TEST: Eachine E511S



The Eachine E511S is a new advanced WiFI Toysquadcopter with brushed motors but with GPS & barometer flight assistance. The Eachine E511S is proposed in a basic 720p+2.4G WiFi link, an intermediate (1080p+2.4G) and an advanced (1080p+5G). I will focus on the 1080p@2.4G version. It’s a foldable machine easy to transport inspired by last DJI designs with a builtin 1080p@25fps/5mpx Cmos sensor. More the tilt orientation can be controled via a 1-axis micro servo controller via the radiotransmitter. Associated with the GPS presence, the iOS/android application offers: RTH, orbit mode, path planning and GPS-follow-me functions. In term of price segment…. the E511S turns around 100USD…. so a bit expensive for a brushed Toyquadcopter but twice cheaper the than Hubsan H510S for example. Let’s discover this product.



+ 1 x Eachine E511S
+ 2 x 1200mAh 2S LiPo (proprietary battery)
+ 1 x Transmitter (using 4xAAA batteries not included)
+ 1 x USB charging cable
+ 2 x Spare props (1 CW, 1 CCW)
+ 4 X Prop guard
+ 1 x Screwdriver
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)

The instruction manual is badly translated and the results of many upgrades versus earlier Eachine products. For example, the transmitter button list is not fully exact.


The machine folded occupies a 15cmx10cm rectangle and unfolded the E511S is close to be a 350mm machine. In term of structure, it’s a 100% plastic one.


The general quality of the plastic is good with two types of plastic for the canopya and for the arms.



Two white front LEDs are here to help you to keep orientation in LOS conditions







The battery compartement. No difficulty to insert or to extract the battery. It’s a good point.


On the top rear location, the barometer sensor is installed.



The E511S show a column of 5 LED lights. They are flashing until the GPS system fixes at least 7 satellites. As soon as it’s done, lights become solid.


A unique power button. Hold 3s to turn on/off the machine.



A little bit hidden, the microSD slot to welcome a card up to 32Gb.


For the 1080p only model, we can find the 2.4G antenna of the WiFi builtin module.





290g without propguards…. so exceeding the 250g limit….



Motors and props


1020 brushed motors…. They are associated with a gear/pinion of course to increase the lift capacity. In the other hand, the stress on motors is increased. And the main open questions will be the durability of these motors and the availability of spare. Don’t expect more than 30 flights without problem and be sure before each take off/crash to inspect manually the free rotation of each props.




The E511S is proposed either with a 1, 2 or three batteries in the bundle. They are basic 1200mAh 2S LiPo with the 2S balancer plug available




The USB charger shows a red light for USB connexion, a flashing green light for charging and a solid green light when it’s charged.


Full charging takes about 2h…. it’s long. I strongly advise to make a DIY charging cable to be plugged on your favorite professional charger.

Camera module

Since close to one year, most of toysquadcopter come with a wider Field of View more compatible with video filming application. Here we have a 120 degrees model. The lens is by default oriented to -45degrees after eaching booting. You can set the orientation from 0 degrees down to -90 degrees.


The camera record in 1080p format with a datarate about 5mbit/s… Far from 50Mbits+ for advanced and more professional video plateform. Only 25fps in term of frame rate….. but at least the recording seems to not loose too much frames over time.


A raw sample recorded on the microSD card

Notice the presence of vibration and props occlution when the gimbal is set to horizontal. The color rendition is better than we can find usually for toyquadcopter…. the light sensitivity also….. but we are still (very) far from even a Xiaomi Mi A3 in term of video quality.


To open the machine will have to unclip first two parts: the very top canopy structure surrounding the power button and the two latteral silver plastic tabs. After, you will be able to access to all screws to be removed.



On front, the camera is held by a servo block motor. 4 screws attach the system and the camera is plugged to the main WiFi module via the orange rubbon cable to be detached as well.


The GPS chip on front, the barometer rear. The shielding for the GPS module is here.




