldn’t recommend this quad to anyone. The people who do reviews get one for free and still have issues. I guarantee that the ones sent to reviewers are triple inspected before sending it out. Common problems are well documented gimbal issues, recording issues, fly aways or dropping out of the sky, battery failures.

  • Catalejo says:

    Congratulations on your excellent work and dedication, SeBy.
    I have a problem and I hope you can help me.
    I’m a little rookie and I need some help if can be.
    I bought the New UP Air UPair One 5.8G FPV 2K 12MP With 2-Axis Gimbal RC Quadcopter. I’ve used only once and it was great, but when try it a second time, I found that one of the rotors does not rotate and listening a continuous beep sounds, I imagine that will be an error alarm. Thinking it could be a broken rotor and following your video to open the drone; I changed one right rotors in the position of broken rotor and I’ve put this on
    the opposite site. To my surprise the failure continues in the same place, so the fault can not be the rotor, it must be another thing .
    Do you have idea what can be?

    Thanks in advance.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Hummmm …. sound to be an ESC …. 🙁 and they are all integrated in the lower PDB 🙁 …. that’s a real drame …. Can you inspect the main lower board if you can’t see a disconnected wires ? a cold solder or … a conpounds is smoked ?

      • Catalejo says:

        Thank you for answering me.
        I’ve been checking the cables, wires, connectors and others, but I have not seen anything strange, I’ve been checking the rotors one by one and I found that the sound comes from two rotors and the sound is different in each of them.
        I have also seen that there is a red light on the motherboard, I do not know if this is always on or because of this problem.
        I can not believe that after a single use is broken.
        I do not know what to do.

  • Danilo says:

    Boa tarde amigos, por favor me ajudem, meu upair one parou de transmitir a imagem da câmera para o monitor, alguém sabe como resolver isso ??? Obrigado

    Good afternoon friends, please help me, my upair one stopped transmitting the image from the camera to the monitor, does anyone know how to solve it ??? Thank you

    • SeByDocKy says:

      DId you changed the frequency by accident ? on the TX button or on the rear TX button associated with the builtin VRX ?

  • Ferry says:

    Hi all,

    Can someone help to the gimbal config file?
    I’ve done the USB mods on the Upair One v3 aswell as for the gimbal of same due to the fact that the camera is slightly scew below the drone. So I made the connection to the gimball controller available to make it possible to connect it up to SimpleBGC.
    I think I hit the default config button by accident and messed up the config of the gimbal leaving me with an out of control gimbal, moving in all directions.
    So I would appreciate if someone can make the standard config file available.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Ferry says:

    I found it, it was posted on page 161 of the thread.
    Thanks to you aswell, keep up the good work SeBy

  • paulo florival de faria junior says:

    alguem poderia postar o custom firmware do upair one 4k ?

  • Monica says:

    My remote will not link to gimbal…Cant get propellers to start when holding down knobs…says to press & hold FPV FM button on back of remote & wait til it turns green but light never turns green? What could be wrong?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Hummm …. sound there is a physical problem with your radio or RX part. I know some owners received their machine with a detached cable Inside the radio. If you can inspect internal part… maybe there is a disconnected cable somewhere….

      • Danilo Ferres says:

        Bom dia pessoal, o meu upair parou do nada de enviar imagem para o controle, fiz todos os testes e nada de resolver, aí fiz um teste com aqueles óculos fpv e ele não achou a frequência, troquei o fpv que fica em baixo do drone e deu certo coloquei um ts5823 200mv, funcionou perfeitamente. Espero ter ajudado quem estiver com o mesmo problema.

  • mathieu says:

    hello ,

    i plan to buy a first quad with rtf + gimbal 2d , and i ve found the cheap upair one on hobbygaga . But there is two version 1) new version and 2 ) enhanced version . I Dont understand which is newer /best upair one .

    and i ve read lot of issue with this quad , i would like to know if the last upair one provide on hobbygaga is without problem ?

    thank you very much

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Well the enhenced version, you have a 32bits APM boars so more precise in stabilization. The VTX also is upgraded with a more powerful one. The camera is not as good as the original one ….
      For the same price, almost you can grab also a Xiaomi mi …. now working really pretty well. For Hobbygaga, they are ok but be aware about their “in stock” information, not very accurate….

