TEST: Eachine QX95, the best QX FPV brushed racer ?



The Eachine QX95 is the last brushed FPV racer introduced Eachine just few weeks after the QX90 & QX80. All the three models are equiped of a powerful SPF3 FC board, a 32CH 25mW VTX-600 TVL FPV camera. The QX95 is a 95mm/56g machine still compatible with indoors flights but



+ 1 x Eachine QX95 (with two 1S 600mAh LiPo with microLOSI)
+ 1 x USB charging cable
+ 4 x Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)
+ 2 x Spare motors (1 CW, 1 CCW)
+ 1 x Charger Y cable
+ 3 x Velcro bands
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)


The QX95 offers more a H frame design compared to the X structure as for the QX80 & QX90. Except the frame, all other conpounds are identical. Same SPF3 Evo board, same FPV-VTX camera combo. The QX95 offers two new choices of nanoreceiver after the FrSky D8, i.e. a DSM2 for spektrum radio and a FlySky AHFHDS for FS-i6 radio for example.

From left to right, the QX90, QX95 and the QX80





The FPV camera is this time completly installed on front. No more partial view blocked by the props like we can have for the QX90 for example. A first positive point. Unfortunatly, the CL antenna will be versus time the victim if your multiple crashes. The fact that the camera is attached by a simple rubber band is paradoxally a way to increase the life duration of the FPV cambo at impacts..


No landing skid… so be aware, the battery rubber band and motor’s wires can be damaged versus time crash after crash




The LED strip bar is based on 4 individual LED lights configurable via Cleanflight/Betaflight. Paradoxally this bar taped on the rear standoff is blocking the microUSB port


Gently shift the bar 1cm higher to free the configuration port.


The receiver is installed on top of the upper plate. For the FrSky receiver, no insulation on the 2.4G antenna.


It’s strange since there is enought space to install it between the lower and the upper plates. Just remove the top four screws to access to the internal elements.

To be well secured, it’s advised to do a double loop with the rubber band to attach the battery


56.2g AWG



If motors are still 8.5mmx20mm, the model installed on the QX95 are much more stronger and powerful than ones installed on the other QXs


Now, you will be able to enjoy a real acrobatic machine 🙂 Let’s go for flips & rolls


Two 600mAh LiPo are given. The same batteries than other QX models. They should give 6min of flight time


Camera module

The same 600TVL CMOS camera with a 170degrees FOV lens. Maybe for outdoors application, a 120 degrees would have been enough.


The light sensitivity is only of 1Lux but the WDR is working not so bad. Notice that the 6th DIP switch selects the PAL/NTSC mode


The VTX supports 32CH including the race band



1.2g can be saved if you remove the top plate and secure the receiver wit the ribbon band attaching the LiPo


The total AWG go down to 55.4g


If you want absoluptly to save extra weight, the rear LEDs light can be removed. You should also save 1.3-1.3g

The FC is taped on three small pieces of foam


It’s strongly advise to spread some liquid electrical tape to avoid any shorts on wet grass for example.

The board is the SPF3 evo V2.0 so can handle up to 6 motors. FET can support up to 6A at peak.


The default OS installed is Cleanflight V1.13. Only two flight modes are pre-programmed: angle and acro. Good news, with default PIDs the machine flies great :). I found the LED strip default settings are not well established at least for turning indications (see unboxing video to fix that). It’s not hard to installed Betaflight OS too but you will need to install a DFU driver to flash the program via the Betaflight configurator.


It’s official, offical props can really pop off easily. You will need at least to glue them. Better, installed some better models. The QX80 props can be a choice. The best performances can be achieved with the parot rolling spider props:


With the QX80 props, you can get even more thrust.

The machine is just great 🙂 No more instabilities after hard turns like we can meet with the QX80/QX90. New motors brings something really insteresting and punchy. With default Cleanflight settings in windfree conditions, acro flight is super easy and fun. You can have ultra precise controls for narrow proximity flights


Without any doubt the Eachine QX95 is the best of the three QX models. More powerful, more stable and faster…. the QX95 is a super great FPV acro trainer compatible with both indoors and outdoors practicing.
I recommand it without any hesitations this racer. The Eachine QX95 would won the Q4-2016 SeByDocKy’s award if a builtin buzzer and better props were provided….



+ Super acro trainer
+ SPF3 board
+ Cleanflight/Betaflight compatible
+ More powerful than QX80 & QX90
+ FOV free of props
+ 3 choices of receiver
+ More than 6 min of flight time
+ Spare battery and motors
+ Great control range
+ Good FPV range (>100m)
+ Rear LED strip bar


– Props can pop off easily
– MicroUSB port blocked by the rear LED bar
– Cloverleaf antenna not protected
– No builtin buzzer

Eachine QX95 dump files

RCgroups thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2759666

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 73USD at http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Tiny-QX95-95mm-Micro-FPV-LED-Racing-Quadcopter-Based-On-F3-EVO-Brushed-Flight-Controller-p-1085818.html


  • Onclefly says:

    Salut Seby, alors content de te lire, donc des moteurs différents certenement des chaolis, la FC différente une pour 6 moteurs, la vidéo est meilleur qu’est ce qui change ?

