TEST: HUBSAN H502E, the quadcopter for blondes ?



After the Hubsan H502S, probably the lightest GPS quadcopter including 720P, FPV, GPS & Follow-me, here the Hubsan H502E. The H502E uses the same body of the H502S but here no more FPV ring & Follow-me. Only survive the 720P camera and the GPS module. The objective of this machine with a relatively agressive price is to offer the most easy quadcopter to fly for beginner thanks to the GPS stabilization & RTH. The perfect quadcopter for “Bondes”…



+ 1 x Hubsan H502E (with a 2S 610mAh LiPo with JST connector)
+ 1 x Transmitter (using 4xAAA batteries not included)
+ 1 x USB charging cable
+ 4 x Spare props (2 CW, 2 CCW)
+ 1 x Screwdriver
+ 1 x Instruction manual (English)


No visible difference between the H502E & E edition except the red frontal camera protection for the H502E versus a black one for the H502S. This qiadcopter enter into the 230mm quadcopter size. The plastic of the canopy structure is very flexible and should absorbe easily a lot of type of crashes even on hard surfaces.


-Front view

The camera is well protected from a frontal shock… it’s a good point. The wide lens is perfectly covered by the red element.


-Side view


-Rear view


A microUSB is here to flash eventually a new F/W


Not a lot of free room when the battery is inserted. Good news, classic JST connector are here… no propretary battery.


-Upper view


-Bottom view


The microSD card slot. No microSD card is offered in the bundle. Be aware, no spring/clipsing when you insert the microSD card. It mean in case of crash, the card can be lost.



A little bit more than 152g. In practice no real difference with the H502S including also a 5.8VTX. It means that most elements are shared.



The same model as for the H502S, now they come in red


They are longer. The idea is to extend flight time but the price is will be a less agile machine and more stress for motors. You will have to wait that motors becomes colder between two batteries.


Like the H502S motors are basic 8.5mmx20mm coreless brushed motors



Be aware associated shaft are a little bit more longer than those we can find for such motors.



A flat 2S 610mAh LiPo with a discharge rate announced to be 15C.





Camera module

The same 720P camear module we can find for the H502S and probably the same as for the H107C+/H107D+.


A wide 120degrees lens is installed. A good point to shoot nice landscapes. In another hand, as you will see with demo flights the frame rate is a little bit low, around 23-25 fps. Second negative point, colors renditions are not faithful… the blue color is too strong. The light sensitivity also is not amazing. Far to be one of the best 720P camera module in the market.


You will have to remove the lower cap of each motor pod to access to two hidden screws.


You will have to disconnect the GPS plugs


The interior part is really similar to the H502S one but here …. no 5.8G linear antenna. Below the large metallic casing, probably the 5.8G VTX have been also removed to gain some weight and increase life longevity.






The transmitter is a basic gamepad style model with only two shoulder buttons. A small black & white LCD display is here. Good news, this small display can print some important telemetry informations such as: Number of satellites received, current heading of the quadcopter, current distance and current height.


The top left shoulder button take either photo or turn on/off recording if long pressed. The right shoulder button engages RTH is long pressed. If you click on the left stick, you enter in Headless mode and if you click on the right one, you enter into Advanced/expert speed mpde. In practice, since there is a GPS assistance, don’t expect the H502E to be fast… it’s a slow machine.



Before each flight or after a crash, I strongly advise to inspect/check that each props spin correctly. WIth such prop’s size, any extra friction can kill fast a motor.

The GPS stabilization works great with very small deviation. An impressive job for a so light machine. But as you can see, the H502E is very slow even in expert mode. What’s a pity you can’t select the flight modes between altitude hold, GPS hold or pure manual flight like with the H502S. It could be a problem in presence of strong Wind….