      • mathieu says:

        hello ,

        just seen here this message https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=36585066&postcount=2895

        according this message and the graphics give , all new version (with and without monitor ) get the same PX4 board (32 bit ) . in the graphic for the 4 k with monitor i can read for the transmission ” simulation transmission ” . what is a simulation transmission ?

        so we can say , now there is a UPair one v4 , isnt it ?

        thank you very much

        • SeByDocKy says:

          I guess now with the new version 100% 2.4G based, via the app you have some extra features… and for me this “simulation transmission” is not clear for me 🙁 … sorry ..
          maybe linked with the pathplanner but not sure. Yes this this the V4 (PX4, 5.8G) & V5 (PX4, 2.4G) version of the Upair IMHO

          • Anonymous says:

            Upair still falls very short when compared to the competition. I have them the bribery of the doubt for the year plus that I owned one. They seem to improve one thing and then step back with another. They need to do what everyone else does. Buy the competitions product, reverse engineer it, then either copy or improve. They seem to try to reinvent the wheel and at times make that wheel rectangle. I have lost faith and wouldn’t recommend Upair to anyone. I still have my Upair that I can’t sell but too unreliable to fly unless I’m in an open area with nobody even close. I’m thinking about taking the good parts: motor, monitor, propellers, nuts and bolts and trying to make a racer type quad. Try to recoup some of my wasted money.. I do have the add on FPV mod also. The gimbal, even the replacement was never reliable for recording, failing to record half the time in normal length videos.

          • SeByDocKy says:

            I agree … they are moving 1 foot, fixing new problems etc….

          • mathieu says:

            hello , again me sorry . Cause im looking for lot of information about this drone before to get it , i read , i read , i read , and i’ve just found this message here
            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPy7VyEpVck from a Mr Bio Lumin
            4 weeks ago
            who say ” yes they are, but they won’t reply due to them closing down, the company went bust, banggood and other places bought the last of their stock and sold mostly faulty drones to people like me ”

            True or not true ?
            the company who build and sell upair one is alive or dead ?

          • SeByDocKy says:

            Ok I will try to ask to my direct contact at Gten is the compagny is still alive or not

  • Duchalard says:

    Interesting site with a lot of informations. After months of similar drones meetoo on every element , new functions are appearing such as object detection, altitude detection, 4k quality camera, followme…
    One will be unhappy with its present drone alaways lacking the ” had to be “stuff.

    Diy drones seem cheaper whenever you master the progam of controlers. Diy drone are not sexy but effective and may match every function you need.
    Same structure esc and motors you may only need to improve gimbal controler or install sonar detectors and to fine tune your flight controller.
    I will follow this site and think about buying this drone

  • Eddie says:

    I Purchase the upair 1. I want to know if i have the latest version or the older version. first my receiver shows on the right upper corner the battery life for the receiver. Second my battery is 1500 amps. Third
    receiver battery has a different plug to charge and the charger has one light on the right hand corner to show it’s completed charging. I watch dozens of videos on YouTube I have not seen the receiver showing battery life for its receiver and all the charges have been the same with three light showing. If anybody knows please let me know so I can return it if it’s an old version.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      The difference is for the camera …. if you have a white builtin model, you have at least the V3. A V4 is also here with a better Flight controller

  • Cajoma says:

    help!! Why my Upair Drone no longer rotate the engines when arming from the command

  • mimi says:

    V2 video montage (firefly 5s) 1080p -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PE6AvqRr7I&t=6s

  • Jürgen says:

    I watched your videos about attaching a usb-connector and using flight control program – is it possible to load several coordinates into the UpAir drone and let it fly them one by one?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes … you can define a mission planning with several wayponts via the the software

      • Wadefalk Lars says:

        Wow, THAT I didn’t expect. And that’s why I never did the USB mod, thought it wasn’t worth it.
        But with actual mission planning it’s. Very interesting.
        But how on earth would that be done, I mean in practice.
        Hook.it up via. Usb, put in the mission with way points, and then what? Do I disconnect, what do I do with the remote? How does that work? Have you actually tried it?

        • SeByDocKy says:

          Be aware, dépends which version of the UPair you have. If you a new one (2K/4K with WiFi and Pixhawk FC), the USB mod is a little bit more hard to do. There are YouTube videos how to proceed

  • Theoldfart57 says:

    Hi all, some very informative reading here, I have an Upair one 2k version.Unfortunately one of the motors has stopped spinning and suspect an ESC has died. As they are an integral part of the main board it will require a replacement. Gten of course are of no assistance and cannot get a replacement board. So the plan is to gut the Upair one and refit it with Naza M equipment. I would like to retain the transmitter and monitor which means I need to re-wire the receiver board internal to the Unpair. Can anyone give some guidance on the pinconfiguration on the receiver so I can rewire to the Naza F/C. I will use afro slim ESC original camera and VTX to be upgraded. Essentially I am just using the shell, battery, camera OSD and radio.
    It’s a shame I have to do this as a replacement main board will do the fix for me but as stated Gten will not assist. Product and after sale care has to rate a big fat zero for Gten

