TEST: Eachine Wizzard X220 ARF/RTF revised



Just 2 months after the introduction of the Wizzard X220, here is a new update where now the FC upgraded for a SPF3 and motors for 2205 type. Both the Eachine Wizzard ARF and RTF mode 2 now integrate all these updates. This short mini-review is more focusing on the new elements and associated configuration. Other informations can be found in the former X220 review


+ 1 x Eachine Wizzard X220
+ 4 x Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)
+ 1 x 5.8G linear antenna
+ 4 x Nuts (2CW, 2CCW)
+ 10 x 5045 tri-blades props


From a visual point of view, no real visible difference. Still a strong 3K carbon H-frame. The devil is in the details. The SPF3 board is flipped of -90 degrees and flashed with betaflight 2.9.1






Some strong 20A BLHeli_S ESC multishoot compatible. They are flashed with the BLheli 16.2. Good news they can be upgraded via BLHeli suite or even simpler via BLheli configurator



Still no Cloverleaf antenna but a simple linear antenna. A rubber o-ring jails the SMA connector. To fasten correctly the 5.8G antenna, you need to push the o-ring




A PPM receiver can be easily installed inside. You have servo plug to attach the RX module. If you plan to install a SBUS receiver, more work is required


If you plan to carry a HDcam, the battery strap must be placed more rear.


Now location of the lights are fixed correctly, green on front and red on rear.





484g total weight



2205 motors (right) versus former 2204. They give more punch for sure something around 10-20% more. Always appreciated




The Wizzard X220 was already one of the best Eachine racer. With this evolution, you have in hand a stronger machine and a super acro flyer. The BLHeli_S ESC are doing a fantastic job and thanks to the SPF3 FC, the machine really reactive. With last BF installed, even with default settings, beginners can learn to fly acro so easily. I just regret the absence of a builtin buzzer and eventually a OSD would have been perfect.


+ Super acro flyer
+ BLheli_S 20A ESC
+ 2205 motors
+ Strong machine
+ Cheap


– Still no builtin buzzer
– No OSD
– Narrow FOV

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 130USD at http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Wizard-X220-FPV-Racing-Drone-Blheli_S-F3-6DOF-2205-2300KV-Motors-5_8G-48CH-200MW-VTX-ARF-p-1085802.html


  • Zobilamouche says:

    Hi Seby,
    I think it will Be this one for my first racer !
    Thanks for your tests .

  • Indy says:

    for the price I ordered 3 of them for two friends of mine and me…

  • Brad Ivie says:

    Hello SeByDocKy, how are you? Doing well I hope! Well I finally received my Wizard X220 the other day and got the upgraded version also. There’s one huge problem lol they forgot to send the extra propellers! Yeah NOT ONE!! They didn’t even send ONE set lol! Their on the way and fortunately I had some 5050’s tri blades and one set of 5040’s so I’ve used those. I have a couple questions for you…I was following your set up procedure of this thing and noticed some differences in my Betaflight and yours, and would like to know why the differences if you know. First My configurator has this view on the PID’s page theres
    Profile Rate Profile PID controller and this is what’s below them:
    Profile 1 Rate profile 1 Betaflight NOT FLOAT… But I soon learned that is the same thing. But what is strange is on mine there is NO “YAW jump prevention” under the “Roll” “Pitch” “YAW” then yours has the jump prevention, it’s not there on mine?? Then I have Angle and Horizon same as yours but then yours says “Profile independant PID controller settings with the “super rates” or super expo, mine does not have this either?…Why? Mine simply doesn’t have that on there then it skips to PID controller settings then where yours has “measurement” and next to it Derivative method and Vbat PID compansation and no rates preview. My TPA was set on .10 so I moved it to as yours is 0.30 what is that for??and do I need itto be the same at 0.30 like yours or the 0.10 it was at?? Instead of having “measurement” and the “mixer” two things right there mine has—
    PID Controller settings
    2 up arrow down arrow then set point weight
    0.3 up arrow down arrow slider same as above then D. Set point transition
    Why are these things different on my configurator than yours? Do I need to uninstall Betaflight and then go to the google app store and get it again and maybe get a later version? I just don’t understand why the differences when we are using the same thing? Please help me with this for I may have some settings out of waK on the Wizard not having those things and it seems VERY I donno kind of hard to fly sometimes, but it’s been a few months since I’ve flown anything bigger than the QX95 hahhahhaha I may just be out of practice lol. Please help me out?? THX!

  • Freon says:

    @brad Ivie you must have beta flight 3 or higher….