The same Eachine radio chassis we can find with their last product. 4 shoulder buttons and 6 front ones. To take off with the radio transmitter you need first i) to receive at least 7 satellites, to ii) calibrate the compass (press the left arrow button to start the calibration procedure) then iii) press both sticks in bottom outter direction to start the engine.


To start a video, you can press the top right shoulder button. To take a photo the rear right shoulder one. Notice, if you inserted a microSD card, the recording will be done on it. If not, the recording will be the received video flux on your smartphone.


Ni-Mh 4xAAA batteries are working but they need to be very well charged to be able to turn on the radio


Without problem you can use a 6″ smartphone…. with a bit of extra force, I was able to use a 6.26″ model…. but for larger model no more room available.




As said in the introduction, I received the 1080p version but also including a 2.4G WiFi Link…. so no problem for android connexion (can be a problem for the 5.8G version and android europeens users). No password required. Notice with the last software android version, now the 1080p preview and metric unity are here. Before each take off, it’s strongly advice to perform a compass calibration to be sure to have best GPS holding results. You can run the procedure either with the left arrow button on the RC or via the option in the app setting menu. First rotate three times clock wise the machine horizontally until the transmitter emits a beep & the app shows to change to the Y axis then install the machine noze down and rotate one more time clock wise three turns until a second beep.

The application is largely inspired by the X-hubsan application…. and I feel it’s the same team who developped the software. For example all flight mode selection is the same, the way-path planner uses the same principles, etc… It’s a good thing I think since the Hubsan app is a good one…. Except that the E511S is not fully polished IMHO. For example, the google map is not automatically centered on the drone location for example. The Orbit flight point of interest selection was not clear also.
To fly the E511S only with your smartphone, you will need 1) to let appear the virtual sticks, 2) to press and hold 3s the lock button, click yes to confirm the take off and then 3) press the auto-take off button.

The machine can fly only in GPS stabilization mode and I can say it’s stable !!!! rock steady… not bad for a toyquadcopter.
The machine offers 3 speed modes via the radio and only 2 if you plan to fly the machine only with your smartphone. The video feedback is not bad at all… precise…. and I was also positively surprized to see a good link up to 100m. In winter time with a low sun, don’t expect miracle with the camera sensor…. but resuts are acceptable. Of course no EIS and this machine is in practice usefull only in windfree conditions. The RTH is very precise in practice a good point. The way point definition super easy thanks to the draw options. I don’t why, the machine waits a couple of second in each waypoint even if set to 0 in settings. Now it’s time to more negative points…. the first one is about the battery duration… we are far from the 13-16min advertized…. more about 10min… and notice the huge voltage drop under load…. sign of poor default batteries. Another problem I had …. the servo motor of the gimbal stopped to worked after 4-5 flights πŸ™ πŸ™ I never tried to force on the mechanism….. so a weak point of this machine main certainely. Concerning the follow-me GPS based, I also noticed than the machine was not perfectly on-axis with the holder of the smarphone. Maybe a biased link wih the GPS fix option available in the parameters. In general such king of follow-me obtains results far to be perfect….. slow/delay in reaction and of course time to time unfocusing the target.

Look attentively to the vibrations transmitted at arm’s extremity….. the main source of jello in the video….


I have a strange feeling with this machine. In one hand, I found this machine easy to fly, with godo advanced features usually no present in toyquadcopter segment. Camera results are better than usual…. it’s 1080p… color are correct, frame rate still a bit slow but without frame lost at least. The radio and FPV range are ok… the application user friendly…… but in another had… it’s about 100USD ….. and with almost this price you can find a MJX bugs with a 1080P camera as well but with brushless motors….
Functionalities are the same more or less. At least the E511S is foldable. If I go further, for 200 bucks we have the FIMI A3…. so the real question to ask if you plan to purchase the E511S: do you want a first machine to shoot basic but working 1080p videos to enter into the drone’s world…. or if you want wait a bit more to afford for example the FIMI A3. That’s the question.