    Moteur —–> http://www.banggood.com/Chaoli-CL-820-8_5x20mm-Coreless-Motor-for-90mm-150mm-DIY-Micro-FPV-RC-Quadcopter-Frame-p-1054803.html?rmmds=search

    Carte de vole ——> http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-32bits-F3-Brushed-Flight-Control-Board-Based-On-SP-RACING-F3-EVO-For-Micro-FPV-Frame-p-1076530.html?p=63061312105582015022

    Dis moi si je me trompe 🙂

  • Alfonso Irwin says:

    Hello guys. I ordered this Eachine Tiny QX95, the BNF Version with Frsky Receiver.. And my transmitter is a Spektrum DX6 DSMX
    A nice guy in RCGroup.com told me that requieres some soldering skill, but I can remove the receiver and use Lemon Rx DSM2 Compatible Satellite Receiver. The question is: Were to connected? I know that is in the Flight Controller, but al the connections are different and is no wiring map or instructions in the new Spektrum receiver..
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Since the QX95 board is a SPF3 board, you can connect your DSM2 receiver either on the UART2 or UART3…. There are some guys who did it with the QX90 (same board). Have a look the RCgroups thread of the QX90. Should be written somewhere

    • luka says:

      Are serious are telling me that my dx6 wont connect the standard dsm reciver? I paid 350 dollars for this stupid dx6 only to find out it not compatible with stranded dsm reviver what a waste of money

  • Brad Ivie says:

    Hello SeByDocKy!! I’m really in trouble now dang it!! I hope you know well sure you know what to do lol that’s why I’m asking you haha!! but here’s my issue I was an idiot fool and should have my ass handed to me but here’s the deal…
    I’ve “bricked” myself I know they said you couldn’t brick on this version of betaflight, but it may as well be a brick for I was an idiot fool dumbass and got the bright idea I saw a guy doing the leds on cleanflight and I read where you can’t migrate each other so I just for the heck of it hooked my betaflight quad QX95 to cleanflight and itconnected and no I hadn’t even flashed it with cleanflight yet and it was connecting and the arm button was woeking again on cleanflight with betaflight firmware on it?? So I thought well what the heck I can always come back to betaflght right just lke I did when I first flashed it with betaflight…Well no it will not now!! I flashed it with cleanflight again and then tried to go threough the programming and got to the modes tab and guess what yeah the arm button stopped working!!! SO I was screwed I teied everything to get it to work so then I thought well I’ll flash it back with betaflight right oay well it couldn’t connect now so I shorted the boot pins and downloaded Zag and loaded the driver with it and also have the other two in here also the en.stsw-stm32102 bootloader one and the This one from Zag whatever VCP_V1.4.0_Setup.exe program to find the driver for my device “the QX95” and also the CP210x Windows drivers and CP210x Windows drivers with serial enumerator… Which one does it REALLY need to use and which one for what I have a Comm port COM5 in Ports in device manager and in Universal Serial Bus devices theres STM32 Virtual COM port in which when I’m connected to betaflight as I am not right now I just plugged it in to see what popped up in device manager and that’s what it says now but it did say STM32 Bootloader and that’s what Zag whatever called it?? So which one or do I need all three and where each one goes so it will work for I shorted the boot pads on the FC and hooked USB to it while holding them as it says in instructions and try flashing that way and it did!! So I thought YAY I’m home free…BUT it will flash and erase the prior stuff on board and then I unhook and then reconnect and try to connect with COM5 and it will flash with either one the STM32 or the or rather the Dev or is it DFU? But the COM5 either one will flash it now even without shorting the pads but it still will not connect it times out and closes the port and does not connect to betaflight OR cleanflight?? What the heck do I do now?? PLEASE HELP ME! I’m going nuts I didn’t sleep a wink last night was up all night trying different stuff to make it connect and nothing works! And now when I hook a battery to the quad the motors all power up fast and stay on no matter what you do! until you unplug it. My radio still seems to be bound with it and I even tried rebinding it?? But the blue light on the receiver flashes fast when I turn on the radio so I think its still bound but the sticks have NO effect on the quad or the arm button, even the flight modes blue light doesn’t flash when you go though the modes and that’s I’m sure because their is NOTHING on it all the set up stuff is erased so how do I ever connect this “brick” to it? For it may as well be a brick the only way I can get it to fly is chuck it through the air like a brick with the props spinning ninty to nothin! What now please tell me you know what to do now?? I’m at wits end, just woke up from a little nap I finally couldn’t stay up any longer and fell out for a few hours but I’m back for the attack what do I do now?? Oh please help me! Sorry about this short story or novel I’m writing you but I’m freaked out!! I feel helpless!!! Please help! Thanks, Turbo.(Brad)

  • Rudolf kreutz says:

    Hallo, does it work with Frsky Eu Lbt version which we must use in Germany?

  • mechandi says:

    I have a quick question, just flashed to betaflight 3.1 and now trying to remember all my settings as my cleanflight dump doesnt restore in betaflight.
    The model I have is a qx95 6CH DSM2 output Spektrum compatible Receiver.
    My question is do you know what is the port and configuration is for this setup?

    I have tried MSP on UART1 and Serial RX UART2 using PPM RX configuration and I see signals but the preview shows the model is constantly moving when Im not touching the sticks.

    Any ideas?

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