TEST: DHD Drone D1, the first “picodrone”



After the nano’s quadcopters who invaded the market in 2014 with the Cheerson CX-10, here are now some even smaller “pico”-quadcopters. This new catagory offers quadcopter with approximatively 3cm of diagonal and weight under 8g!!! The first model to emerge is the DHD Drone D1 or a.k.a fleureon FX-10 or Cheerson CX-Star.



+ 1 x DHD Drone D1 (with a 1S 80mAh LiPo directly soldered)
+ 1 x Transmitter (using 2xAAA batteries not included)
+ 1 x USB charging cable
+ 4 x Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)


-Front view


-Side view

A tiny switch can be found to turn on/off the D1
Some Blue LEDs are located front, two red on rear position

-Upper view

As you can see, a external connector can be found on the read part to welcome the charger connector.


-Bottom view



An amazing total weight of 7.6g !!! In average, a nano scales 12g so only 60% of a nano’s weight….



Props are of course even smaller than nano’s model …


No prop guard are provided probably to heavy for this model.

Be aware with the bag of spare props, you can loose them extremely easily as soon as the bag is open to take the charger.


Some 4mmx12mm coreless motors are installed so even smaller than usual 6mmx12mm motors associated with nanos



With such size, we can guess than durability will be even shorter. I strongly advice to stock at least one CW and one CCW motors.


A 80mAh model is now used instead of a simple 100mAh directly soldered on the main PCB



As for any nanos, you just need to remove 4 screws and unclip the four notches to split in two parts the D1’s body


You can recognize the XN297 as RF chip and M540 chip probably a ARM’s core


The good news concerns the radio protocol compatible with the last revision of the Cheerson CX-10 so called “Blue-A”. It means you can fly this quadcopter out of the box with a radio compatible with DeviationTX modded with a nRF24L01 chip.


The transmitter, not only permits to control the quadcopter but also welcome D1 for its transportation. The size of the radio is enough large to be grabbed correctly for large hands, a good news versus some so tiny radio associated with some nanos. No shoulder buttons but if you click on the left stick you cycle between the beginner/expert and the headless mode. If you press on the right stick, you are engaging manual flip. The right block of 4 buttons are trims buttons for forward/backward and left/right directions respectively. To calibrate gyros you need to: push left stick in lower left position while the right stick in upper left direction.




The quadcopter even with this so tiny size is surprizing stable and smooth to fly. Stabilization is working fine a real success because it’s a complex ask to stablize efficiently extermely small flying object. The yaw rate is not too slow and not too fast identical for the two rates.
In full forward movement, even in export mode, the velocity is not amazing maybe a tradeoff to accept to keep perfect the stabilization. With this behaviour, the D1 is of course an indoors flyer which can’t really fight even a small breeze. he flying duration is around 4min-4min30 so at least as good as for a nano. It can be explained by the better ratio thust/weight of this pico. was also posively suprized by the vertical “pumps”… The control range is also good, at least a good 30m. It’s barely useless to fly beyond this limit, you can’t really control the orientation (of course you have the headless mode available)


The D1 drone is a positive little surprize, extremely stable flyer, this quad is ideal to fly/practice indoors when you have 5 free minutes front of you. The rates are tuned to be more adapted for beginners, don’t expect sporty attitudes. The transmitter is relatively good for such and cheap model. As for the nanos, the main concern is about the durability of motors and some potential drifting issues versus time.



+ Extremely stable
+ Good yaw rate
+ Tight flips
+ Good flying duration
+ Can be boxed into the radio
+ Punchy
+ At least 30m of control range
+ DeviationTX compatible (CX-10/Blue-A protocol)


– No prop guards
– Same props’color for front and rear
– Fragile motors
– Can’t handle wind even a moderate one
– No fast forward

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thanks them for this attitude.

You can find it actually for 18USD at http://www.banggood.com/D1-Drone-Mini-Headless-Mode-2-4G-4CH-6Axis-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-986728.html


  • onclefly says:

    Salut Seby, trรจs bon teste comme d’habitude, amuses toi bien avec celui lร  avant de le perdre dans l’herbe ou ailleurs tellement petit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • john says:

    bought three for Xmas presents. Delightful but cannot get headless mode to function at all.

  • David says:

    I Have a problem with mine. All the motors are fine but for some reason they run in reverse. instead of taking off they push down so if i put the drone upsidedown it will take off. and it just started doing this before it was working fine. Could someone please tell me how to fix this?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Can you check if front left motor is spinning clock wide, front right counter clock Wise, rear right close Wise, etc…
      If yes check if front left prop is correctly installed, the more flat part installed first (according to clock Wise rotation), etc…

  • Finn says:

    My one is not working well

    When you go high or full throttle the motors just go crazy and whirr around. This makes it dangerous to fly and you can’t control it. It works fine when the motors are going slow but that means that it still won’t lift off.

    This is what happens:

    Do u know what is wrong or how I can fix it?

  • Bruno Margato says:

    I have a problem I have a problem with mine. It won’t pair. How can I pair my DHD D1?

  • Glassenbury says:

    ive had a lot of fun with this little gem but ive run up against a brick wall
    as far as spare props goes you are rite about no prop guards because they would be too heavy . and that.s why the props dissaear so often.
    thank you and keep up the good work

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