+ Cheap GPS quadcopter
+ Very stable GPS hold
+ 1080p camera @25fps
+ 120 degrees FOV
+ Good radio and FPV range (at least 100m)
+ 1080p version includes a 2.4G WiFI
+ 1-axis contralable gimbal (only via the remote)
+ Better color and light rendition than previous generation CMOS sensor (but still far from average 1080p results)
+ Foldable
+ Good quality build


– Jellos linked with vibrating arms
– Fragile 1-axis gimbal servo motor
– 8-9 min of flight time
– Voltage drop under load
– Can’t install 6.2″>+ smartphone
– Android software not yet mature: not saving all parameters, not center map on the quad’s position, etc…
– No selfie drones specialized flight modes

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 112USD at https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-E511S-GPS-Dynamic-Follow-WIFI-FPV-With-1080P-Camera-16mins-Flight-Time-RC-Drone-Quadcopter-p-1373965.html


  • Anonymous says:

    Too much Jello. To shaky. Don’t know why they keep making quads with such bad characteristics.

    • Trevor says:

      Can anyone help me I have easiness 155S which will start but will not power up enough to take off. On screen t reeds Not Unlock when I press the button take off. Totally confused Trev.

      • Trevor says:

        Sorry wrong machine should have been Eachine 511s on previous message. Trev

        • Alfredo Crolle says:

          If I well understood, You complain lock/unlock not working.
          The phone app lw-fpw it is a bit buggy and it works only if gps is On (at least 7 satellites ok).
          You must use the remote controller to take-off. Push both controls to bottom extern as explained in the manual to start the engines (unlock) and then push the left stick onward. The drone will fly up and slightly down for a few seconds, then it will hover. Watch this :
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMGqtXgntxw, if You have difficulties to understand how to take-off. When You unlock from the controller, the lock icon on the app turns yellow.

  • sam says:

    Excellent Review. How hard is it to change the engine ? One of the engine on my drone no longer spinning. Checked the motor and it doesn’t seem moving freely.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I guess you will need to inspect the meshing between the motor’s pinion and the the main gear. In practice you will have to disassemble/open the machine. As written the review, you will need first to unclip the very top plastic cover surrouding the power button and unclips the two silver latteral front covers. All screws will be free to open the machine. Then you will need to open the arms with the corresponding screws….

    • Nasah McKay says:

      Hello, thank you for such an in-depth review. I was hoping to get an answer for an issue I have had with two different orders. My drone powers in but my remote control does not show any signs of power with 4 new Duracell Quantum batteries installed.

      I can not synchronize the two (drone/remote). This is the second unit I have received with this issue. I’m wondering if it’s operator error because I find it strange to have this happen twice.

      Note: My remote looks different than the one pictured in your review. I have miniature cameras pictured where you have up/down arrows on the two left side bottoms. And a few other differences.

      • SeByDocKy says:

        Whooahhh …. Two broken remotes ? …. Hard to believe …. I guess you try to open one to see if any one the two lead cables are not desoldered somewhere ?

    • Robert Kohari says:

      Not that hard tbh, you need to remove the screws holding the body together , then the screws holding the foldable arms , you will ofc need to remove the clip on elements mentioned in the review first.
      Then just de solder the old motor and solder on the new one. Make sure you buy the correct replacement motor, there different from side to side (left and right). Make sure you respect he polarity. Re assemble and that’s it. Just one note: the soldering contacts on the board are fairly small so you will need a decent soldering iron.

  • Michael Grau says:

    Yesterday i haved received the new eachine e511 s.

    The first look was great, but now some troubles.