  • Rainer Lehtonen says:

    Reliability problems and variation in quality.
    I ordered UpAir One+ with 4k camera from GTDrone. I spent 2 weeks with communicating with the seller, repeating Firmware updates and trying various SD cards and settings, but managed to make it work. After few flights could not stop motors after landing although tried all possible ways. Finally drone falls down and propellers get dirty from grass and soil. I cleaned in and out & motors with compressed air and everything looked clean. Next time I started motors rear motors started to burn and burned drone and battery inside. Seller offered a new one with 25% discount although I asked full refund. I ordered the 2.7K camera version. At 1st flight drone started wobble at around 10 meters altitude after take off. Then it started to fly higher and away from me. No response to RC. I lost the camera as well on my Phone screen.. After trying manual and autoreturn I lost view to drone. Few minutes later I heard it crashing high in the trees close to me causing severe damage. After long discussions seller accepted returning and full refund (+ full returning cost). Later I saw new unthinkable warnings to avoid damage (posted by the manufacturer to avoid seller’s responsibility) such as problems with stopping motors can be avoided by slower take-off/ landing, the flying area should be completely flat, user has done inproper calibrations (UpAir thinks it is still flying although safely landed and therefore does not allow stopping motors!!!). With both drones connection problems between app and drone were common also with very short distances (under 100 meters). Totally I lost over 500€ (4k drone, extra battery, extra propellers, camera filters etc. After this experience I bought Phantom 4 Advanced+ from a big local (Finnish) seller and has been extremely satisfied. Local Full 2 year guarantee covering all technical issues (not covering costs only in cases when seller can reliably prove that problem is caused by misuse) and bought additional insurance for accidental damages. These are not available for UpAir as far as I know.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes The UPair compagny like many many DJI wannabee failed …… in their products…. Unfortunatly, actually only few compagnies knows are to deliver stable video drones: DJI of course, Autel, Xiaomi, Yuneec, and the last parrot….

      • Avery Badman says:

        I abandoned Upair years ago. I bought the Upair One version 2 4k version approximately a year after the company was bought and changed from Upair Chase to Upair One. The gimbal camera connectivity was poor unable to produce a video longer the 1 minute, mostly 4 to 5 second short videos. Then after many months and several complaints from customers they realized there cause and sent me and others that complained incessantly new gimbals. The new gimbal fixed the camera connection recording issues, however the drone became very unreliable. It would sometimes fly away uncontrollably, or quickly auto land uncontrollably saying the battery was empty and it was fully charged. Etc. I thankfully only flew in open fields away from people and buildings, otherwise I would have definitely hit someone or something. I almost abandoned drones completely due to the money I spent on upgrades and fixing it. I bought a DJI phantom 3 as the propellers were the same as the Upair and I had bought several carbon fiber propellers. Since then I own several DJI and Yuneec drones, own a successful drone video and mapping company made possible because of the reliability of DJI and Yuneec drones. Never would recommend or buy an Upair product again.

  • Antonio says:

    Hi All,
    I have bought “Up Air One 2K version”.
    I have few questions that I would appreciate any help from you.
    1. Does anybody know the difference between “Up Air One” and “Up Air One Plus”?
    2. I tried to connect my Android phone via USB cable to the Controller (by removing the USB connection between Controller and big LCD). My phone does not connect or receive any data from the Controller. I was trying to do that for using the Up Air APP from Google Store. I have the right USB cable and that works if I connect to the PC to transfer any data.
    So, does anybody know if that is the way this version of Up Air should work? No USB connection to the phone?
    3. Same with wifi. I can’t see any wife signal on my android phone. Not sure if this is available on this version.
    Thanks a lot for your time guys,

  • Adam says:

    Hi (sorry for my english)
    Post is verry intressted and helpfull.
    I have Upair One 4k and problem with video transmision. Screen now is “snowing” (befor was ok but metal case under drone verry hot, 2 starts and is “out of order”), Can You tell my – is that fpv transmiter in this case and this is a problem? How can I repleace (what is a model fpv) this element? I’m waiting for emails (aktechnika@gmail.com) with info. Adam

  • Mark Payne says:

    Hello, does anyone know where to buy the 7-inch monitor I’ve cracked mine Thanks, Mark?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      It’s classic analog monitor…. It should be not hard to adapt one for the Upair. I think it’s the best option to replace your faulty one.

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