TEST: FX758 a cheap and light 200mW 5.8G VTX



Here is a new competitor in the lighweight 200mW 5.8G VTX market, the FX758. This model is a direct competitor of the Boscam TX5823 and the Flysight TX5200m. I will compare the first two models in this mini-review


In term of size, both models are similar


With the metal casing, the weight of the FX758 is equal to 2.2g


versus the TX5823


or the TX5200m


Without casing, the weight decreased to


Pin 3 & 4 of the RTC6705 are used to select frequency band. Actually the Band “A” is selected.

Short Pin 1 as shown in blue to activate freq selection (CS) / to select band “E” (Boscam band like the TX5823)


according to this table


FOR ONLY BAND E + Channel select with DIP switch: pin1 to gnd

FOR ONLY BAND A + Channel select with DIP switch: pin1 to gnd + pin3 to gnd + pin 4 to gnd.



Even if the output power seems a little bit less versus the TX5823, the signal is much more cleaner and robust to noise/motor interferences. With 1.5g without casing, this FX758 can be ideal for cheap and light 5.8G FPV DIY project.


+ Clean signal (as good as the TX5200m)
+ Light
+ Cheap
+ Band “A” by default (like the TX5200m, fatshark compatible)
+ Work from 3.3V up to 5V


– Not true 200mW
– Band selection requires to remove the metallic cover
– Not Band “E” by default (Boscam)
– Can’t select freq out of the box (need to short pin 1 for band E and eventually pin3&4 for band A as depicted in photo)

This VTX have been courtesy provided by Banggood in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thanks them for this attitude. You can find it actually for 11 USD at FX758


  • Jenny says:

    Hi Seby,

    This is Jenny from FPV factory-FXT Technology(Original factory of 5.8GHz VTx module FX758).

    Thank you for your mini review on FX758,we can improve output power of FX758 to make it true 200mW and Band E by default.My skype is fxtjenny,pls add me as a contact.

    Any questions pls feel free to contact me.

    Kind regards,
    FXT Technology Co., Ltd

  • Caleb Burke says:

    Hi Seby,

    Great test! very useful. Since this will be my first FPV build i am going to use the TX5823 because it is less hassle and Boscam is cheaper and serves me well and i know im going to be looking for that little bit of extra range. That being said, i will be using the scisky which has a filtered 5V output. Can the TX5823 be run at 5V or is that just too much power?

    Thank you

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Some TX6823 have a builtin voltage regulator supporting 5V inpout without problem but in general it will be hot. So be sure the VTX can be cooled via airflow.

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