    I have some trouble with the possibility to move the camera up and down- it doesΒ΄nt work, by pressing the up or down button on the left side on the controller -no reaction

    I’m not able to starts the drone on thenormal way
    I must take the 2 controller sticks at must They move in all directions Suddenly the drone starts.
    Very strangeπŸ€”

    Also it seems that the description about the funktions for the controller are not right. Some funktions are not the same like in the manual

    In the set up menu from the app, i can set the possybility β€ž starting without recieved GPS signalβ€œ , i have try it yesterday 3 hours in my living room, but the drone will not start, in the app display was written:β€œ callibration lockβ€œ

    Because this problems I am waiting now since thursday of an answer from EAchine

    • SeByDocKy says:

      1) Yes as I mentioned in the review, the servo motor of the gimbal breaks super fast πŸ™ I don’t know why… maybe too weak πŸ™

      2) To take off with the smartphone, you have first to enable the virtual sticks, be sure to have enough satellites then press the take-off/landing button on the appz interface.

      3) Try 2) for indoors take-off

    • Locouarn says:

      Hi ! I’ve received my E511S yesterday and I have exactly the same problem. That seems to be common, so I don’t understand why this issue is not yet solved by the manufacturer !
      Also waiting for an answer from Banggood…
      The other point is the smartphone holder that is smaller and my phone is ejected after some minutes.

  • Alfredo Crolle says:

    I got the same problems, I just received my E511s and I am testing it.
    1)The camera gimbal worked a few times, then it got silent ….
    I will try understand the issue, as soon I will open the drone.
    since everybody complains about this, I think that the problem will be very simple to be identified. Since the controller is the same for other drone types, I do not paradoxally exclude that it could be a sw/controller issue.
    2)The gps / altitude mode button on the controller is the video start/stop button, I guess that gps mode starts automatically when gps signal is good, I succeded in taking off indoor by unlocking on the controller and then playing with the throttle stick, with no gps.
    3)Lock/unlock in the app does not work.
    4)You must first connect the controller and then the wifi, otherwise the controller does not connect to the drone
    5)Gallery tips for album handling are in chine language πŸ™‚
    6)Google maps do not always load , in spite of saving them in the phone, it might depend also by the android and phone version.
    7)gps: I did not yet test it completely, I succeded in having “good” signal from the drone after half an hour and only for a few minutes on my balcony not totally sky free, phone was connected after 10 seconds …. it depends by the kind of chip there is inside the drone, my old Nokia 5800 phone was also very slow in finding gps, in spite of the good quality of its navigating features (nokia maps).

    Hope to share these notes among E511s users !!!


  • Alfredo Crolle says:

    I tested the gps in an open space today, connection was quite fast, less then a minute, not bad.
    I succeded also in unlocking by the phone just only once, i tried several times, so I confirm there is something wrong in the phone unlocking, as there is something wrong in the setting use/save (may be save setting does not exist at all :-), and some settings do not work).
    1)>>DO NOT RELY THE APP<< if You do not see the battery level, it means connection is not complete and telemetry is fake.
    2)App Eachine Gps does quite same ops than Lw-Fpw, last update is very recent (a few days). it show camera up and down in place of lock/unlock.
    It show same behaviour than lw-fpv.
    I could not try the gimbal with the Eachine-Gps app, because the gimbal is "gone" like quite all E511s customers report, SIGH …!!!
    3)Priorities in connecting remote controller and phone are a big mistery, I suggest to swithc off everything when swapping between phone and remote controller.
    4)Some reviewer report compass calibration not working from the phone, I think it works with app Eachine-gps, but connection wifi-phone-drone must be ok, see point 1 in this comment.
    5)Acustic signals are a mess and they are not documented.
    At startup, calibration and gps sounds mix each other, while performing calibration.
    6)I did not yet understand how it works Surround function of the remote controller, it seems to have nothing to do with the app surround mode.

    And now the good news …:
    … this machine has a very nice gps hovering, it is very stable also against wind.

