TEST: AOMWAY HD518, 7″ 32CH 5.8G 1024×600 FPV monitor with diversity and buitin DVR



After a serie of good FPV products, AOMWAY just announced a new 7″ FPV monitor with a builtin 32CH 5.8G with diversity and builtin DVR. The HD518 is a direct competitor of the Boscam/Eachine 5802S


+ 1 x AOMWAY HD518 (with a builtin 2200mAh)
+ 2 x 5.8G linear antennas (+5dBi)
+ 2 x AV/RCA to minijack cable
+ 1 x Sunshade
+ 1 x Velcro band
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)


The full feature list is promising


As you can see, the diversity system have a sensitivity of -95dBm (per receiver ?) so one of the most performant in the market. The FPV part is recorded in D1 format. As for the RX004, two outputs are proposed + an AVin. The “mode” button cycles between these 3 options.The default first output named “RF” represents the direct FPV line without any preprocessing of the buitin Video core unit. This one must be used for FPV flights. The second named “DVR” represents the output of the VCU associated with the OSD/DVR. In practice, the frame rate of this channel dropped to approximatively 20 fps. The last “AVin” can display an external source.



The sunshade is a non-rigid model and have to be attached via the provided velcro band.


Notice, you have the holes to welcome an hard casing sunshade.

2 SMA connectors


On the left side, you can find the microSD card (up to 64GB microSD card) and the wheel controlling recording and OSD navigation


To simply record, just press on it. The same to stop recording and voilà … I noticed sound is not recorded in AVI files while you can hear it through the speaker during the live session. Maybe it can be corrected by a future firmware.

If you long press on it, you enter in the OSD menu ( if you previously selected the “DVR” mode). In the menu you can replay recorded files in forward/backward direction at different speed.


FPV files are recorded at 42 fps in D1 format (720×576). I noticed also some problem of time-synchronization when the signal is absent (but without signal, it’s rather hard to syncrhonize, it’s obvious 🙂 )


On the right side, the power input, an AVin and AVout (2.5mm jack connectors). What’s a pity; no charger provided, only the power lead cable.


The “RF1” is associated with the right antenna and the red LED color while the “RF2” with the left antenna and the blue color. In Diversity mode “RF12”, the LED cycles very fast between the red and the blue color.


The monitor uses a beautifull matte screen with a brightness of 500cd/m². Good news, no blue or black screen in low RSSI conditions.


The image quality is just great… The autosearch/freq scan is really efficient and select generally the correct frequency


If you press once on the “menu” button, basic informations are displayed: RSSI, band, freq and FPV battery level


The informations dissipear after 10s. There is actually no option to permanently display them (maybe in a future F/W release ?)

A lot of settings can be ajusted: brightness, contrast, color, volume, input (RF,DVR,AVin), RF sel (RF1, RF2, RF12), mode (16:9, 4:3), rotation (LD, RD, RU, LU) and language (English, chinese). So there are 4 différents way to rotate the screen, a very good feature when you have some constrainst in your FPV cam positionning. RF12 is nothing else than the diversity output. Another nice feature, when no signal is received, a beep is emitted after 1min.

[B]Raw video[/B]



The general RX sensitivity is just great. You can feel a real difference between a -90dBm and -95dBm system (in theory close to double the distance range. I know from a tchat with an AOMWAY contact, they got in lab a -99dBm model….. but too expensive to produce right now)


I will make short, I am totally and positively impressed by this FPV monitor. The generaly quality build is very good, a lot of nice features (rotations, sound alarm, etc.. are included) and the more important diversity RX sensitivity is just great as well as the quality of DVR recording. Almost the perfect FPV monitor. If you are hesitating with the Eachine monitor, if you can afford the 30-40 dollars, go for this HD518


+ Superbe matte screen
+ 1024×600
+ Diversity
+ Great RX sensitivity
+ Great builtin DVR
+ 4 different rotations possible
+ Sound alarm when no signal is received
+ Playback functionalities
+ Builtin speaker


– No battery charger included
– Sound not recorded
– OSD informations disapearing after 10s (RX RSSI, LiPo voltage)
– No race band support

RCgroups thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2551951

This FPV monitor have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thanks them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 140USD at http://www.banggood.com/AOMWAY-7-Inch-LCD-5_8G-32CH-Dual-Receiver-FPV-Monitor-DVR-with-Sunshade-Built-in-Battery-p-1012632.html


  • onclefly says:

    Salut Seb, s’est claire je prendrai celui ci en plus le par soleil si il tombe ne casse pas. Vivement la mise a jour pour le forma en avi d’enregistrement. 🙂

  • David Noe says:

    Hi Seby,
    I posted this question on rc groups but haven’t found an answer. You have an idea for this?

    My HD518 has a problem with the image too far to the right….not centered by about 10mm if I had to guess, enough that the extreme right side of the image shows on up left side. I found no setting for adjustment but have tried a Reset……I think…..not sure if I activated the reset function properly as the key input didn’t seem to respond. Other than that…..I really like this monitor,
    Thanks for any help!

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Damned 🙁 …. what’a strange bug … I am afraid it’s deffective model 🙁 ….

      • David Noe says:

        That’s what I suspected but good to get confirmation. The DVR screen /
        recording is normal so will live with the offset as opposed to messing with
        a return. Thanks for the reply.

  • Nick says:

    Does this monitor delay ? I bought Skyzone SKY-700D FPV and he gave additional delay 100ms(

  • Kurt says:

    Can this monitor be powered by an external lipo battery, or only by the inbuilt lipo battery?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      There is an external plug provided with ending with a 5.5mm DC connector. I never test it and I am afraid you will need first to disconnect the builtin battery connector. I will maake a test.

  • Yann says:

    bonjour, avez- vous des soucis avec le DVR ? J’ai reçu le miens et le DVR a fonctionné 3 fois. Le shop m’en a renvoyé un autre en échange et même soucis. Cdt

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