Thanks to telemetry informations, even if the quad is far, it’s not so hard to bring back the quadcopter to the take off location. You just need to remember the heading of the home point. To shoot a video it’s good to have the altitude value. In windfree conditions, the videos are more or less stabilized but as soon as the Wind start to blow… they become much more shacky… Definitively, electronic stabilzation will be the next feature to include.
Thanks to the GPS stabilization, we can be concentrated to the scene to be shooted or on telemetry informations. In case of panic, just release the stick and the quad will hover in place …. in case of hyper panic… just press the RTH button…. Really, it’s perfect for beginners… Unfortunatlly, it’s working only outdoors. For indoors, since the GPS satellites are not received, you are in altitude hold less accurate and no more RTH of course.


Announced to be sold around 100-110USD, this machine finally is interesting, in the sens it’s probably the most easiest machine to fly with. It’s slow, completly assisted via the GPS… ideal to learn how to fly. and shoot basic 720p videos. I regret that the 1080P module of the H501S was not prefered instead. I strongly advise to stock in advance at least one CW and one CCW spare motors.



+ Super easy quadcopter adapted for ultra beginners
+ Builtin GPS
+ Good radio control range (> 200m)
+ Telemetry informations
+ 10min of flight time
+ Interesting price
+ Same parts than the H502S
+ Can bind the H502S radio (follow-me added)


– No microSD card offered
– 720P videos not 30fps.
– Color rendition of the 720p videos
– Slow machine
– No possibility to fly in altitulde hold or pure manual flight modes
– Exposed brushed 8.5mmx20mm motor (need to stock some in advance)

RCgroups thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2686404#post35066305

This quadcopter have been courtesy provided by Hubsan in order to make a fair and not biased review. I would like to thank them for this attitude.
You can find it actually for 107USD at http://www.banggood.com/Hubsan-X4-H502E-With-720P-HD-Camera-GPS-Altitude-Mode-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1037297.html


  • nd says:

    Any news on firmware? Really want this thing to move in a more sporty fashion. So gimped.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I don’t think a firwware will offer a faster quad…. Did you try to take off without the GPS fixed ? you should be in altitude hold and maybe more faster

  • nd says:

    Thank you, I found a youtube where the guy used his H501S Pro remote to toggle-off GPS mode (toggle-on manual mode) and it seemed to have better pitch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRpEvlEiouk . Go to [8:55], where he realizes to successfully put in manual-mode.

  • This is a great little copter. My son has purchased several R/C copters over the years, and this one definitely holds up the best. The propellers bend a little too easily, but it runs great. And a great price.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes but motors burns relatively fast… I strongly advise to stock some in advance (at least 1 CW and 1 CCW). Let’s the machine cool at least 10min between each flight

  • Hank says:

    got one for xmas. I am a beginner, and I’m amazed how easy it is to control. I have had fun with it so far. Why doesn’t it have a on/off switch? I find it annoying that you have to disconnect the battery to stop the LEDs from blinking.

  • cmos says:

    “If you click on the left stick, you enter in Headless mode and if you click on the right one, you enter into Advanced/expert speed mpde.”

    I cannot get into Headless mode on my H502E, please help.

  • nd says:

    I’ve had mine for 3+ months, used it <20 times and burned two motors, buying and replacing them, only for a third motor to cease up also. It doesn't make since to have to keep buying parts to fix it. i just wanted to warn those who have it or intend to buy it.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      I agree with you the Hubsan H502’s serie eat motors.. I wrote a warning on the top of my review for it. Props are too large and stress too much motors

  • Tom Bradley says:

    Yes I’ve had my husband for 2 months and love it hurt one motor I was under warranty they gave me a new one both of them I cannot get into headless mode regardless if it’s a long push or short push on the left stick they just doesn’t come up I’ve had about 12 minutes of flight time with no problems battery life running out I’ve had it distance hike distance of 358 meters and over 200 meters and distant and it’s always come back to home and I’ve never had any problems it’s a great machine and I’m one of my favorite quad many that I have thank you if you have any comments on the Headless mode I’ll be more than happy to listen thank you

  • mrscig says:

    Hubsan told me that they made 2 models! One with and one without HEADLESS MODE! Unfortunately there’s no way to tell between the 2!