    Hope these notes help E511s users,

    • Alfredo Crolle says:

      I have to correct point 3) : Eachine Gps app does not connect to E511S as remote controller, it connects only for video/photo (fpv), so it is useless, nothing interesting vs lw-fpv app.
      I had proof of this recently because I finally succeded in repairing the camera tilt servo using HK-282A replacement part from HobbyKing, so I demonstrated that this app does not perform remote controller functions (camera tilt is connected to main flight board, not video board and does not move if commanded from Eachine Gps app).
      A note about HK-282A : the angle range is 180 degrees, not 120, but it seems to work anyway if calibration is about middle tilt position.
      I hope this servo will not melt ….I try to use it as minimum as possible πŸ™‚


  • smog says:

    Few words about camera gimbal servo. Mine is gone after 1 use (like many others).
    I disassembled the drone just to discover what’s happened on gimbal servo.

    And… The servo main pinion was melted… And the servo motor was so hot it melted even the servo box. I suppose the whole rotating gimbal is a bit locked in a tight area and doesn’t allow the servo to be set in the correct position… I think the servo motor will continue to push to reach the correct position… without success… and the servo motor becomes hot and melt the main (plastic) pinion…

    Just ordered a new 2grams submicro servo… I will try to replace it… in a more efficient way…

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Incredible …. very poor original design …. Crap…

    • Alfredo Crolle says:

      HI Smog,
      I disassembled too the drone, found melted servo.
      I suspect more a min max range not handled bug, than one electric overload.
      It might be that the servo control does not stop when You reach end positions …
      (It is just a feeling – I m a sw electronics real time engineer).
      >>WHERE DID YOU GET THE REPLECEMENT PART<<? I would like to post a photo of my melted one, but I do not know how it is possible here in the comments part.
      Please share/write the link here, so I can order a new servo toofor my E511s.
      Thanks in advance,

      • smog says:

        Hi Alfredo,

        I ordered this one:


        It seems similar to the original one…. don’t know. They have the same weight (2.4grams) and the same micro servo connector….

        I’ll let you know…

        I’m going to throw away the whole gimbal mechanism, glue the servo in a convenient position near the front hole, and glue the camera on top of the servo arm: free to move without al the plastic support/shield.

        I ordered also a bigger 3.7grams. With 2 different servos i hope i may have more chances πŸ™‚

        Throwing away the actual gimbal mechanism, i think that a common 5g or a 9g servo will be put in place without problems…

        I made some other tests about the servo… I cut servo wires, passed the wires throug the little holes you may find on the drone belly. With this servo wires outside the drone I connected a common 9 grams servo that worked perfectly… This test showed me that the main board is still working correctly.

        Bye. Smog

        • Alfredo Crolle says:

          I just disconnected the external white cam/rod and put everthing back in place.
          In such a way I can move by hands the camera that seems to behave not bad, in spite of the “free” rotation state.
          I do not know if there is still any kind of active short circuit somewhere, but everything works, so the melted motor should not hurt….
          I noticed that the front bottom part of the drone under the camera board gets very hot after a few minutes, at least during indoor testing, , and this could be a reason for the melt ….or not .. Who knows ..!.

          Thanks for the links.


  • Matt Hias says:

    Thank you for this excellent review. Best in the internet. Made it easier to disasemble mine. Thanks to Alfredo who pointed me to this page…

    • Matt Hias says:

      By the way, the reason why I disassembled mine was that the camera had fallen to one side after a light crash. Funnily I found out that the camera had robably never been properly installed as the axis was not in the correct position inside the rubber bearing (btw a smart move to make it from rubber to absorb vibrations. I don’t know if this is standard. Maybe these rubber parts also have a higher resistance which causes your motors to burn… Try to add some silicone gel or spray next time?).


      BUT WHAT REALLY PUZZLES ME is that there is a part missing when I compare my drone to the pictures in this review, some big black electronic stuff, which I would really like to know what it was for. There is documentation whether I have received the 2,4 or 5G version but I ordered two. And I found it funny that there are to antennas inside from two different platines, one is clipped as we know it from mobile phones but the other one is directly soldered …

      Any idea what this missing part is?