  • Brad Ivie says:

    Hello Seby Docky!! Hey I asked on YouTube but I’ll try here too if you’d rather. My Wizard has stopped getting signal from the FC to the RX what do you think it is? The FC or PDB or both? I don’t know where to start or how to check I just know that after a crash I went in put blades back on it and put batt on and the leds didn’t even light, I took it in and messed with it a bit and the lights started coming on but no response from TX so I checked the RX wire coming from FC and Nothing?? So now what? Please give me a hand with this for I miss it terribly and want to fly it again as soon as I can so I’d love to get it fixed but do not know how to check that stuff and see what it is for sure, also I don’t know and it doesn’t say exactly which F3 FC it comes with for there are MANY choices or three that I would or might use do know which one? the 6dxx Acro or another one? Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated!! Brad(Turbo)Ivie.

  • Anonymous says:

    F3 Racing V2.2 6dof Flight Control AIO Integrated with OSD PDB 5V 12V BEC

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes … but not yet integrated in the wizzard AFAIK ? it yes it’s a very good news 🙂

      • Brad Ivie says:

        What does AFAIK stand for? Sorry not familiar with that term lol!>? And so the F3 Racing V2.2 6dof Flight Control AIO Integrated with OS6D PDB 5V 12V BEC will not work?? Do I need the 6dof acro then?? And is that what you think is is for not getting power to RX>? How bout PDB>? And which does Wizard use? THX! Turbo-Brad.

        • SeByDocKy says:

          AFAIK As Far As I Know …
          Yes the V2.2 will work is you install ot. The PDB will feed it as well as the receiver.

  • Fabien says:

    Can we add a buzzer on the fc ?
    Will you choose realacc gx210 or wizzard x220 ?
    Time max of flight for gx210 and x22o .
    Sorry for my english i m french

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I would pick up more the realacc coz it’s lighter but an HDcam installation is a little bit more tricky. Yes with the SPF3 board, adding a buzzer is direct. Just solder it on the two buzzer pads.

      • fabien says:

        thank you for everything
        In fact I saw your article on the jjpro175 and banggood made a promotion -20% now.So I ordered it.I hope not to be disappointed by the simple transmitter.
        And congratulations for all your articles.

  • notludovic says:

    Merci pour ce test très complet, ça m’a aidé à la décision pour commencer le FPV (et certainement prendre par la suite de plus petites machines).

    Je pense que c’est une bonne machine pour débuter le FPV (je ne débute pas dans les “drones” mais j’ai envie d’acrobaties autres qu’avec des jouets à 30-40€) et ça me permettra de faire autre chose que de la prise de vue avec un gros quadcoptère!

    Merci encore pour tes nombreuses reviews, ça aide au choix et quelque part ça donne envie de faire des reviews aussi 🙂

    • fabien says:

      Je me permets de te déconseiller cette machine pour débuter
      Certe ça marche fort, très fort, trop fort pour débuter, de plus les paramètres d’origines de la carte ne sont pas top.
      Point très négatif : pas de buzzer. Il y a de forte chance que tu le perdes rapidement et sans buzzer, adieu le Wizzard.
      Tu veux t’amuser et bien démarrer dans le FPV pour pas cher?
      Regarde le DM002. J’ai été très très surpris par cette petite machine.
      Super réactive, stable, puissante et un bon retour vidéo.
      Bon vol

      • notludovic says:

        Merci beaucoup pour ton conseil, je connaissais son problème de buzzer et je lui ai pris un que je vais coupler à un canal (matek lost alarm). Aussi je comptais affiner les paramètres, ça me fait pas trop peur 😉

        A vrai dire j’ai vu des vidéos sympa du DM002 et son tarif aggressif est super cool, mais j’ai déjà beaucoup de brushless pour faire du fpv indoor (cheerson cx10wd) ou la classe légèrement au dessus (wltoys q252G).

        Puis je pilote un “gros” Xplorer V depuis quelques mois, donc les brushed qui peuvent s’énerver un peu (et qui parfois déclenchent l’auto takeoff au dessus d’un fleuve pour me faire flipper) je pense pouvoir le maîtriser (pas dessuite en accro, connaître la théorie et la pratiquer c’est deux choses différentes). Après piloter un gros quad même en manuel et le X220 je sais bien que ce sera pas pareil!

        Par contre ton message m’a rappelé que j’avais vu une super vidéo du DM002, c’est pas celui là qui est en kit? j’ai failli craquer pour ce ptit truc qui a l’air bien sympa pour le prix. Par contre en extérieur ça doit être sportif à tenir en l’air 🙂

        Merci néanmoins pour tes conseils et bon vol à toi également!

        • SeByDocKy says:

          Yes the DM002 is the FPV kit machine I also recently reviewed… The flight time are poor out of the box, no acro mode and there is a large deadband zone for the ruddle command. Good news, now it’s possible to fly in DeviationTX

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