  • Dimitris says:

    Mine also doesn’t offer headless mode. Bummer.

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Yes seems there are two variants one with one without 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      Same goes for X4 H501C as well. They have 2 variants – one with Headless & one without. It was learnt that some retailers have requested for a Headless-less version to save up few dollars, so Hubsan has that variant as well. Bad news is that retailers sell both almost at the same price, probably keeping a better profit on the Headless-less version, without explicitly informing the buyers that it doesn’t have that feature.

    • Nish says:

      Same goes for X4 H501C as well. They have 2 variants – one with Headless & one without. It was learnt that some retailers have requested for a Headless-less version to save up few dollars, so Hubsan has that variant as well. Bad news is that retailers sell both almost at the same price, probably keeping a better profit on the Headless-less version, without explicitly informing the buyers that it doesn’t have that feature.

  • Ken says:

    My h502e doesn’t come with headless mode either. What is the benefit of headless mode if the head rotated 45, 135, 225, 315 degree? (But not 90, 180, 270, 360). You have more chance to make heading direction mistake

    • SeByDocKy says:

      in practice headless mode is efficient when you took off the tail facing to you. If not, I agree with you it’s useless and can be even more dangerous

  • Paul says:

    All four motors stopped after my son crashed into a pole. I rebinded it and got the battery to show up on the remote but still not spinning. Any ideas?

    • SeByDocKy says:

      Hummm 🙁 … No extra friction in the gear system when you spin props by hands ? If not…. you will have to check motors & mosfet on the main FC 🙁 … It mean you will need to disassemble the machine

  • robert says:

    My hubsan H502S FPV does not have headless nor follow me
    I feel hubsan is unfair to have 2 versions without informing the customer

    I have changed my mind and will not buy the H109S high edition after falling victim to this unethical sales ploy of hubsan

  • jose says:

    No se ingles…lo siento….pensaba que me entendia….

  • nd says:

    Just FYI, they will replace parts up to one year IF mechanics/software was at fault and verified. They WILL expect detailed explanation and video to prove it, along with proof of purchase, possibly delivery dates, and finally personal phone number and address. Expect an extended email thread and slow response (they are very busy). I have had to purchase 4 motors, but recently a MOSFET burned out and they are willing to replace the motherboard. I will have to solder it myself which looks a bit more difficult though. They also replaced an H501S shell due to software glitch causing crash and now will replace a GPS due to unable to calibrate compass. After this, my 1 year is out. Would I buy these again? No! I would however buy another H107P as it has been the more fun toy. The GPS models aren’t sporty enough, and if you put them in sport mode, they are uncontrollable enough to be dangerous.

  • Trallala999 says:

    Concerning Motors…

    Alltrough the Motors ( 7 x 20 mm ) looks like the same as the H107C+ Motors, they are not the electrically the same.

    Replacing with the wrong motors will make after some time the over current protection of the H502E become active, stopping the motors during flight. Also, the wrong motors will heat much more….

    How to verify the Motors, measure the Resistance of the disconnected motor, should be 1,5Ohm ( while the H107C types have 0,9 Ohm )
    Looks like the H502E motors are 5V types and the H107C 3,7V types.

  • trallala999 says:

    About the radio chips of the H502E and the Barometric sensor

    ( Under the metal cover,the Brain, a STM32 ARM cortex, and a Amiccom RF chipset )

    A7106 Amiccom 2.4GHz Transmitter
    A770 Amiccom 2.4GHz front end



    About the Barometric sensor ( Under the peace of foam )
    a MS5607-02BA Barometric Pressure Sensor from Mouser, with 20cm resolution


  • Steve says:

    you get what you pay for. At the current price point of bout $50USD… you relly can not complain.

    Probably one of the best learner drones out there with GPS.

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