      • Alfredo Crolle says:

        Hi, sorry, but I do not see any difference between my electronics and Yours looking at Yours and mine photos (I took them while disassembling). Can You specify better ? I do not see empty spaces in Your picture. – Alfredo

        • Matt Hias says:

          Dear Alfredo!
          Thanks for your quick reply, I am so busy while moving house that I forgot to get back here. Concerning my last post, I am specifiying here which “missing part” I mean. Left pic is from the review above, right pic is the missing part from my drone.


          Has anyone any idea which part I am missing?

          By the way, the replacement drone has still not arrived, but it looks as if it had taken 1 month to start the shipping process, so at least it should be on the way now…

          • Locouarn says:

            Hi !
            Tht’as very funny. That you named “mising part” is just the termanal part of the battery, that comes aver the contacts !

  • smog says:

    Hi all,

    Servo arrived today (https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hk-282a-single-screw-ultra-micro-servo-2g-0-2kg-0-08sec.html).

    Fits perfectly. (it’s identical to the older one).

    Mounted on the gimbal.
    Works well.

    Hope it will lasts more than 1 use πŸ™‚

    bye Smog!

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Good news πŸ™‚

    • Alfredo Crolle says:

      I ordered one also (not yet arrived) !!! So these are good news … !!!
      I’ll let You know if it works also for me when I will be all done the disassembly and repair job ! (hopefully …).


    • Locouarn says:

      Hi ! I’ve bought the same servo to replace the original bad one.
      Without surprise, I’ve found the original servo melted, like many peoples. But the new arm supplied with the HK servo is too thick to fit and the old one has a smaller hole… I finnaly used the new one after having slightly sanded it. The gimbal worke now perfectly, hoping it last !
      Now, I’m waiting for a replacement shield because my drone fell down several times and breaks. The cause is the emergency stop button that had no spring, so it was acting unexpectedly !
      Also, I’ve had to modify the smartphone holder that was too tight and couldn’t keep my phone in place and made it jump after a while.
      E511S is realy a drone to be finished – or even remanufactured – by the user !

  • makis says:

    I can’t make it work.
    I followed the instructions.
    Not flashing lights
    I can’t unlock it.
    When I select unlock, the option asking yes/no
    I select yes
    Still locked.
    Any ideas?
    Please help I’m new to drones

    • SeByDocKy says:

      You have first to turn on the virtual stick, be sure to collect enough satellites for the GPS stabilization then unlock the system then press the auto-take off button

  • smog says:

    Updates on my 511s

    I broke 2 front main gear shafts…
    the motor pinion ground the plastic gear after some hard landings…..

    i ordered 2 replacement gears from one of many vendors on the web.
    warning: all vendors (as far i know) on their websites sell (imho) an incorrect version of the replacement gears (the white plastic one with two bearings). all the websites show the same photo:
    a white plastic gear with 2 bearings. These are sold for the 511s but imho is not the right one.

    the original eachine 511 has a plastic gear with an aluminum axle and is longer than the white plastic one.

    i wrote to eachine for support (still) with no answer.

    The only solution i found is to buy the complete arm replacement (complete with arm motor gear and prop). Hope this will solve the problem.

    If you need to replace a broken plastic gear you may evaluate to buy the complete arm instead of the white gear. Or buy a NON all-white gear replacement.

    hope this helps.

    Bye Smog

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Thanks for this feedback πŸ™ …. what a shape there is not yet some E11S dedicaced spare parts πŸ™

    • Glen says:

      where dit you bought the new arm?
      I think I need also a new arm, because it looks like it don’t have enough power on the left front to take off.
      It can be another problem but i don’t know.. maybe can someone help me.

  • Alfredo Crolle says:

    I confirm that Eachine does not answer,
    Banggood ask for video proof of problem,
    and definitely everything dies, no answers to emails.

    I ordered from HbbyKing a wrong servo for camera tilting (5320, not 282A, I made a mistake while ordering) from HobbyKing, and when I received it I adopted that to the drone. It melted after two minutes…
    The strange behaviour is that when You turn on the drone it moves correctly up and down to calibrate. When You press the up/down buttons on the controller, everything melts.
    I am not expert in this kind of modeler mechanics, so I have no explanation for this. For sure the HK-5320 is littler than HK-282A, so it might melt before the HK-282A, but the exact reason for this may be high voltage, I do not think is the lever momentum.
    May be a much bigger servo can solve the issue….or let an electronics actuators experts (I am a real time sw engineer) have a look at the boards and signals.

    I do not understand why this drone is so “encrypted”, user manual with incorrect information, no exact spare parts available, no support : perhaps they got into the market too early in order to fight competition with other new quadcopters. Who knows …

    Since I am a user, and not a reviewer, I can only confirm that this drone behaves well under gps signal, I flew it 2000m above sea level in high wind and it was almost stable, but I do not recommend this machine to persons that have no confidence with disassembling electronics and mechanics, on the market there are more safe “purchases” …. than buying this drone (a bit sad while writing this).

    Hope this helps,

  • Matt Hias says:

    To those who wonder why eachine is not replying but only banggood – eachine only one time replied to me after a long period, stating that they merged with banggood … I don’t know if it is true (I do wonder) but that’s what the mail said …

  • Matt Hias says:

    When disassembling my drone I discovered that I am missing a part that is visible on the pictures from the review above. I’ve ordered the 2,4 + 5 Ghz version (but I don’t find any reference to that on the drone or packing)

    Left pic is from the review above, right pic is the missing part from my drone.


    Has anyone any idea which part I am missing?

  • Alfredo Crolle says:

    An info that might be useful to owners of this drone:

    I burnt a motor while landing on the grass, (It would have been better to press the emergency button and stop the propellers before the drone reached the ground …) and I got in panic trying to think how to repair …
    I succeded in using a motor from my spare parts for my (other) drone UDI R/C U818A-Plus. This drone motor axis is slighty shorter and the pignon littler, but I used the original E511S pignon on the new spare UDI RC motor and glued the E511s original pignon on the UDI axis. The core motors have same dimensions and type (I guess …).
    I extracted the pignons from their axes using a cigarette lighter flame as shown on a youtube video, but beware in using the flame for putting the pignon in place: it does not work ! it escaped from the axis while in flight and the drone crashed onthe grass, the correspondent propeller was not moving anymore ….
    So used glue to exchange the pignons.
    In order to make the repair, it is necessary to disassemble the arms, it is not a “plug and play” repair and the motor must be cc or ccw the same type of the original one.
    I tested the E511S drone afterwards, everything seems to be ok.

    Hope this helps …

  • smog says:

    Small update about gear shaft for 511s.

    I ordered 2 complete drone arm to get the correct gear as mentioned before.

    After 2 weeks supplier told me they are out of stock… πŸ™
    I had to ask for a refund.

    But… in the meantime i found the correct gear replacement here:


    (delivery time 44 days… πŸ™ )

    Ordered 6 πŸ™‚

    My suggestion: If anybody is evaluating to buy an eachine 511s, take in account to buy with the drone itself, a couple (better 4) of gear replacement and some props.

    Plastic gears is IMHO the main weakness of the E511 project that may affect drone life. With some cheap spare sparts (props, gears) the drone may last longer even after hard landings, crashes, ….

    And you don’t need to wait for months for spare parts to arrive.

    Bye Smog

  • B Durrent says:

    Don’t see why you are critical of the e511s manual as this review is full of spelling mistakes.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Nobody is perfect ….

    • Alfredo Crolle says:

      As far as i tested the manual, I found more errors than mispellings …:

      1)Pairing is automatic, moving throttle up and down is useless.
      2)If there is no pairing, blue lights do not flash.
      3)Gps mode is on automatically, it is not very clear which is the gps mode button and how it works – I was told that while flying You can switch pressing for three seconds the calibrate button, but i did not yet tested it, this method does not work if the drone is not flying, waiting for gps signal.
      4)There are two separated video button and photo button, no one composite photo/video button.
      5)There are no green lights, only red, blue and white lights.
      6)Compass level (horizontal) calibration has both front and rear lights flashing, not only rear leds flashing.
      7)There is a hidden not documented command for compass calibration : left stick at botton left and right stick at upper right.
      8)It is written 700 meters altitude for automatic low power return, I guess it is 70 meters, not 700.
      9)Surround button and mode are not very clearly documented.
      10)Lw-fpv app does not work if You have less than 7 satellites and it resets all data if gps goes out and in again. App display shows 7 or more satellites or 0 in all other cases of gps state.
      11)There is no app parameter saving.

      Did I forget anything ? πŸ™‚

      • Matt says:

        I meanwhile got my replacement drone a few weeks ago but had so far no time to test it (actually, under the new EU law it is forbidden without expensive registration as far as I have heard rumors, but I am not totally sure…). The interesting thing is that it came with an updated manual and a controller whose buttons have lables!! how smart! I will upload both when I got more time …

  • Peter says:

    Hi I have had the Eachine E511S for about three weeks and the right rear Coreless motor stopped working.Found that the motor pinion gear had sripped as well as the plastic Motor Gear.
    I Contacted Eachine Official Store and they can only supply me with the Motor Gear but not the Coreless motor.
    This is abosolutley unaceptable and there after service is non existent,
    I now have this drone that I payed a lot of for and I cant use it.
    I am tottaly pissed off to say the least.
    If you are thinkig of buying this Eachine E51S Drone dont
    as you will not get the Coreless Motor if it broke and you will be wasting your time and money.

  • Bill Talbert says:

    My drone no
    longer flies. Just bought it. Used it 4 times. Now the drone will not turn on blades or take off….What’s up with that????

  • Davide says:

    Ho installato app e il drone funziona….peccato che non vedo sul display del telefono nessuna immagine se non quella si default…Non ho neanche capito dove vedere le ‘tacche’ del satellite….attendo.info.per favore…sembra tutto.ok ma non vedo un cavolo

  • MM says:

    Battery charger all time red, can not charge battery.

  • Steve says:

    Images on my 511s are tilted. Is there a fix for that?


  • Pete says:

    Thank you for this review, nice job. First time drone purchase. I wish I had read this prior to buying the 511s. Although I will admit for my first drone it seems to work quite well. My only issue so far (only 3 flights in) is that I can’t get the vertical calibration to complete. Manual states front lights should go solid after completion. But even without calibration it seems to fly just fine. Now I haven’t been able to use to downloadable app because it has it in red letters ‘please calibrate Y axis’. Is it safe to assume that is the vertical calibration I can’t complete? Horizontal cal is completed easily. When I’m done horizontal do I move to vertical immediately or do I have to press the compass button again?

  • NeNi says:

    Hi… I boght this drone… Its really cool, but i have a problem on the wifi connection with my mobile… Its a LG K9 TV X210BMW and i cant find the drone signal… My wife have Motorola Moto G4 Plus Dual XT1640 and work perfectly, find the wifi signal from drone and work very well..
    Can you help me?
    How can i connect my LG K9 with the drone if i cant find the drone wifi???

  • Kjell Andersson says:

    Can anyone send me the manual for E511S GPS, I lost mine

  • Mike says:

    Hello; I purchased a E511S on eBay . I took it out for a test run, but one of the front motors turned very weak; I opened the prop engine and noticed that the brass pinion gear was badly stripped. Can you tell me was size brass gear is used and where I can find them. No use changing out motor if I can fix bad brass gear. Thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    The left A rotary won’t lift off I think it got tangled in weeds when it landed any way of fixing it thanks

  • Isar says:

    Does anyone have an official spec paper showing that the 1080 and 720 models (not the 5G) are actually 2.4G ?

    In Israel we are not allowed to use 5G drones (even if it’s only the camera) and I didn’t find any paper on the official site stating explicitly that these two model are 2.4G.


  • dave moormann says:

    how high and far can the drone go

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